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Fortitude - Episode 1.03 - Detailed Synopsis

Dan and Frank travel up the coast in search of a suspect, however Dan’s feelings for Elena are threatening to overwhelm him. Morton, meanwhile, uncovers a new piece of evidence at the crime scene.

When the investigation opens up a new lead, Dan and Frank have to work together, pursuing Ronnie Morgan into the unforgiving landscape. For Dan, this means containing his jealousy over Frank’s involvement with Elena, but that’s something he finds increasingly difficult.

Morton uncovers a new key piece of evidence at the crime scene, which seems to provide a conclusive link between the recent murder and the death of scientist Billy Pettigrew a few months earlier. Meanwhile, a different piece of evidence is discovered, this time linking Frank Sutter to the murder and Dan loses control as he brutally arrests him, horrifying Elena with his violent outburst.


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