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Scene Of The Week - December 7, 2014 - 2nd Anniversary

7 Dec 2014

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently on TV.

Hi everyone! Before we get to the article, let me start by saying that on December 9th it will be exactly 2 years since the very first Scene Of The Week feature. It's absolutely amazing and I never expected the idea to last this long. And it would never work without the support of SpoilerTV Team and of course YOU, our awesome readers. So here's a big THANK YOU to everyone reading, commenting, tweeting, voting and generally taking any part in creating and sharing the article. I have a great time writing it every week and discussing all these great scenes with you! I'm gonna keep doing this for as long as I can and you want me to, so here's to an even better year than the last one! I wish you all a wonderful day and enjoy reading!

ARROW, "The Brave and the Bold", December 3, 2014, Actors: Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin and more, The Scenes: Barry and Oliver have a friendly competition and talk & Cisco comes to the Arrow cave for the first time
Tonya Papanikolas:
Barry and Oliver have a friendly competition (and chat). It was a tough call between this scene and the one where Barry encouraged Oliver and convinced him he still had his humanity. But I went with this scene because it was so fun. I loved how cheeky it was. Oliver was goading Barry in a wink-wink kind of way. This was a true testosterone showdown – guys competing to see who was the better superhero. But they were taunting each other in the way you do with true friends. And I love that the scene was also accompanied by a nice moment when Barry gave Oliver some encouragement again, telling him Oliver can inspire people as himself, not The Arrow. Then it was funny that Oliver turned right around and made a cheeky comment about how Barry was wrong about being able to beat him. And their showdown at the end was spectacular. We didn’t see a winner but watching the “game” itself was a treat. The special effects were wonderful and the tone of the scene was perfect. What a fun ending to a great crossover episode.
Sandi: There's not much to add to what Tonya has put, she's worded it perfectly. I love Barry and Oliver's banter, they may seem like an odd team but they really are good for each other.
Diana Mack: Barry tells Oliver he's the one who inspires people, not the Arrow.
Bradley Adams: Cisco comes to the Arrow cave for the first time. Also picked by Jamie Coudeville

CASTLE, "Last Action Hero", December 1, 2014, Actor: Stana Katic
The Scene: Beckett says goodbye to her apartment
Diana Mack:
Beckett says goodbye to her apartment in her own way - writing on the wall the first letters of her name and surname, KB. Also picked by Jamie Coudeville

HAVEN, "Chosen", December 5, 2014, Actors: Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant and more, The Scene: Mara dies and Audrey stays
Justyna Kubica:
What an episode that was! I was preparing myself to say goodbye to Audrey once again and I can tell you that I wasn't happy about it, at all. After her goodbye with Nathan (also a great scene) I expected another heartbreaking ending for the two. But I certainly didn't expect THIS. First of all, Mara is dead. And despite Emily Rose's fantastic performance I will surely not miss this character after everything she's done. Still, I was truly surprised to see her gone, just like that. But I'm so happy that Audrey's back, back to herself completely. I was hoping this would happen eventually so it was a beautiful moment when she told Nathan it's her. I don't think I would enjoy watching yet another fight to get Audrey back, like in the beginning of the season. I'd much rather see everyone joining their strengths against the Troubles. Speaking of...poor Duke. I wasn't a fan of his storyline for a better part of this season. I was glad to see Nathan not wanting to lose him in the end, despite all their struggles these past few episodes. Unfortunately the side effect of Mara's death that no one could see coming was Duke releasing all the troubles that could easily destroy Haven in a near future. I already can't wait to see how our heroes are going to handle this deadly situation. Such a powerful ending to the first part of the season! Kudos!

