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Marco Polo - Open Discussion Thread and Poll

13 Dec 2014

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Season 1 of Marco Polo is Now Available to watch at Netflix here.

Let us know what you thought in the comments below and vote in the poll.

NOTE: Obviously people will be posting their thoughts/reactions to the season as a whole, so there will be spoilers in the comments. We advise you not to read the comments until you have watched the whole Season.


  1. i am super excited for this ... i hope i will be able to watch during christmas break

  2. I've only just started but damn it is beautiful.

  3. When will this be free to watch? I don't use Netflix.

  4. Netlfix shows are only available on Netflix, or when they release them on DVD etc

  5. :O

    Well it is certainly worth every penny of the $7. Or $8. Whatever it is.

  6. I'm only about 15 minutes into episode 1, but damn, this show is GORGEOUS. Money well spent.

  7. download through torrent

  8. Is the whole season 1 available?

  9. Yes, netflix releases the whole season in one go.

  10. I just started watching but as expected it's a very entertaining show.

  11. This show is slick and sexy that's for sure.

    Episode 1 was a bit boring though.

  12. I actually binged watch it all yesterday! Beautiful and interesting and it reminds me of Shogun from 1982; but the budget and scenery is way better this time around :)

  13. Glad you enjoyed. Sounds good.

  14. When do Netflix announce renewals for their original shows? Watched Episode 1 the other day and loved it! Hope we get a 2nd season.

  15. Started watching yesterday......I'm 5 eps in. I had to make myself stop watching so I could go to bed. If I didn't have work in the morning I would have finished all 10 eps. Here's hoping for a second season and for more episodes added on. This show is amazing and gets better with each episode.

  16. Just finished the last ep today, i must admit i had high hopes for this show going in. After watching the whole season, it was very good. Visually it was stunning and the fight scenes were done very well. I would have liked to have seen more battle scenes. I would say it was a good foundation for future seasons should there be more. Characters were well developed. Overall i was very pleased with it.

  17. Loved it! The setting is amazing. Although the arc moves quick, the scenes are rather quiet. Best hand to hand combat I have seen, better than Arrow and AoS or not better but more grounded.


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