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Scene Of The Week - April 26, 2015 - POLL

26 Apr 2015

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

ATLANTIS, "The Gorgon's Gaze", April 25, 2015, Actors: Jemima Rooper, Robert Emms, Jack Donnelly, The Scene: Medusa and Pythagoras tell Jason their plan to take the city
Easily the strongest episode yet of the show, with a lot of lovely moments but this scene was heartbreaking. Jemima Rooper's Medusa confessing to her guilt over killing the Oracle was gut wrenching stuff, she's going to be missed during these last few episodes of the series.

ARROW, "The Fallen", April 22, 2015, Actors: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards and more, The Scenes: Oliver in the hospital with Thea & Oliver says goodbye to the team
Justyna K:
There were so many great scenes to choose from this week's episode that it took me a long time to pick just one. It could easily be any other moment from the long list of my honorable mentions (in the comments) but in the end I went with Oliver's quiet breakdown in the hospital with Thea. It was one of the show's most powerful beginnings, Oliver finding his sister bleeding out and watching her fading, with the doctors not being able to help. He couldn't even say anything more than a heartwrenching "sorry" to the only family he had left. Stephen Amell's performance in the episode is probably his best one yet and it's especially powerful in this moment, during Oliver's talk with Felicity on the plane and when he says goodbye to the team. There are so many tragedies in the life of Oliver Queen that sometimes it's no surpise there's barely anything left of the broken man. For now everything's changed but hopefully a new chance for a happy ending for our hero is right around the corner. Kudos!
Daniel van der Veer: So Oliver has finally joined the League of Assassins. It was bound to happen eventually so it wasn't a complete surprise. It was an emotional goodbye between him and team Arrow, and Stephen Amell really delivered.

BATES MOTEL, "The Last Supper", April 20, 2015, Actors: Freddie Highmore and more
The Scene: Norman attacks the psychologist (picked by DarkUFO)

BONES, "The Eye in the Sky", April 23, 2015, Actors: Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz
The Scene: Booth and Brennan find out they're having another baby
Klutzy girl:
Their reaction was absolutely adorable, and I can't wait to see how their family grows.

CRIMINAL MINDS, "Mr. Scratch", April 22, 2015, Actors: Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna and more, The Scene: Hotch's Nightmare
Laura Markus:
Hotch's Nightmare (the team gets shot). I'd be remised if I didn't mention this scene. Holy moly, thank goodness this was only just a bad dream. Mr. Scratch provokes your biggest fears, and Hotch's just so happened to be Reid, Rossi and Morgan getting shot. It only happened inside of Hotch's head, though. A cliche - yep. Still frightening beyond belief - absolutely. I just hope that doesn't actually happen on the show any time soon.

FOREVER, "The Night in Question", April 21, 2015, Actors: Ioan Gruffudd and more, The Scene: Henry finds out the truth about Abigail’s death
Justyna K:
Abigail was such a great character, a kind, good and caring person and the one Abraham and Henry missed the most in their lives. Now they finally got their closure and it's such a beautiful, yet tragic one. Abigail gave up her life to protect Henry. She always meant to come back and spend all the years she had left with the love of her life. Henry and Abigail's relationship is one of the show's best if you ask me. From the moment they met and started their family with Abraham, the three sort of became the heart of the story, so even though I didn't really expect a happy ending there, as it was almost certain that Abigail died after all those years, it's still hard to let go. I'm glad that we got a confirmation she never gave up on their family, though. Her strength made quite an impression on me, her decisions and the story make her character really stand out from the many others on my shows. Ioan Gruffudd was fantastic in the hour, especially in this moment, when Henry finally hears the truth and the one where he finds Abigail's body. I've really enjoyed the show and even if it won't come back for season 2, I'm glad I stayed with it from day one. That's a show worth remembering!
A Dahne: The biggest hole in both Abe and Henry's lives has been the disappearance of Abigail. I love how they have closure now and that she killed herself in order to protect Henry. It was a great way to resolve what would have been the biggest open mystery of the show. Plus the flashbacks throughout the episode helped make the end even more bittersweet.

