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POLL : What did you think of Atlantis - The Madness of Hercules?

18 Apr 2015

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  1. Since I won't get to see this until it airs on BBC America, I'll have to be careful not to look for how this goes. Until then for those watching now, happy viewing.

  2. I might be skipping these episodes as the cancelation seemed abrupt so I don't think we will get an ending.

  3. I know - I hate that everything will be left unanswered.

  4. I'm gonna put them on Hold till Last one airs. I gotta see it thru.
    But man this show is so much better then Olympus which is similar, The leads in that suck can't even take care of themselves.

  5. after waTching the first three episodes of Olympus, even for syfy, I am shocked that they green lit it.


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