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The Americans - Baggage - Advance Preview

   The Americans are continuing their third season this Wednesday with an all new episode : “Baggage”, written by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg and directed by Daniel Shackheim.
   Since the show has started, family always has been a main theme. Even though their family is fake and is only there to serve one purpose : to look like regular Americans, the Jennings family has evolved during the first two seasons and never felt more real last season until the season finale. The revelation of KGB being interested in recruiting Paige came out and it really put back the concept of family in the middle of The Americans.  

   Philip and Elizabeth clearly disagree about Paige being a spy. After everything they went through, all the lies, all the danger, all the deaths, Philip is reluctant to put Paige in that world. As a father, he wants to protect her and give her the best life possible. Being an undercover soviet agent in the US isn’t the easiest or safest way to live. I totally get Philip’s point of view. He’s a protecting father.
   And Elizabeth isn’t a bad mother for considering recruiting Paige as a spy. She made a personal choice when she was younger, she believes in something and she has dedicated her life for those ideas. It’s a strong, life changing decision. Of course, she would want her daughter to participate in her project, to build the world she believes in. She also wants to be able to share her true life, her true origins and her true beliefs with her own daughter. It’s risky, but no one can guarantee a safe life for everyone.

   As usual, The Americans perfectly depicts Elizabeth and Philip’s torn between family and motherland. Paige's possible recruitment has forced them to reflect on their lives, and what they were and who they become. It will be the center of "Baggage". But, of course, a lot will happen and here’s a list of what you can except :

- Annalise was strangled to death last week (oh heart breaking it was). So, Philip and his new friend need to get rid of the body. Philip will find a very discreet way but very painful to watch. Damn those sounds…
- Philip will use a little (for the 80’s) spy camera. I love the old spy gadgets in The Americans.
- Elizabeth will talk more about her mother, her relationship with her (we will even have a little flashback) and how it impacts her relationship with Paige. It’s very strong and Keri Russell is at her best as usual.
- Even though Philip and Elizabeth will talk a lot of Paige, we will barely see her. In one scene, she will express her worries about her father and she will also deliver one of the truest thing about her parents. Paige has totally grown on me since the show has started. She's so not the boring angry teenager. She's so smart, and Holly Taylor is absolutely amazing.
- I’m sure we have missed Nina last week. Actually, I’ve thought we would never see her again. But she will be back in “Baggage”, her new life is quite dark and lonely. She will even have an unexpected visitor.
- Stan will also receive a special delivery, which will prove to be very useful in their mission against USSR. Really looking forward to that storyline. But Stan will also received an unexpected visit, at night, in an alley... Scary.
- Oleg and Tatiana will spend more time together. Remember, the serious Russian lady of last week. Well, this week, she will show she can smile and actually have some sense of humor. Unexpected.

Some quotes from “Baggage” :
“Who are you ?” 
“She was really something”
“I cannot predict the future” 
“This is not a prison for innocent people”

   Are you excited about “Baggage” ? What do you think will happen to Paige ? Hit the comments !

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