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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Tuesday 3rd February 2015

4 Feb 2015

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NOTE: The Interactive table below allows you to sort the various columns. The table will be updated live as the ratings come in. Refresh for updates.

THE MINDY PROJECT, SUPERNATURAL, MARRY ME, ABOUT A BOY were all adjusted down. There were no upward adjustments.

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  1. Glad Justified seems to be rising again, deserves a much bigger audience.

  2. PLL is still holding steady! Surprised by how well they are holding. I mean the quality is continuously falling since s04 finale. But I get people with it!

  3. it's the final season anyway, so ratings don't really matter anymore :(

  4. SPN-So does this settle the Charlie=low ratings argument? I think the ratings are likely down due to the episodes not being Mytharc (even though the last 2 episodes have been very heavily Dean/MOC centric). So should be back to a 1.0 or more for episode 14, ok in episode 15 with Cole's return then slowly decline depending on when Sam's arc kicks in and how much fans think he will be in an episode. If it looks like an episode might have a bit more Sam in/Sam centric (which wont happen) then I expect a dip in the ratings again.

  5. Ambar Moreno Candelas4 February 2015 at 22:12

    Good Supernatural. Better than the last weeks!

  6. I can't see the rating table........the operation has time out

  7. I actually guess at that 1.3 and 0.8 for the CW earlier, but the Top 25 numbers looked like TF would come in higher. I wonder if iZombie can help get people watching live, they would have a reason to watch the 9pm hour too instead of just deciding to catch the show on DVR?

  8. Not bad for PLL but sad its aging & decling.Deccent for Switched.I wonder if PLL wont hit 1.0 or higher again for Halloween specials/finals/premires or if it will only for the series finale.

  9. Still pretty good number for a 10 year old CW show.The Flash stable-Good for them.CF did great.Sad for Agent Carter & Forever.POI needs to improve with that plump lead-in.AAB & MM numbers are just sad.Pretty decent numbers for PLL even though the latest episodes have been mediocre at most IMO.

  10. Supernatural was way better this week than last week's Charlie-fest and deserved higher numbers. Once they get back to Dean's MOC issues numbers should rise a bit.

  11. still a little low for SPN sad really. something is wrong here! sad they will not fix it.

  12. Disappointed PoI did not do better last night (very good episode), but given that CF did not do so great, either, and Forever did even worse, where did the viewers go? To Justified (which is excellent)?

  13. I know but I just want Justified to been seen by more people because its so good and people should be exposed to such an entertaining show. I have always suspected having the previous seasons on Amazon Prime rather than Netflix stopped it from becoming a Breaking Bad style hit. Prime seems less popular than Netflix.

  14. The past 2 episodes were about Dean and his MOC but I guess you mean mytharc heavy as in the Cain episode?

  15. Why aren't more people watching Forever? It's the first non-cable show that I've been this into in a long time. I'll be sad if it goes away. :(

  16. i swear it seems like a pattern with cbs and poi, they go on a break and come back with a low rating ( even though the episode is usually stellar ), then after an episode or two the finally start to rise and then cbs puts them on hold for another week or two and come back and its low. its a good thing we are getting four episodes in a row before another dumb break. POI quality wise is the best written show on cbs next to maybe the good wife. M.I.A. was dark, twisted, but great episode expanding the levels of the shows story even more and it deserved more of an audience then that.

  17. I think the reason why ratings were so low last week was because of the huge snowstorm on the east coast. Lots of houses lost power so many people weren't able to watch the episode.

    BTW why do you think viewers will tune out when/if we get more Sam centric episodes? I mean, the first half of last season was pretty Sam centric and the ratings weren't bad at all, considering it's age. In fact, it started to dip around 9.15 when things started to get more Dean centric. I don't understand your thought process here?


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