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POLL : Favorite Scene from Once upon a Time - Poor Unfortunate Soul?

24 Mar 2015

About the Writer - Mark Ondo/LittleDreamer
21 y/o Austrian. Music lover, avid TV watcher, cheesecake muncher and pseudo writer. His taste in television is as eclectic as it gets and he dedicates more time to fictional characters than he would like to admit. He currently reviews Under the Dome and Zoo, writes about various shows in Mark's Remarks and creates Best-Scene Polls for Grey's Anatomy, Once upon a Time, Revenge and Scandal.
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  1. When it comes to favourite scenes form OUAT mine always seem to be the ones with the least votes :/ There were a lot of scenes in this episode I liked, especially where Rumple makes use of August's growing nose, I loved that. I liked the Ursula/Hook scenes as well.

  2. Captain Swan scene was awesome. It was very sweet.

  3. Carlyle's laugh, priceless

  4. Regina's voice in Mary Margaret's mouth. Hilarious!

  5. Ginnifer Goodwin nailed every Lana Parilla facial expression; it was uncanny

  6. Regina taking over Snow body
    Emma reunite with August
    August telling Emma Regina and Henry the author trap in the book

  7. YES! That's why that was so gooooood.

  8. 1.Hook tells Emma she's his happy ending-What a scene!
    2.Regina sends a message through Mary Margaret.
    3.Hook returns Ursula's singing voice and she's reunited with her dad Poseidon.

  9. Makes me realize I really liked a lot of moments : Hook confession to Emma, Snow/Cruella/the pan, the scene with August and Emma, scenes where Ursula is singing, when Ariel say that villains do things the wrong way, the Regina/Robin dream, the nose thing and the twist at the end. Phew!


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