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POLL: What was the best scene in Castle - I, Witness?

3 Feb 2015

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About the Author - diana mack

Diana (diana mack) is a tv shows addicted. She's from Italy, she dreams to be a real journalist someday - meanwhile she speaks english even in her dreams. But tv series are not the only passions she has: she's a football supporter, cinema lover and a traveller. She studied languages (english, french, spanish, arabic and a bit of portuguese) and journalism in Rome.


  1. Didn´t seem a different sleepwear to me...I tought the light was different:)

  2. A really good episode. Did anyone else notice that in the episode, when
    Beckett and Castle went to bed and he woke up during the night and woke
    Kate up to talk, that the next morning Kate awoke and read Rick's note
    in different sleepwear? Perhaps they had a "nap" and she changed

  3. I loved this last scene where Kate crawls up on Rick's lap in his office then they passionately kiss. Just awesome.

  4. I think all the episode was great! my favourite part was when the boys ask Kate if she believe Castle's theory.
    and Kate reply was "I believe that he's been right too many times not to consider it."

    imo it speak volume about the progress of their relationship, better than the fluffy moments :)

  5. I didn't think it was a great episode because I immediately knew who the killer was from her first scene.

    But Ryan and Esposito give me life.

  6. Without my having to type, that was also my favorite scene, you so eloquently expressed it so I will agree with everything you wrote:)

  7. I loved this episode. For the first time I didn't know who the killer was till the end. I love this episode from the beginning to end. And I am so looking forward to next week's episode ☺


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