ONCE UPON A TIME, "Fall", November 30, 2014, Actors: Jennifer Morrison, Elizabeth Lail, Scott Michael Foster and more, The Scenes: The spell Shattered Sight hits Storybrooke & Anna and Kristoff fall out of the trunk
Pablozky21: I think I have never been as surprised with OUAT as I have been with "Fall"; everything in the episode worked and the closing montage was just beautiful. As the spell of Shattered Sight starts hitting the town we see some of the best OUAT CGI in display as mirror shards start falling from the sky. Everyone is about to be afflicted by the curse, Snow and David reach hands, Emma tries to protect his baby brother and Anna and Kristoff share one last look before the spell starts taking action. Then it hits, and Snow and David break their handholding, looking at each other conflicted. It is really a powerful moment because of how it was shot, acted, directed and edited; it is a scene gorgeous to look at and the subtlety of it all makes even more powerful, as without any sound at all and just some music to set the mood and the great acting in display we can tell what's happening. Honestly, it was beautiful.
Darth Locke: Anna and Kristoff hilariously fall out of the trunk after nearly drowning and being pulled through a portal to Storybrooke.

REIGN, "Acts of War", December 4, 2014, Actors: Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows, The Scenes: Catherine comforts Mary
Justyna Kubica:
I knew it was coming but it didn't make it any easier to watch the episode. Poor, poor Mary, after such a painful and heartbreaking experience, completely fell apart. And it was Catherine, the same Catherine who wanted her death less than a season ago, that came to her help. In, what has to be, one of the show's most powerful scenes Catherine tells Mary how to hide the truth and stay strong, face her people and assure them that nothing has happened and how the men breaking into the castle achieved nothing. At this moment it seems like the most impossible thing to do for a broken Mary, but thanks to Catherine strong, yet caring approach she's able to go through with it. The attack like this, rape, they should never define a person, there should always be somebody to offer support, advice and just be the there in the worst of times. I'm glad that the creators made sure Mary wasn't alone in her pain and shared the truth with the ones she needs the most. Adelaide Kane did a spectacular job in the episode, especially in this scene and Megan Follows's amazing performance made the moment even more honest and powerful.
Sandi: It was a very powerful scene between the two of them, amazing performance. Being raped should never define who you are as a person, and Catherine got that message across in a forceful, yet caring and sympathetic way to the distraught Mary.
Jamie Coudeville: My heart broke during this scene. I don't think I've ever loved Catherine more than in this scene. I hope this unites the two. 

STALKER, A Cry for Help", December 3, 2014, Actors: Maggie Q, Erik Stocklin
The Scene: Perry confronts Beth
Daniel van der Veer:
Beth comes across Perry as she is walking towards her car. Perry asks about Tracy and about Beth's past. This was a great scene, and Beth's breakdown after their conversation was some great acting by Maggie Q. 

THE 100, "Fog of War", December 3, 2014, Actors: Eliza Taylor, Thomas McDonell and more, The Scene: Clarke and Finn conversation at the bunker & Kane and Jaha's conversation
Justyna Kubica:
The 100 had another amazing episode this week with many great scenes to choose from. In the end I decided to pick a talk between Kane and Jaha about peace, sacrifice, the choices they make and the redemption they need. First of all, both Isaiah Washington and Henry Ian Cusick are absolutely fantastic in their roles on the show. I always enjoy watching their powerful interactions and see what follows. This time, Kane's desperate attempt to give up his life to let the others have a chance for peace with the Grounders and Jaha's choice to save him ends when the Grounders commander Lexa agrees to negotiate. She calls Kane an honorable man and believes his intentions to end the war are true (which might be exactly what they need at the moment) and frees Jaha to send the message to the rest of their people. I didn't expect this turn of events but I already can't wait to see Jaha back in the camp and Kane with the Grounders. The two work so well together though, their different perspectives often help us to better understand the complexity of their situation. Kudos to the actors and creators for the scene!
Pablozky21: The 100 keeps delivering an amazing second season as it keeps dealing head on with troubles seemingly to big to handle in great ways. Clarke and Finn's conversation about who he has become is pretty great because it reflects how lost Finn is after all he has done. Over the episode he tried to act as usual, but it just doesn't come natural and he knows it, so we get to see and hear from him that he just doesn't know who he is. It is a powerful moment and both Eliza Taylor and Thomas McDonell absolutely kill their scenes, proving their worth as part of The 100's cast.
Daniel van der Veer: Kane and Jaha are set up against each other. This was a very interesting situation and made for some great acting by Isaiah Washington and Henry Ian Cusick. Watching the conflict between the two men was and the struggle what to do, was a great scene!

