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Fresh Off the Boat - Advance Preview

Coming to ABC this week is a new comedy titled Fresh Off the Boat, which is inspired by the memoir of chef Eddie Huang. Set in 1995, Fresh Off the Boat centers around the Huangs, who move from a sweet a comfortable life in Washington, DC to the unfamiliar territory of Orlando, Florida, where they try their best to fit in. So let's meet the Huangs.

Louis - The good natured and always positive patriarch of the Huang family. His opening a restaurant in Orlando is the reason behind the Huang family moving from DC. He always sees the good in people and believes in "do good, have good".
Jessica - The strict and cynical matriarch of Huang family, she is the opposite of her husband and doesn't think that everyone is inherently good.
Eddie - The 11 year old hip-hop loving eldest kid of the Huang family. He wants to stay away from his roots in order to blend in his school.
Emery - The middle kid who is a social chameleon and has no trouble fitting in to his new surroundings.
Evan - The youngest son who is a mama's boy.
Grandma - Louis’ mother who mostly sits in a wheelchair and only speaks Chinese, though she does seem to understand English.

The first episode centers on the Huang family settling in to their new life in Orlando. As Jessica steps out of her house, she is welcomed by the slightly racist rollerblading moms of her neighborhood. Although Jessica hangs out with them and tries to fit in, she is unable to make an actually make a friend and terribly misses her life in DC. Meanwhile, although Eddie's brothers easily fit in their new school, Eddie finds it a real challenge. Although he is initially accepted by the cool kids at the school because of his attire, he is rebuffed when they see the lunch his mother packed for him. Meanwhile, Jessica is shocked to find out that the restaurant is not doing good at all, something which Louis hid from her.

The second episode sees Eddie getting in trouble with his mother - when he gets straight A's at school. Meanwhile, at the restaurant, Jessica and Louis argue over how to run the business and manage the employees. I found this episode the funniest among the first three I have been able to watch.

My favorite character in the show is Jessica (played by Constance Wu). Wu is amazing in her role, and delivers each and every joke perfectly. The little battles between her and Eddie, and her and Louis are quite enjoyable. Eddie's younger brothers are also fun to watch and so is their grandmother, who although is featured only a few scenes but makes her mark in the ones she is.

The show is hilarious and one of the best sitcoms of this year. I really advise you all to check it out.

Fresh off the Boat airs a special preview on February 4th; one episode at 8:30 and another at 9:30. It then moves to its regular time slot of Tuesdays at 8 starting February 10th.