GAME OF THRONES, "The House of Black and White", April 19, 2015, Actors: Kerry Ingram, Hannah Murray, Emilia Clarke and more, The Scenes: Shireen teaches Gilly to read and they discuss Greyscale & Daenerys reunites with Drogon
Pablozky21: It's amazing how GoT manages to make such little moments work, moments that have CGI creatures on it and that go on absolute silence. Emilia Clarke lands every emotion Daenerys feels as she is moved to see Drogon reaching out to her. After last season it seemed like Daenerys was in risk of losing her ability to control her dragons, but maybe this is the first step for her to understand them and to manage to reclaim her rightful title as mother of dragons. The scene is very little, but very meaningful, and as a whole I'm just impressed on how it was handled, subtle and quiet, and deeply haunting.
Sandi: A sweet scene, which was mainly exposition in order to remind the audience what Greyscale is, but it worked well and gave us some nice character development for the two girls too.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "How to Save a Life", April 23, 2015, Actors: Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, The Scene: Derek's death
Daniel van der Veer:
I can't believe the show killed off the character that is essentially its male lead. I know Derek hasn't been always around this season, but his death is still one of the biggest shocks the show has ever done. His death was also very cruel since he knew he was dying due to the incompetent doctors, but he couldn't tell them. It was wrong for him to die like this and not in the hospital he worked at. But his death was very emotional even if I don't watch the show weekly.
Jamie Coudeville: I never expected their story to end this way. I hate that he died because of other doctor's mistakes. At least with George and Mark, they did everything they possibly could. I feel like Meredith is just trying to hold herself together for her kids right now. Her breakdown is still coming.
Diana Mack: I used to love this show, but killing Derek off was extreme. Also he died in one of the simpliest way ever, by accident. What about Meredith now? I'm not going to watch this show anymore, since it really disappointed me.
Klutzy girl: I'm going to miss Derek, Meredith's lost way too much at this point, and I have no clue where's the show's going from here but that scene hurt so much.
Romain Ossust: Meredith cut off Derek's life support and stayed by his side when he died. Also picked by Maximilian Conte

GRIMM, "Iron Hans", April 24, 2015, Actors: David Giuntoli, Claire Coffee, The Scene: Adalind tells Nick he's the father of her child
Diana Mack:
Adalind tells Nick he's the father of her child; then she takes his hand and put it on her belly to feel the baby kicking. Some of the fans don't like Adalind, but I find that scene very sweet and Nick was moved.

JANE THE VIRGIN, "Chapter Nineteen", April 20, 2015, Actors: Gina Rodriguez, Justin Baldoni and more, The Scene: Jane and Rafael explain their relationship to their new couple therapist
Romain Ossust:
Jane and Rafael explain their relationship “in a nutshell” to their new couple therapist. That was hilarious.

LOUIE, "Cop Story", April 23, 2015, Actors: Louis C.K. and more
The Scene: The opening scene
Maximilian Conte:
The opening scene where the female store owner refuses to help Louie and then tells him off when he questions her at the checkout. Louie also makes out with a mannequin in the same sequence.

MAD MEN, "The Forecast", April 19, 2015, Actors: Jon Hamm, Kiernan Shipka
The Scene: Sally and Don get into a fight
Maximilian Conte:
Sally and Don get into a fight before she gets on the bus for her trip. She tells him she never wants to be like him or her mother, and Don tells her she's more like them than she knows. Also picked by Laura Markus

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD, "The Frenemy of My Enemy", April 21, 2015, Actors: Iain De Caestecker, Brett Dalton and more, The Scenes: Fitz almost attacks Ward & Ward saves Coulson
Justyna K:
I was definitely against Coulson's idea to ask for Ward's help but I was relieved to see that there was more to the case than I expected. But my favorite part of this great hour had to be Coulson and Hunter stopping Fitz from attacking Ward. Fitz is easily one of my very favorite characters on the show and his reaction to Ward was pretty much perfect. Him not being afraid, but still managing to work with the person responsible for everything he's been through was such a significant thing for Leo. And I just loved Hunter looking out for Fitz in the scene, trying to keep him calm despite the pain of this reunion. By the way, I have to say, Coulson, Hunter and Fitz make such an awesome team, I would be all for the three working together more in the future. Also, can't miss the chance to once again say kudos to Iain De Caestecker for such a spectacular job this year. All the little things he does to portray Fitz's change are wonderful and absolutely spot on. Poor Fitz, it's painful to see him hurt like this but I'm glad he seems to be in a much better place than at the beginning of the season. Hopefully Ward won't ruin that and Fitz's progress will continue in the next episodes.
Klutzy girl: Ward finally drops his cocky facade (I love it but nice to see it go away temporarily and have old Grant return) and saves Coulson's life after they see Skye. The "Your call, Boss" line is killing me and I love it so much. This is definitely (and finally) the start of the redemption arc and I am so excited for what's next.