THE FALL, "Strangler", November 30, 2014, Actors: Gillian Anderson, Colin Morgan, The Scene: Stella meets Tom Anderson
OK, there were more intense scenes this week - the fall through the loft or Paul telling Katie to throw bleach in her best friends face, for example. But this has been a long anticipated moment for many Colin Morgan fans, and it's great to have him back on the screen again. There was an instant attraction there from Stella, her unprofessionalism at times is odd when is does break through. Though I imagine the shock of knowing that Paul was in her room spying on her and Jim, and overhearing what was said, has her out of sorts. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Tom Anderson's character though over the last two episodes. I love hearing Colin's Irish accent, and now he's off filming in the USA who knows how often that's going to be happening in the future!

THE FLASH, "Flash vs. Arrow", December 2, 2014, Actors: Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell and more, The Scenes: Barry accidentally almost undresses Felicity & Oliver runs into his child's mother
Diana Mack:
With his speed, Barry almost undressed Felicity who has only her bra when Caitlin and Cisco shows up, looking confused.
Bradley Adams: Oliver runs into his (unbeknown to him) child's mother.

THE LEGEND OF KORRA, "Operation Beifong", December 5, 2014, The Scene: Lin and Toph argue about Lin's father
The Legend of Korra has gathered a lot of momentum for its last couple of episodes before the series finale. "Operation Beifong" is an incredible episode that features awesome fights and plot development, and each scene is worth picking, but since we only get one I will go with Lin and Toph argument. Lin has a lot of resentment towards her mother and seeing her finally bursting out her emotions after being usually shut down is nice breath of air. She has reasons to be angry; she never met her father and her mother seemingly doesn't understand nor care about what's going on with her. That's not the case, but as we see through the scene Toph has incredibly complicated relationship with her daughter and it plays it out in this very powerful scene. Somehow, The Legend of Korra ends up being an incredible drama series at time, even when at its core it was supposed to be a show aimed for children; that is when you see that animated series can be just as powerful as live action dramas.

THE MENTALIST, "Nothing But Blue Skies", November 30, 2014, Actors: Simon Baker, Pedro Pascal, The Scene: Jane confronts Pike
Tonya Papanikolas:
I thought this was a fantastic scene. It really did justice to the story to bring Pike back and wrap up the former situation between him and Lisbon. I thought it was realistic to see Teresa feeling awkward. But I really love that Pike ran into Patrick first before seeing Lisbon. Jane was so classy in dealing with the situation, which was very gratifying. His sensitivity and sympathy with Pike showed what a good man he is. Plus, it opened up a serious and important question for Jane. I thought the dialogue was great as Pike questioned what Jane was bringing to the relationship besides himself. That was a poignant question for Jane as he suddenly considered his future with Lisbon. Was he not offering her enough? I feel like he wants to give her everything so the suggestion that he wasn’t giving her enough hit home. This scene then set up the next one perfectly as Jane tells Lisbon about the conversation. That was a surprise – the Jane of the past wouldn’t have done that – but this showed how open he wants to be with her. He was earnest about admitting where he was and how he thought they should proceed. And it showed how much he cared. I love how he looked so relieved when she agreed they should just go with what feels right. She didn’t have concerns so he didn’t need to, either. Inadvertently Pike brought them closer.

