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Atlantis - The Madness of Hercules - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

17 Apr 2015

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© BBC Pictures

Hot on the heels of last week’s well received episode is another instalment that’s bound to have viewers bemoaning the BBC’s decision to cancel the show just as it’s finding its feet. Following the lead of the first half of the season, where we had one continuing arc rather than a monster of the week, we pick up the story with events directly after Jason’s arrest for the murder of the Oracle.

One of the slight niggles I had with A Fate Worse Than Death was Hercules choosing to protect Medusa over Jason. I know we are meant to believe that she is the love of his life, but it’s not a plot point that had really worked for me before since they were together for such a short, and turbulent,
time in season 1. On the other hand, in this season alone, he has taken the opportunity to tell us how special Jason is on more than one occasion, and how he will always stand by his side come what may because he recognises something in him that he knows is important.

This episode does much to address this aspect of Hercules dilemma though, which gives Mark Addy some great material to work with. From his confession to Pythagoras to his reunion with Medusa, his performance is nuanced with raw emotions as he struggles to do the right thing. I’m pleased that his days of being the comic relief in the trio seem to be numbered – although he still gets the funniest line in the script, and delivers it with perfect timing.

Elsewhere we get to see more of Melas (Ken Bones), the High Priest who double crossed the Oracle and seemingly landed our heroes in this predicament in the first place. We will find out what has caused him to turn his back on Ariadne in this way, while his loyalty to Pasiphae will be put to the test too as she firmly sets her sights on overthrowing her step-daughter’s rule. The ambiguous Delmos (Emmett Scanlan) also has a few tricks up his sleeve, as does the downright nefarious Cilix (Lorcan Cranitch).

Lastly, I have to mention the score; it’s not something that normally stands out a great deal on the show for me, but the music this week is quite striking at times. There’s a beautiful string motif running through the episode which heightens many of the scenes, none more so than when things are at their most desperate and we see Pythagoras break down in despair at the thought of losing his friends.

The Madness of Hercules airs on Saturday 18th April at 7.55pm on BBC 1 and BBC 1 HD in the UK, and at 9pm on BBC America. Below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then. Don't forget to come back to vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“Ever since I opened that box my fate has been sealed”

“You’re the one who cheated me. At dice, you cheated me. Give me my money back you little rat!”

“I am but one among many, and the many remain loyal”

“Are you suggesting I turn a blind eye to blasphemy because it was committed by my own son?”

“Jason has committed no crime. And if Hercules is guilty, it is only of loving his friend too much”

“You have no idea how wonderful it is to be able to look at you once more”

“You must make your peace with Poseidon”

“The bull? The bull is only for traitors; for those who betray Atlantis”

“I would give my life to stop this”

“No clemency, only justice, those were her very words? Was it all lies then? Did she never care for me at all?”

Trailer Teaser

“You have to trust me”

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