POLDARK, "Episode 7", April 19, 2015, Actors: Jack Farthing, Kyle Soller
The Scene: George coaxes the names of the shareholders out of Francis
I can't help liking the way Jack Farthing plays George, he may be the show's biggest villain, yet he causes all his damage so effortlessly with a few well chosen words in the right person's ear.

REVENGE, "Burn", April 19, 2015, Actor: Madeleine Stowe, The Scene: Victoria's death
Pablozky21: The last episodes of Revenge are firing all cylinders. This is what I expected for a glorious last season after last year's magnificent season 3 wrapped up; lots of mindbending and bold twists. Victoria's suicide is by far the most shocking twist the show has done so far, and the best used so far; she knows that this is the only way she can end things and in the end it'll allow her to take Emily down with. I always thought that if Victoria was to die, she would die on the series finale, but there are 3 episodes left this season and her death will hunt Emily; the war is not over, Victoria's death is the ultimate blow to Emily, and we're left with just a couple of episodes to see what will happen. Surprise us Revenge, show us that you can end on a high note! Also picked by Laura Markus
Jamie Coudeville: At first I couldn't really tell what was going on, I thought that maybe she'd hidden some kind of evidence in that chair or something. But once I saw her all dressed up at the mansion, I knew. I never thought the writers would actually go there, at least not until the series finale. Talk about a twist.

SCANDAL, "First Lady Sings the Blues", April 23, 2015, Actors: Jeff Perry, Kate Burton, The Scene: Cyrus with Sally Langston on her political show
Jimmy Ryan:
Scandal did some things right this week. The highlight of the episode for me was Cyrus sitting down with Sally Langston on her political show and turning Langston's theories on Mellie's senate run into mush. Jeff Perry was at his absolute finest.

SCORPION, "Postcards from the Edge", April 20, 2015, Actors: Elyes Gabel, Robert Patrick, The Scene: Walter and Cabe make up
A Dahne:
There were lots of great moments in Scorpion's finale, but the pure shock of Walter apologizing for being a complete douche in the last episode put this one over the top. The Walter and Cabe relationship is one of the few reasons I can stand Walter so it was sweet to know that Walter kept Cabe's daughter's grave watered even when they were estranged. It hinted at a deeper emotional bond between them and made it feel less one-sided like it sometimes can. Mostly though, it set up season 2 nicely since we don't have to worry about Cabe being gone in the premiere or waiting to get the team back together.

THE AMERICANS, "March 8, 1983", April 22, 2015, Actors: Holly Taylor, Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, The Scene: The final scene
Romain Ossust:
Paige told Pastor Tim about her parents while Philip and Elisabeth watched Regan's "Evil Empire" speech. Also picked by DarkUFO and Brandon Rowe

THE BLACKLIST, "Leonard Caul", April 23, 2015, Actors: James Spader, Megan Boone, The Scene: Red confesses his involvement with introducing Tom Keen into Lizzie's life
Jimmy Ryan:
The Blacklist produced all kinds of awesome this week with a game-changing episode which broke through some seriously tough walls that have begun to bog the series down. Easily the best scene in this hour was a still wounded Reddington, freshly wounded, confessing his involvement with introducing Tom Keen into Lizzie's life for protection, and later firing him when the pair became intimate.

THE FLASH, "Who Is Harrison Wells?", April 21, 2015, Actors: Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, The Scene: Barry, Cisco and Caitlin find Wells' secret lair & The shapeshifter Barry kisses Caitlin
A Dahne:
I love the pacing on The Flash and this episode fast forwarded the eventual confrontation between Barry and Wells. By finding the suit, they are now a united team agaisnt Wells. By forwarding a plot that I thought would take until season 3, they have increased my excitement for the season finale. The Flash is really doing things right. Also picked by Brandon Rowe
Diana Mack: I know he wasn't the real Barry Allen, but that scene proves Caitlin has a thing for Barry, otherwise she could have rejected the kiss in the first place, but she looked like she enjoyed.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "Because", April 23, 2015, Actors: Candice Accola and more, The Scene: Caroline turns her humanity back on
Jamie Coudeville:
I knew she'd regret burning that letter, and that a breakdown was coming. Candice did a great job, I had to force myself not to cry. I was actually hoping that maybe Bonnie could fix the letter. Regardless, Caroline will have a long road ahead of her before some sense of normalcy sets in.