THE NEWSROOM, "Contempt", November 30, 2014, Actors: Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer and more, The Scene: Will and Mac get married right before Will is arrested (picked by Darth Locke)

THE WALKING DEAD, "Coda", November 30, 2014, Actors: Emily Kinney, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and more, The Scenes: Beth dies & Daryl brings out Beth's dead body & Rick runs over and kills Bob
Tonya Papanikolas:
Beth dies. Sweet Beth wants the best for everyone and dies trying to right a wrong against Noah. She dies caring for someone else and caring about injustice. But she also shows her tough and angry side as she stabs Dawn, upset that Dawn didn’t keep her word and angry that Dawn is flaunting being right about people always coming back. It’s a brazen sneer and provocation and Beth isn’t going to take it any more. She decides to stand up to her. It was interesting that the shooting was an accident. If Beth hadn’t stabbed Dawn, her gun wouldn’t have gone off – almost as if Beth innocently and unknowingly brought her fate on herself. That made it all the more tragic. The slow motion in the scene gave the viewer a chance to take it all in and see everyone’s reactions. Watching Daryl so upset heightened the impact. Daryl, who doesn’t show a lot of emotions, couldn’t stop the tears. It showed how much he cared about Beth. And it was also sad to see how Rick and company had to resolve the situation with the others immediately and keep moving on. There was no time to grieve Beth right then and there. They had to keep going – that was their only choice.
DarkUFO: Daryl brings out Beth's dead body.
Bradley Adams: Rick runs over Bob and then shoots him point blank.

Justyna JJ Kubica
22. Student. SpoilerTV Writer. Loves Movies, TV Shows (Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Person Of Interest, Arrow, Supernatural (especially 1-5), Agents Of SHIELD, Sleepy Hollow, The Musketeers, Fringe, Psych, etc.) and Books (Harry Potter!). Fantasy & SciFi geek! Scene Of The Week articles author. Writes reviews for Doctor Who, Sherlock & The Musketeers. Member of SpoilerTV team since 27th November 2011.
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  1. Thank you, Andy! It's been great two years :)

  2. Revenge and OUAT7 December 2014 at 16:03

    Others- revenge: emily tortures chinese guy

  3. My honorable mentions this week:

    Arrow - The final talk between Oliver and Barry
    The Flash - How awesome was Diggle's reaction to Barry? ;)
    Haven - Audrey and Nathan say goodbye
    Agents Of SHIELD - The episode, I can't pick a scene.
    Elementary - Sherlock and Kitty at the end
    Sleepy Hollow - Irving fights & Henry kills Moloch - the only scenes I liked, unfortunately
    The 100 - again, the entire episode, Octavia and Bellamy vs Lincoln, Jaha finds Abby and the rest
    Selfie - Anything with the Henry and Eliza, it was a great episode

    There were just so many amazing episodes this week, it was incredibly hard to pick just three scenes.

  4. I guess I'm voting other 3 times since Sons of Anarchy isn't nominated again or at least I'd want to. If I had to pick something that actually is nominated it would be The Newsroom, Stalker and one of the scenes from The Walking Dead.

  5. There are so many.
    Reign-Catherine helps Mary
    OUAT-The spell hits Storybrooke, sisters reunited
    The 100-Jaha and Kane
    Arrow beats The Flash
    TWD-Daryl carries Beth out

  6. First of all, happy birthday!! This is one of the features I look forward to the most, it made me discover new shows, which I'm grateful for. You're doing a wonderful job and I'm sure you will continue to do so.

    My favorites this week:
    - ARROW: Cisco going to the Arrow cave, I loved it, "I want to see the toys! I NEED to see the toys". Also, when Barry comes into the cave with the sushi and Lyla was there, and Caitlin going all "hey, secret identity?"
    - THE FLASH: Angry Barry was sort of fun to watch. And Diggle's reaction to Barry, priceless.
    - THE 100: My favorite part here was actually the whole garage scene, the music, the darkness, the Blake's being badasses, poor reaper Lincoln, it all worked great.
    - REIGN: Poor Mary, I didn't know about the spoiler, I don't really care about Reign spoilers, so it took me a second to realize what was happening, I never thought they would go there. But I'm glad that Catherine was the one to help her, despite everything that Catherine did and what she tried to do to Mary since the start, I think she finally cares about Mary and it really showed in this scene. I also liked how she told her son to give Mary space and time, and all he had to do was to listen.

