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Image Gallery Updates

14 May 2015

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Update: 14th May We've given the Gallery another visual refresh and improved performance. The gallery should load faster. We've also updated the quality of all the show icons.

Also the site should work better on Mobile Devices.

Hey All,

Just a quick update to let you know that we've made some changes to our Image Gallery.

First the bad news.

- Some of the older articles on the site that have embedded thumbnails will now show broken links. Clicking on the broken link will take you to the correct photos but the thumbnail images will appear broken. We're seeing if we can find a solution however I think we're going to have to live with it for now.

Now for the good news :)

- The New Gallery has been moved to a new domain. This replaces our old address. If you have any bookmarks to the old site these should automatically redirect to the correct page.

- The Gallery has been upgraded and optimised to reduce the chance of the Gallery crashing during heavy load periods. (I'm looking at you Arrow, OUAT and Castle Fans!)

- The Gallery should load quicker as a result

- The Image Thumbnail quality has been enchanced and should appear less "blurry"

- The Search Function has been made faster and allows you to search Title, Description etc

- You can embed whole photo sets or individual photos on your site by using the embed codes on the Album or Photo pages.

- The Archived/Misc shows section should be a lot faster to navigate

- The Gallery should work better on Mobile Phones, and allow you to swipe left/right when on Albums or individual photos.

- We now have over 200,000 Images in the gallery in over 18,000 Albums for nearly 1,000 different shows

If you have any questions or have any problems please don't hesitate in asking in the comments below or by filling out our standard feedback forms that are available in the header menu or at the bottom of the website.


  1. Thanks. Much faster and thanks for fixing the search!

  2. Okay, that's A LOT faster.

  3. Sorry it took so long to fix.

  4. Definitely a whole lot faster, thanks!

  5. Wow this is incredible. I didn't realise over 200,000 photos!! Just tried out the gallery and I already love it more. Thanks!

  6. "The Gallery has been upgraded and optimised to reduce the chance of the Gallery crashing during heavy load periods. (I'm looking at you Arrow, OUAT and Castle Fans!)

    It's insanely fast now. Thank you :D :D

  7. Although my sanity was tested with migrating over 200,000 images this weekend ;)

  8. Our pleasure. It's as much a pain for us on the SpoilerTV Team as it is for our readers!

    We'll find out how it holds up when the next batch of popular shows photos are released ;)

  9. Wow, the things you do for this site!

  10. This is great. Thanks. :)

  11. Your dreams must be like an endless stream of pics sliding across a screen. Just fast enough that you can't get a good look at one pic and soon you start tearing your hair in the dream and screaming. You wake up, only to find that you are yanking your SO's hair and he/she is screaming like a banshee.

    :P ;) :)

  12. Sweet! Thanks Andy! :)

  13. As a long suffering Arrow fan, who once had to wait two hours to see the photos, I'll be sure to let you know :D

  14. Easier, faster ... perfect ! thanks :)

  15. Great work as always. Thankful for the upgrade.

  16. Great job. Love the layout.

  17. This is great. It's amazing how much faster it is. Thanks for continuing the hard work on the upgrades! It just gets better.

  18. Wow, that IS way faster! Thank you!! :)

  19. Awesome!
    This photo archive has grown so much since its creation and now it's faster than ever before.

  20. Thanks. I remember the early days when we started :)

  21. Did you block IP, because i click nex images and then i have 404 error...


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