Justyna JJ Kubica
22. Student. SpoilerTV Writer. Loves Movies, TV Shows (The 100, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Person Of Interest, Arrow, Supernatural (especially 1-5), Agents Of SHIELD, Doctor Who, Fringe, The Musketeers, Psych, etc.) and Books (Harry Potter!). Fantasy & SciFi geek! Scene Of The Week articles author. Writes reviews for Doctor Who, Sherlock & The Musketeers. Member of SpoilerTV team since 27th November 2011.
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  1. Goodbye Revenge 😢 2011-201526 April 2015 at 18:02

    So many awesome ones but this goes to victoria grayson. That scene was amazing!

  2. Honorable mentions:

    Forever – Henry finds Abigail's body (with all the flashbacks)

    Arrow – Oliver in the hospital with Thea & Oliver and Felicity talk on the plane & Diggle and Maseo talk & Felicity confronts both Ra’s and Malcolm & Oliver says goodbye & Felicity tells Laurel that Oliver’s gone

    iZombie – Liv and Lowell’s “date”

    Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Jemma takes Coulson and Fitz’ side & Skye and Cal on their trip & Skye almost reunites with Coulson & Lincoln meets Mike

    Revenge – Victoria’s death - Finally! Since the season 3 finale, I couldn't even look at her. I can't believe I actually felt sorry for her back in season one.

    Scorpion – The entire rescue mission – Fantastic finale!

    The Flash – Barry, Caitlin and Cisco discover Wells’ secret room

  3. Voted for Scorpion, I'm shocked OUAT is missing this week, it was my favourite episode!

    OUAT - Cruella's mother tells Isaac the truth about what happened to her husbands
    OUAT - Cruella kills her mother
    OUAT - Cruella listens to music in the attic and her mother takes it away from her
    OUAT - Isaac frees Cruella and she tells him how her mother ripped up her favourite flowers
    OUAT - Cruella spills the ink on her and can't kill Isaac
    Probabaly should have just said the entire episode :P

    Scorpion - The team are at the hospital and refuse to break up their family by working for someone else
    TVD - Stefan convinces Caroline to switch her emotions back on

  4. Nothing from OUAT???
    Personally OUAT, Arrow and VD did it for me this week. Great writing and acting.v
    Scorpion and The Following were fine as well .

  5. As I wrote, even though I don't watch Grey's Anatomy regularly (mostly only special episodes but I tend to read recaps of other episodes now and them) killing off Derek was a big shock. The show will never be the same and maybe it goes downhill from here (especially in the ratings), but I will watch the enormous fallout from this.

  6. The Americans: The final scene was phenomenal, not just Paige telling Pastor Tim about her parents but Philip trying to explain how messed up the mission has made him but Elizabeth not really understanding. Philip is going to flip and soon.

    GOT: That scene with Shireen and Gilly was so lovely, I like little character moments like that and it reinstates the importance of greyscale in the bigger story.

    Veep - Selina rips Gary a new one but Gary stands up for himself and they have this amazing moment together.

    Other moments: Fitz on the Quinjet trying not to lose it with Ward in AOS and Liv and Lowell's semi date in iZombie

  7. Grey's was the first show that introduced me into the wonderful world of TV Shows obsession as well as MerDer was the first ship I ever shipped. and even tho I dropped the show 3 years ago this episode just hurt so much and yes a lot of crying on my part. (I know this is just a TV Show no worries but it hit me hard).

    I loved the scene with Dany and Drogon. Kudos to the team on GoT the dragon looked amazing! Can't wait for Episode 5 tho :)

  8. That Criminal Minds scene should go down in history as one of the craziest on the show, and EVER.

  9. Agreed about Veep.

  10. Cheers for posting, there were so many great scenes in shows this week that it was a difficult choice!

    Some honourable mentions (I'm still catching up on shows today thou):
    Poldark - Mark confronting Keren and her death, Francis accusing Ross of going behind his back with the edit of Mark & Enys coming face to face with Demelza between them at her house, and the revelation at the end that what Demelza had done by getting Verity & Blamey together had caused the ruin of some of the Carnmore investors - including at least one of them going to jail.

    The Flash - The team finding Wells' buried corpse and the Reverse Flash's secret room. (I'm wondering if Barry is going to save Wells from dying rather than his mother at this point in the show.)

    Reign - Catherine finding out Narcisse talked to Lola outside the brothel.

    QUaT - The twist that Cruella can't kill anyone.