  7. Happy Bday! A great tradition! Hope it goes on for quite some time.
    My personal favorites
    - OUAT: Anna marrying Kristofer in the box. It was heartbreaking. Elizabeth killed it this week.
    - Reign: The post rape scene was handled really well. But the moment that made my heart jump up and down was when she entered between the people and was so so strong.
    -The VD: My poor little heart broke when Bonnie clashed at the door and no one was there to rescue her. GREAT WORK KAT GREAT WORK
    -Flarrow! : The 2 fight scenes were certainly my favorites.

  8. Happy birthday, dear feature :-)
    I'm still in love with ya after two years, ahah!
    I'd choose The Walking Dead. Even if I didn't like the mid-season finale too much, the last scene gave me a lot of shivers. Please, don't make Daryl cry animore.
    Honorable Mention:
    - Sons Of Anarchy ("Red Rose"): my heart will never be the same after this show (damn you, Kurt!). The confrontation between Jax and Gemma left me in a pool of feelings that I don't know if I will be ever able to explain myself. Not in my second language. My hope is that Katey will get some recognition for the whole season. The series finale without Gemma: I didn't see that coming.

    Congrats to all, once again :-)

  9. I swear the first anniversary felt like only months ago, how time flies!

    x Agents of SHIELD - FitzSimmons talk and Jemma is left heartbroken.

    x Brooklyn Nine Nine - Amy dumps Teddy, Teddy reveals that Amy has feelings for Jake. Funny scene but also set up any future Amy/Jake very nicely.

    x Selfie - Eliza and Henry meet at the elevator. The tension was unbearable.

  10. Happy Birthday SotW! (I think that would be the abreviation xD)
    Seriously Justyna, you put some great work putting this together every week, really amazing stuff! I love making picks for each weeks whenever possible, so thanks for all you effort! :D

    There were so many great episodes this week. I'm sad I couldn't pick any of the Flarrow crossover episodes or the great scenes on Marry Me or The Middle, but one has to make choices, sadly. We had a great week on TV and it couldn't come in a better moment, the birthday of our dear feauture Scene of the Week :)

  11. OUAT : yes, the shattered sight curse falling down on Storybrooke is wonderful (and Emma trying to protect her little brother). And i get impressed by the look between Snow and Charming !

  12. An absolutely beautiful scene. OUAT really took me off guard by this episode and blew my mind!

  13. Agree, it was a truly great week for TV! So many great scenes and episodes as a whole! It is like a birthday gift for the Scene of The Week feauture :)

  14. Agents of SHIELD - Our first glimpse at the city when Mack "meets" the security system.

  15. Of these options, Reign in a walk. Extraordinarily powerful stuff and easily the best performance Adelaide Kane has turned in thus far.
    I would add The Affair - the moment where you saw why Noah closed the curtains.

  16. Kate saying goodbye to her apartment on Castle! Plus that Mentalist scene & the Flash/Arrow scenes were awesome.

  17. The Mentalist : Jane confronts Pike

  18. The 100 Clarke and Finn scenes. Thomas McDonell blows it out of the park week after week and Eliza Taylor keeps up her game.

  19. Perry vs Beth was just awesome.
    The Walking Dead also deserves a vote, as does The Flash and Arrow.

  20. Yes, The Affair scene was great.

  21. Once Upon a Time - The Spell of Shattered Sight has been cast over Storybrooke and Elsa/Anna reuniting.

    The special effects were gorgeous when the spell was cast and seeing the glass go into everyone's eyes and see them change was terrifying but so cool. And the sisters reuniting! After so many years, they finally found each other. I just love their sisterly relationship so much.

