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Raina Reveals: Exclusive Spoilers and Teasers - 12 Monkeys, Eye Candy, Girls, iZombie and Shameless

Thanks for tuning in to the twentieth edition of our weekly article, Raina Reveals, which covers exclusive spoilers and teasers brought to you by The SpoilerTV Team! This week we will be answering questions received via Ask Raina. As usual, if you are desperate for details on a particular show be sure to send your question in via the form at the end of the article.

Tanya: Can you tell me about Cole's relationship with Cassandra on 12 Monkeys?
Cole's (Aaron Stanford) relationship with Doctor Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull) develops quite rapidly early on as they learn to work together and rely on one another. Each episode focuses heavily on Cole's mission and his interactions with Cassandra are mainly focused on the task at hand however, there is definite chemistry between the two leads and their relationship adds another aspect to a very engaging and action-packed series. You can check out the premiere of 12 Monkeys tomorrow 9/8c on Syfy!

Claire: I would like to know more about any of the recurring characters from Eye Candy?
The second episode of Eye Candy introduces us to Sgt. Catherine Shaw (Melanie Nicholls-King), the head of the NYPD Cyber Crimes Unit. Sgt. Shaw is willing to share intel on the suspects with Lindy and even offers her a position working with them. Lindy is hesitant at first but Catherine is determined and offers her an opportunity she can't refuse.

Julie: I want the goody details on Lindy's relationship with Jake on Eye Candy!
You're in luck! We can share a few teasers about Lindy and Jake in this week's episode of Eye Candy. Still trying to keep an eye on the potential suspects, Lindy sets up a date with Jake. However, instead of meeting her at their planned location he surprises her which immediately makes Lindy suspicious. Their date changes course completely when an unplanned visitor, or two, arrive. Jake manages to win over the surprise guests, but can he convince Lindy he isn't a killer?

Kacie: Can you share anything about Hannah in Girls?
Episode 4.02 sees Hannah arrive in Iowa where she rents her own place and settles in. The first few days are wonderful for her and everything seems almost too good to be true. The bliss ends too soon with many issues springing up during her new classes. Hannah struggles after the setbacks, unsure if she can continue. An unexpected guest shows up which changes her outlook and gives her the strength to speak up.

Kacie: Will we meet other zombies like Liv in iZombie?
We certainly will! One of those zombies is none other than Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) who causes quite a stir when he shows up at Liv's (Rose McIver) work. He isn't the only zombie going bump in the night, or the day. Liv and her boss Ravi (Rahul Kohli), will stumble across another zombie who isn't quite as pretty as her fellow un-dead companions.

Blaire: Anything for the next episode of Shameless?
Episode 5.02 takes place on Father's Day with Sammi, who is desperate to get her father's attention, pushing Sheila to her limit with her crazy stunts. Fiona's boss defends her when a customer lashes out, Svetlana and Kevin bond over their children while visiting the park and Lip gets a Summer job which may be more than he can handle.

Saif: When will time travel happen in The Flash?
According to TVLine accidental time travel will be seen in the back half of Season 1. You can read more here.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed our spoilers and teasers! Please note: All spoilers were compiled directly from the source by The SpoilerTV Team. They are accurate at the time of posting, however, as with all information given ahead of time they are subject to change.

About the Author - Raina
Raina is an avid TV fan from Australia. Her favourite shows include Agent Carter, How To Get Away With Murder, The 100, The Flash and The Vampire Diaries. She provides spoilers and teasers in a weekly article called Raina Reveals and will be reviewing upcoming Syfy series Dark Matter which premieres Summer 2015.

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