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POLL : What did you think of Poldark - Episode 1.04?

29 Mar 2015

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  1. My favourite episode yet! Love Verity & Demelza becoming friends, their conversation was very frank and open, and they are adorable together. Elizabeth was also very welcoming to her rival at Christmas, which was good to see, Francis being the 'bad guy' there instead, which made it interesting.

    I do love George, his villainy is quite subtle. He starts with an innocent conversation on each mark, tonight Dr Croake was the target. How will that go I wonder?

  2. Dominika Jurčíková30 March 2015 at 00:14

    I just loved it, expecially because there were a much more scene between newlyweds and I was glad to see Verity my three favourite characters very shining tonight!!
    Demelza kicked butt at dinner and the song was just amazing, it made me all mushy and I bet that viewers fall in love over againg with the show!
    I´m sorry for Francis, he is creating his own unhappiness.
    But as I said it was awesome episode!

  3. I went to vote and couldn't find anything about Awesome..... wow, that was fun.... My stream kept hanging up, so I missed a bunch, but what I did see WAS awesome.....I kept yelling at Demelza to tell Ross the whole hour, but the final scene of him declaring his love for her and her response of "

    “I hope you have a little love to spare”..."for our child"... Well that just hit it our of the park....I'll return after I see the whole thing.... Great episode BBC

  4. Finally got to watch! Too late to say much but, sigh, he finally realized how awesome Demelza is and told her he loves her ♡ Verity and Demelza is love too. I so want poor Verity to be happy! Demelza is seriously awesome. Elizabeth surprised me! Yay, they struck copper! And aww, they're having a baby ♡ Loving this series!

  5. Demelza just needed a confidence boost I think, Verity helped hugely with that, but Ross' declaration that he wasn't just fond of her, but that she had 'saved' him was the real kicker :)

  6. He's a broody one. I'm glad that Demelza brought that subject up to him when the pilchards finally arrived when she said she feels like she does things wrong as he snaps at her. Her confidence has been boosted over this episode I feel.

  7. It was a beautiful song, very moving. So glad that it was included.

    Francis is a bit of a fool, it's almost hard to imagine how he and Ross where such good friends when they were younger. George has done a right number on him.

  8. I also think he'd been slowly falling in love with her for much longer (that is certainly what I was getting from Aidan's peformance, anyway). Like that quote: "I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once." His "all at once" was at the party, when she sang to him. This show is quite literally the most breathtakingly romantic thing I've seen, either on TV or film.

  9. You redeemed me......I'm you humble servant .....and I love you" Ross made Demelza glow with his words..... words she never dreamed she would hear....

    Jeeze Sandi, this series is turning me into sappy romantic. lol I finally got a version with subtitles going.... that's a big help on some of the dialogue.... now all I need is a Cornish to English translator. hehe

    This episode was all Demelaz and her progression from maid to mum.... She and Verity are going to have an amazing relationship... It was exciting to watch Verity give her confidence in herself and Ross... It all came together when she knocked everyone's socks off with her song at Christmas dinner. It looks like Demelza is going to return the favor next episode with helping Verity reconnect with the Capt.... Can't wait....:))

  10. Another great episode. Demelza and Verity are my favourites and I just loved their scenes together. I hope there is more of them in next episodes. I despise Francis more and more with every episode. I actually feel sorry for Elizabeth. It was heartbreaking when she told Ross that she knows he sees another woman. I hate it also how he treats Verity. I was shocked in episode two how violently he behaved towards her, and now, every chance he gets, he tries to humiliate her. I hope she gets her happy ending eventually. I also enjoyed the progression of Demelza. I think that the actress is doing an amazing job because you just can't help but to root for her. During the Christmas scenes I was so stressed out, hoping that she won't be intimidated and she will stand her ground. And, she did not disappoint. She was amazing.I felt that Ross was being quite pushy with her throughout the episode and I'm glad that she called him out on it but maybe he was taking her out of her comfort zone because he believed in her and wanted others to see what he sees in her.

  11. All caught up! Enjoying it immensely. Demelza is adorable. =)

  12. It's ridonkulous how much romance I can stand from this series when it does happen, it really isn't me at all!! lol. I think because it is balanced so well with other elements that it works for some reason.