    Sleepy Hollow - Irving picks up the Sword of Methuselah and uses it against the Horseman of War.

    Irving being a badass and fighting the Horseman of War by with the sword was so awesome. Great action scene! Too bad Irving had to pay the price :( but I have a feeling he'll magically reappear! This is Sleepy Hollow after all.

    The Flash vs. Arrow - Barry and Oliver have a heart to heart talk and all of the fight scenes.

    Barry and Oliver having that much anticipated heart to heart talk in the Foundry was so great. And I loved that Barry gave him some much needed advice. Oliver needed to hear that. And holy moly all of the fight scenes during this crossover were incredible. Between Angry!Barry vs. Oliver in the first part and Oliver, Roy, Lyla, Diggle, and Barry vs. Captain Boomerang at ARGUS and Barry comes in and saves Ollie from a boomerang was so badass.

    Agents of SHIELD - Bobbi and Simmons open up to each other.

    It was great seeing Bobbi and Simmons having a nice chat but hearing Simmons tell Bobbi what Fitz said to her at the bottom of the ocean and saying that she just wanted her best friend when he was in a coma back broke my heart. But I loved it when Bobbi encouraged her to be honest with Fitz.

    The 100 - Jaha showing up at Camp Jaha and all of the Clarke and Finn scenes.

    I was not expecting Jaha to come to Camp Jaha so quickly! It will be great to see him take the leadership role again. But I wonder why Kane wasn't with him. Hmmmm. And those Clarke and Finn scenes had me on the edge of my seat. You never know what Finn is going to do next so I'm glad that Clarke is being careful around him now.

  22. It sure feels like it. And I love this gift ;)

  23. Aww, thank you! Discovering new shows is also one of my favorite things about the article :) I'm glad you're enjoying it!
    And I agree with all of the scenes you mentioned. Loved them all. Great week for TV!

  24. Thank you :) I always love reading about your picks. You always put it all so well in words and make me want to watch it all :)

    This was such a great week to celebrate the 2nd anniversary. Truly a gift for SotW - yes, that's the abbreviation ;)

  25. All 3 shows had really great episodes. I wish I could pick them all :) I'm gonna miss Selfie, I really enjoyed this little show! Fingers crossed we're gonna get a great ending at least!

    And I agree, I almost forgot it's been 2 years, it doesn't feel like it's been so long :)

  26. Thank you for the wishes! We still love all you readers as well :)
    Thanks for sharing your picks, I always enjoy reading comments like this!

  27. Thank you! Fingers crossed :)

    As for Reign, that would be my other choice, very close, almost picked it as well. Great scene!

  28. OUAT - Anna and Kirstoff saved, the lock up scene at the jail, and the spell of shattered sight arrives.

    The Flash - Oliver teaches Barry a lesson, and Arrow vs. angry Flash.

    Arrow - The Flash team with the Arrow team in the "Arrow cave". Oliver and Barry talk and have a friendly competition.

    The Walking Dead - Beth dies & the end scene.


    Constantine - The female angel is fallen, Manny steps up and saves Zed by ripping the fallen angel's heart out

    Girl Meets World: Shawn talks with Riley and Maya in the diner

    Sleepy Hollow - The end scene

    The Vampire Dairies: Damon talks about Bonnie as she arrives at the house

  29. I'm guessing none of the people who contribute to the article watch Sons of Anarchy. It's impossible to cover all the shows. That's why there is an "other" so any missed shows get at least a mention in the comments.

