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POLL : What did you think of Perception - Series Finale?

18 Mar 2015

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  1. Finally caught up and watched the finale - decent ep. The back half of this season after the return felt a bit off, as if they found out that they wouldn't be renewed and had to create this mini arc to close out the series. I admit that I got a bit annoyed by bringing back the "Daniel loves Kate" scenario again after I felt that they closed that chapter and I liked the Kate/Donnie relationship. But seeing how they closed the series, I see how that all of that fit together and am fine with it, but as much as I liked Kate/Donnie getting their happy ending, I would've liked to have gotten a sense that there was a happy ending (or at least the prospect of one) for Daniel as well, whether that be a relationship of his own or him finally being in control of his hallucinations. In any event, it was a good close to a show that was good entertainment during the summer doldrums and I will miss seeing Rachel Leigh Cook on my tv.

  2. Never been fan of Kate/Donnie so... And it's clear as day not a proper series finale. More like end of a season. They had plenty of time... So I'm disappointed.

  3. i wanted Daniel/Kate since the first episode. Eric McCormack played the role with dignaty and respect. people with mental illness are treated worse than criminals in this country. i think this show should have been on Fox or CBS given a major spot an attention and the result might have been positive.

  4. I did liked that Kate and Donnie ended up together because they clearly loved each other and Daniel missed his chance a long time ago, so it would have being out of place to suddenly turn the balance to his favor. But I thought that Daniels ending was very cruel, he not only ended up alone and with his schizophrenia at 100%, but he also was more stressful and paranoid than usual thanks to being part of his own "conspiracy". I don't think he deserved that. Other than that it was good episode and I'm going to miss Daniels classes.

  5. Michael Jentsch23 March 2015 at 23:43

    I really liked this show and I wil also going to miss Dr Pierce classes. They always adressed important points related to real life. This show brought neuroscience in an interesting prospect of understanding human nature. I will miss it.


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