  11. For me, it is Cruella's murder! Did not see that comming...

  12. Choosing Mad Men and The Americans.

    Honorable Mention:

    The whole S03 of Vikings. Human, intense, dramatic and romantic. So beautiful. In particolar, Ragnar's "You killed Athelstan" is the most chilling way to end one hell of a season finale. Beware, Floki, and good luck.

  13. Travis Crincoli26 April 2015 at 20:05

    Other - Oliver and Felicity getting there nookie on after 3 years of eye-humping.

  14. A lot of great picks this week. My hands down favorite scene was Oliver in the hospital, Stephen Amell's performance was impressive. also voted for Adalind telling Nick about the baby. Loved the moment leading to her getting him to feel the baby kick and Nick balls his hand up rather than touch her. Nicely done scene. It's been a really good week for television. Really sad that it means the broadcast season is nearing an end.

    (and I'm not convinced Victoria is dead...won't be until the series finale airs and she doens't return.

  15. Coulson and Skye finally reconnected and Gordon took Skye, that scene literally broke my heart (and Ward followed Coulson to get a chance to see Skye)

  16. Vampires Forever26 April 2015 at 20:58

    Bonnie tells Damon what he's been afraid to admit: he won't fight to get the Cure back from his mother because if he gives it to Elena he fears he'll lose her.

  17. "I'm wondering if Barry is going to save Wells from dying rather than his mother at this point in the show."
    I never thought of that! That would be a pretty great twist! I'm afraid he could never save his mom, so I'd be glad if he could at least save Wells.

  18. Superheroes do tend to have some sort of tragedy in their lives, which is what makes me think that he won't be able to save his mother. But he could perhaps save Wells instead and stop the Reverse Flash that way, and prove that Henry wasn't involved.

    I would like to see Tom Cavanagh on the show as the real Wells, as that could make it interesting imo. It would make a big difference in how both Cisco and Caitlin's characters have interacted with him. For example, would he be the rock that RF/Wells was for Caitlin after she thought Ronnie died? If not, that could well see her taking steps towards becoming Killer Frost.

  19. I'd love to meet the real Wells and to keep Tom Cavanagh on the show (he's brilliant!) so now I really do hope Barry will be able to save him. And help his dad! But it's always really sad that no matter what he does, the hero still can't save everyone.

  20. Totally agree, I've liked Cavanagh ever since his Scrubs days, so I'd like him to be on the show for the long term if possible. If they keep the fact that he loses Tess he could become a bitter man, which would be quite a catalyst for other events.

  21. Mad Men and Grimm. And this is totally beside the point, but I do love the new ability to change my vote. Many times (like this one), I pick only one thinking I only get one vote, and then realize I could have voted for more. This time I had the chance to go back and do it right.

  22. Shireen teaches Gilly

    Fitz almost attacks Ward

    Other: Gary & Selina fight.

  23. is Juliette gone? and please don't tell me they're switching roles: Adalind becoming good and being with Nick ?(BARF!!!)

  24. Klaus telling Cami he didn't kill Aiden and then telling her his perfect day with her, they NEED to be together!!!!!!, Caitlin kissing who she thought was Barry , she DEFINITELY has feelings for him, WHOOO!!!! Oliver's breakdown in the hospital, MY GOD give that man an Emmy

  25. Too many great scenes to chose from! I ended up picking Grimm (Adalind telling Nick about her baby), the Americans (I can't believe we have to wait until the next season to see what happens!) and Flash (the team discover Well's secret room). However, I also loved the scenes listed from Arrow, Forever, Scandal, Revenge and Game of Thrones.

  26. Arrow: Oliver's goodbye to the team, Felicity/Oliver jet scene, Diggle/Maseo talk, Felicity confronting Ra's, Felicity's declaration

  27. I wish my comment could've been as short as yours, Lol But I wouldn't be me if I didn't go in! Hahahaha. W/e I feel better now.

  28. I know you did (I read your comment that night). But here you kept it short and sweet. And that rarely happens with me. Lol But I love the short answers. Most of this comment iI agree with. Just ftr. But I will not elaborate. If I do I'll never sleep. Lol

  29. The Blacklist : the first scene and Red confessions are awesome but l prefer the lovely moment between M.Kaplan and Red.

  30. Veep! Selina and Gary's epic fight!

    Also, Revenge and The Americans.

  31. When Hotch started shooting and killing his own team, I thought the unsub had won. It was one of the creepiest, yet marvelous episode ever. I ended up sleeping with the light on.

  32. As always for me Olivia and Fitz, event by phone , i'm always move and touche by those two


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