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CSI: Cyber - Fire Code - Advance Preview and Teasers

CSI: Cyber airs its fourth episode this Wednesday. Entitled "Fire Code", the episode focuses on an arsonist who uses printers to start a fire.

We start in Louisville, Kentucky, where a TV and a coffee machine are suddenly turned on. The occupant of the house turns them off, but then she notices a fire. Meanwhile, Avery and Elijah catch a criminal informant who gives them a USB stick with a code. It turns out the code can be used to start a fire inside a printer, and it is subsequently linked to the incident in Louisville.

However, that won't be the only fire in this episode. In fact, there will be a second fire that involves multiple printers and also leaves a deadly victim. Whether or not the same arsonist is responsible for both fires remains to be seen. I can tell you that there is a grand plan behind everything, and it actually makes for various twists along the ride. There is also an unexpected connection between the case and one of the team members.

A few more teasers from "Fire Code":
-We meet Elijah's ex-wife in this episode. It turns out she has a job offer in San Diego and wants to take their daughter with her. This keeps Elijah busy during the entire episode, and he must make a difficult decision.
-We also get some more insight into Nelson as we meet various of his friends, who are black hats.
-There is a reference to a previous Nelson. Apparently there used to be another former hacker who was part of the unit. However, things didn't exactly go as planned and there's a moment between Avery and Elijah where they talk about that.
-The teaser at the beginning after the opening credits says: "Zero day - a flaw in software on our personal devices that is unknown and can be hacked".

"Fire Code" airs Wednesday at 10/9c on CBS. Here's a promo for the episode:

About the Author - Daniel van der Veer
Daniel van der Veer is a Dutch university student studying Psychology. On SpoilerTV he is a reviewer of NCIS, The 100, Stalker, Madam Secretary and the upcoming show American Odyssey. He also enjoys LOST, Arrow, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Nikita, The Blacklist, Scorpion and How To Get Away With Murder.
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