  30. So many great scenes! I voted for:
    - The Spell of Shattered Sight hits Storybrooke
    - Anna and Kristoff fall out of the trunk
    - Kane and Jaha's conversation

    That end montage on OUAT was fantastic, the music and everyone's faces, especially Snow & Charmings at the very end.
    The reunion was very good as well, the build up to it with Elsa on the beach and Kristoff & Anna in the trunk about to die, it was just really done! Then when they are all talking at the same time on the beach and you can't make out what they're saying was hilarious!

  31. So you're telling me none of them watch the second most popular cable show. That seems hard to believe.

  32. I watch it, but haven't caught most of this season yet. There's so many shows on at present that I've had to put it on my hiatus watch list to catch up on it then.

  33. So many great choices. It doesn't seem fair that we can only pick 3!!
    I agreed with a lot of the choices, however, for me, the most powerful scene this week actually took place in The Vampire Diaries. Damon gets punched out by Alaric, but all he can think about is Bonnie returning to the house all alone. That scene superimposed with Bonnie's return was just heartwrenching, but very well done. I don't think I have every scene Damon show that much empathy for anyone else, which made the scene all the more powerful.

    Also, the last 10-15 minutes of Sleepy Hollow were amazing, From Irving wielding the sword to all of them agreeing to carry the sword if the other failed and then finally with Henry killing Moloch

    On the list, my favorite scenes were:
    1.Arrow: & Flash: There were so many good scenes in both episodes that I wouldn't even know when to begin. The scene with Cisco in the Arrow "cave" was defnitely one of my favorites (I actually loved Cisco in both episodes) as was the scene in the end with Oliver and Barry. For Flash, I loved the entire scene with Oliver "training" Barry, as well as Diggle's reaction to Barry, but there were a lot of other great moments.
    2. Haven: Amazing ending. I did not expect Mara's mom to kill her.
    3. The Fall: Colin Morgan's introduction. Admittedly, he wasn't featured as much as I would have liked, but the actor is so awesome, that I was just glad to see him on my TV screen again.

  34. All Arrow and Flash scenes mentioned, and there are a lot more from the two shows (Diggle's reaction and comment on the Flash's arrival: "You're fast!"). I definitely need to rewatch both crossover episodes. :)

  35. Congrats on two years of Scene of the Week! I know from experience (with the quotes) that it does take a lot of work, and it's great that you do this every week.

    Honourable mentions for me are every other scene in Arrow and the Flash, which were fantastic. Walking Dead had one good scene, and I nominated it in the article. Haven't watched anything else this week.

  36. Haply Birthday! To many more years of this wonderful feature!

    For me this week it was The 100, Stalker, Arrow and The Flash. Choosing just one scene was difficult because all of their episodes were really great.

  37. Haven.The Nathan and Audrey scenes ripped my heart out and then put it back together..LOL ! .What a mid season final great from start to finish .Can't wait to see what the writers have planed for us in 5 B.

  38. Douglas from Brazil8 December 2014 at 00:06

    Did you guys forget about SoA this week?Jax killing Unser and Gemma, and Juice being killed too?

  39. Well it has been amazing so far. There's still a episode to go but it has been a better final season then Breaking Bad.

  40. Ok seriously, ALL things Flash and Arrow!! That crossover, the ENTIRE thing was the shit! ESPECIALLY the ending for the Arrow episode!! Omg so epic!! I watched it so many times and i loveddddd it! It definitely was a testosterone moment for them. I loved the banter, I loved Oliver smiling. "Since we're sharing, you were wrong too." "When?" "Right now! Because you think you can kick my ass...i can tell." "If you think you can kick mine you better do it fast." "I get it Barry, i get it, you're fast." Hahahahahaha SO GOOD!!! I would have LOVED to see that fight, but it was an amazing build up!! Totally went down as the greatest moments for 2014 in "Tv comic" history.

  41. Do you really think if someone had watched the show they would never nominate it? If someone on the team watched and liked what they see they'd nominate it.

    This is an opinion poll, not an award show. Whether or not the show is popular, some are bound to be missed. The internet is not a good representative of what shows are watched the most.


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