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Atlantis - The Gorgon’s Gaze - Advance Preview + Dialogue Teasers

24 Apr 2015

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The evil Pasiphae once again has control of Atlantis while Ariadne and her faithful Captain, Delmos, languish in the cell that Jason and Hercules have only just escaped from themselves. With Juliet Stevenson’s character gone, the new Oracle that we saw last week, Cassandra, has been swiftly installed in the temple so that she may declare the new Queen the rightful heir.

Unfortunately, Oracles are incapable of lying, so with the gods not best pleased with the recent turn of events this leads to Cilix having to ‘clarifying’ their wishes. As he is firmly on Pasiphae’s side you can imagine what this means for Ariadne - yep, things are about to get a lot worse for the true Queen of Atlantis. Her step mother is going to have to force her to abdicate in order to appease the gods, but it’s not going to be an easy task to accomplish. Just who will be the more determined of the two women in this battle of wills?

One thing is clear; our three heroes are not going to be much help against the army of soldiers which are guarding the palace. They will not be able to rescue Ariadne, so they are feeling rather dejected and helpless as they hide out in the cabin in the mountains together with Medusa. Hercules being the only one who is slightly more upbeat, having his lost love back in his life is something that he just can’t help feeling euphoric about.

Fans of Pythagoras will be happy to see that he finally gets to break away from the group this week and gets a mission. As you may have seen in one of the sneak peeks, Medusa comes up with a secret plan which she shares with him alone. The other two are wanted men in the city, so it makes the most sense that he is the one gets charged with attempting to sneak back in unseen to carry out the beginning of the plot.

While he is back in Atlantis he bumps into a character we first met last season, Daedalus (Robert Lindsay) the master craftsman. He was easily my favourite guest star last year so I’m pleased to see his character return again, possibly even more so since his son, Icarus (Joseph Timms), who also appeared in the promos, is with him. Neither character are in the episode for long however - though one of Daedalus’ more theatrical inventions does prove handy – so I’m assuming that at least one of them will be returning at some point later in the season too.

If you have read next week’s press release then you will already know that Jason is going to find out the truth of his parentage in this episode, which will turn his heart black and cause him to break away from his friends. Yet emotional as that part of the episode is, it is Jemima Rooper who steals the spotlight as she struggles with her cursed life as Medusa. Try as she might, she cannot settle down and be as content as Hercules with their relationship while the wretched guilt she feels over killing the Oracle still gnaws at her soul. She has to find a way to atone for her past in order to make up for what she has done or she will never be free. It’s heart-breaking stuff, played brilliantly by all those involved, and once again proves that this show has a lot more up its sleeve if only it had the chance to carry on.

The Gorgon’s Gaze airs on Saturday 25th April at 7.45pm on BBC 1 and BBC 1 HD in the UK. Below are a few dialogue teasers to see you through until then. Don't forget to come back to vote in our poll after the episode and let us know what you thought.

“I don’t feel anything but hatred for you”

“Pasiphae is ruthless, any that dares to protest she’s slain”

“The curse I received for killing the Oracle is not a physical one, but it is no less painful”

“You understand now why you are better with a sword than any other”

“To sleep with her in my arms again is more than anything I could have dreamed of”

“They’ll be looking for you, and Hercules. Pythagoras is the only one who can go”

“You will not be truly recognised as long as there remains one land and two Queens”

“It is not me who has delusions about who I am. I am Queen of Atlantis”

“You understand now why you are better with a sword than any other”

“I know your gift binds you to tell the truth, but you must learn to put things carefully”

“You were lucky. Pasiphae’s men are out there killing anyone on sight”

Trailer Teaser

“It is as the Oracle foretold”

About the Author - Sandi
Sandi is part of the Senior Staff at SpoilerTV having been a contributor from back in the Lost days of DarkUFO, and who now writes previews for Banshee, The Musketeers, Poldark, and other BBC shows. She also enjoys watching and commenting on other shows such as Reign, Hannibal, Game of Thrones and Elementary.
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