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Last Nights TV - Open Discussion Thread - 3rd February 2015

4 Feb 2015

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This thread/article is to provide a place where you can discuss all shows that aired last night that we do not have individual "What did you think of" Polls.

Some of tonight's shows that you might like to discuss are:

Justified, NCIS: New Orleans, Parks and Recreation, Marry Me, About a Boy, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Sirens, Switched at Birth, Cougar Town or any other show that you've watched tonight.

So sound off in the comments below about what you thought of last nights TV.

Please note the comments could well contain spoiler discussion for any show that has aired tonight.
Please only use this thread for shows that do not already have their own threads. You should use the show/episode specific threads for discussion on those shows.


  1. NCIS: New orleans - the episode was ruined about halfway through the episode when Anne Dudek showed up out of nowhere as the wife of the poisoning victim's brother. It was absurdly obvious she did it.

    If you want to keep an audience guessing about the culprit, don't cast a recognizable veteran character actor who played someone nicknamed "Cutthroat Bitch." She might as well have been wearing a neon sign around her neck that said "killer."

  2. Well my two favourite shows had my two favourite couples get completely and utterly wasted and make me laugh a hell of a lot.

    Boyd and Ava in Justified were so great in this episode and it just makes the inevitable heartache between them so devastating. Though I do wonder if Avery completely underestimated Ava during their talk, this is the woman who stone cold killed her husband at the dinner table, beware Avery. It was great seeing Rachel out and about with Raylan. I also like learning a bit about Raylan's time down the mines.

    Parks and Recreation was another wonderful episode, the final season is going out on such a high. Drunk Ben and Leslie were hilarious, it looks like they have set up the final big arc for the show - Ben running for Congress. I wonder if April's desire for a new career will connect with Ben's.

  3. Just something I wrote about what happened on Switched At Birth:

    It's easy to say something is rape after the fact. But please be aware they were both REALLY drunk at the time. Does that excuse what happened? Nope.

    But I see way too many people in here saying "If they're too drunk to give consent then it's rape"

    This is apparently going to be a very unpopular opinion, especially here on tumblr, but that line mostly applies when one of them also isn't just as drunk. If he had taken advantage of her when he wasn't drunk and she was, then yeah I would say that line applies. But he was drunk too.

    I am 100% positive he had zero intent to rape her, yet people are acting like he did.

    Why the hell is all of the responsibility on the man to control himself? Why didn't Bay control HERSELF? Because she's drunk? So was he! Why does she get a free pass and HE is considered the bad guy? There's some serious double standards going on here and people are blatantly ignoring it.

    She obviously didn't want this to happen, but the fact that it did does not make him a rapist, it makes it a horrible mistake that happened while they were both not in their right minds in order to make a decision like that in the first place.

    Unfortunately, people here are looking for someone to blame, and of course it's going to be the guy in the situation because apparently women don't need to take as much responsibility for their mistakes as men do, even when they're in a similar situation.

    They were BOTH too drunk to be in a state of mind to say yes or no, or to even comprehend yes or no. It's horrible but that doesn't make it rape.

    And just for the record, yes I'm a guy. And if the fact that I'm male just made you instantly disregard my opinion on this matter, you're part of the problem.

  4. Justified: With that voice, Sam Elliott can be the kindest, wisest, and most down-to-earth grandfather you could ever want. Or he could be, quite possibly, the scariest man in Justified history.

    Duffy's vision in a speedo will haunt me till the end of my days ahahahah!
    Joelle Carter drunken is cute as hell.

  5. I laughed so hard at that Duffy moment. It was perfect. Someone on twitter said flawless. I agree.

  6. This episode of Justified might be in my top 5 all time. It wasn't explosive, it was a clinic on acting, writing and direction. Whoever thought to put this ensemble together for the final season is pure genius.
    I honestly could sit here and replay scenes between these guys all day long. It's like the mecca of acting. I watched that scene with Boyd and Walker more than once and I swear it left me high.
    This whole show leaves me high.

  7. Sam Elliott is terrifying isn't he? Without the mustache he looks like the Grinch when he smiles.

  8. With facial hair - he seems kind and charming. Without facial hair - he's evil and scary as hell. The voice does a lot, then. Justified saved its best for the last season. I'm sure of this.

  9. I just crack up so much for every one of the faces he makes. Seeing him like this basically slayed me. I guess I will have nightmares for a very long time. Man, he was perfect.

  10. He really was and whenever I'm feeling down, I'll have this image forever.

  11. This was probably Mindy's best episode this year. I am sorry to see Peter going but I really loved it at the end how he just simply said to Mindy that she was his best friend.


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