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The Comeback - Valerie is Taken Seriously - Preview

29 Nov 2014

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Lisa Kudrow in  this season of The Comeback has been hysterical.  She portrays an actress that was an A - lister back in the 90s and now can barely get recognized. When HBO decided to create a show with her old character Valerie, she took advantage of that and hired a camera crew to follow her around.

In tonight's episode,
-Valerie's show gets some budget cuts and the producer will have to cut some of Valerie's scenes.
-Valerie thinks "well that's not going to happen", so she moved production to her house.
-The production causes tension between Valerie and her husband.
-So they decide to move to one of their rental properties.
-Valerie attends an improv acting class, which was very funny, I'm sure you all could imagine!!

This episode is very funny, there is a big shocking ending, to say the least. So you can't turn off the last few minutes. This has been a great show, I'm glad it's back and I'm glad to see Lisa Kudrow back on TV.

About the Author - Shirleena Cunningham
TV Review for SpoilerTV. Has been with SpoilerTV for a year. Law and Order Special Victims Unit, The Comeback, Odd Couple, GIRLS. I'm also a big animal rights activists. I'm a Photographer, Writer, Graphic Designer and Illustrator.
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