  13. Agreed, he just hadn't noticed how it had been happening to him.

  14. Ugh, the way Francis was with Verity while supposedly standing up for her honour was sickening wasn't it! He actually shoved her to the ground quite violently at one point :s

    I, too, am loving how Demelza is growing into a 'refined lady' in front of our eyes, the actress is doing a marvellous job. She's barely recognisable from the grubby child who tried to stop the townsfolk using her dog in that fight :)

  15. Francis needs to grow up he behaves like a nitwit sometimes.

    I thought Demelza was just all kinds of awesome in this episode and she really came through the Christmas visit with alot of credit. I was pleased with the ending I was waiting all episode for her to tell Ross about the baby and it was perfectly done.

  16. For anyone who hasn't seen it yet theres an episode 5 preview up on the bbc's youtube channel "kerren's wedding." It shows a bit of mark and kerrens wedding and gives an insight into her character...somehow I dont think ill like her very much. We also see dwight and theres a lovely fleeting moment where ross teases demelza. Its really cute how theyre behaving now theyre a couple. I definitely recommend you watch it!

  17. Myself.... I thought covering 2 books a season was just going to be too fast of pace, but it's turning out to be perfect.... My game plan is to watch the series and then to get the books and reed 'em during the hiatus....:))

    Tell me something.... Are all you co-moderators jealous of your TM threads being so huge compared to theirs??? Yours all always trending..

    I did watch the Aiden twitter feed on BBC radio last night.... It was great, but boy he's a slower typer than I am....I saw his horses name was Seamus (Irish hunter) that interested me because he likes the riding (especially double with Eleanor, lol) AS you might guess I'm a horsey guy..

  18. Demelza is too adorable - what a voice. And shirtless Ross is not bad either. I forgot how much I enjoyed Aiden Turner since his time on Being Human (BBC) ended.
    He is a bit high handed with her but I don't think he is being mean spirited about it. I think he just feels like if he waits for her to come around instead of pushing her into the mix she won't accept her place anytime soon.
    Is Francis dead yet? Any time will be fine.
    Elizabeth is about as interesting as a bag full of old sponges.
    The old Aunt has more spirit than she does.
    Verity is seriously depressing. Seriously.

  19. Have to agree with you sandi this was definitely my favourite episode. As you know im a sucker for the romance and ross and demelzas is just perfect. The way the show has been timelined works so well...I cant believe we're only four episodes in! Im expecting a slightly darker episode next considering this one was quite light however I cant not mention the glorious warren clarke and his moving performance. I never really liked charles but he was played to perfection.

  20. The pace has been good I think too, I didn't want to drag out he mine opening woes or spend too long on the triangle stuff. It's worked out well in that regard.

    Lol, that's only because there are so few Musketeer posts compared to other shows :p Overall, UK shows are small minnows in a big pond here on the site :)

  21. If only Francis would have listened to his father and taken his words as advice rather than sulk about them, he'd be a better man for it! His words over Charles grave spoke volumes though.

  22. I've popped it up in the episode info thread too :)

  23. I like Aidan in Hobbit, but there's no way it made up for him not being in BH, lol.

    I love Aunt Agatha, her comment about wanting Demelza to sit by Elizabeth so she could compare them was hilariously awful :o lol

  24. Don't you mean small "Pilchards" lol I didn't see the "No fish were harmed in the making of this episode" disclaimer. ;))

  25. Will there be an episode 5 advanced preview up soon? :)

  26. I loved it. I'm not going to say how many times I've re-watched it but let's just say it's a few!

    So many favorite moments. Any Ross/Demelza moments of course. Jud and Prudie were hilarious.....the "calling" scene with Demelza pounding on the dough made me laugh out loud.

    Verity....I think she just might be my favorite supporting character. Her kindness towards Demelza made me cry....Especially when she told Demelza how special Ross was to her and how happy she was that he had married her.

    Elizabeth.....I can't figure her out. Is she happy for Ross and Demelza? Was Francis right about her pretending to be nice or was it Francis' jealousy?

    Demelza singing at the end.....beautiful. And of course the best part.... just knowing that Ross sleeps without pajamas LOL.

  27. Funny Lucy....I've watched it a few times myself... I like how Ross is with Demelza....forceful and loving at the same time.... He's not reserve about letting her know how much she means to him....
    The next episode is going to be great to see Demelza supporting Verity and the Capt..... These two are going to form a very close bond....
    Demelza's nightie is sexier than nothing.... that was hot. lol..... and yes the girl can sing....Everyone at Christmas Dinner was blown away and Ross was beaming... nice scene. :)))

  28. fellow Musketeer friend!

    Hang on...I think Poldark will break our hearts too!!!

  29. break away..... My only problem is there are only 8 eps..... We should have at least 16... lol Hiatus may have to be endured with the books. :))


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