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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Sunday 23rd November 2014

25 Nov 2014

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  1. Last year the pre-midseason finale episode of TWD did a 5.65. This year it did a 7.0, almost 1.5 higher. I wonder if the finale can jump a similar amount.

  2. It most defenitely will. TWD is the greatest rating anomaly in TV history as it trends is to go massively upwards each season. I'm waiting for the time when it starts doing 12.5s regularly

  3. Unrelated, but what is you favorite show on the air? :P

  4. Hard to say since I watch so many, but I think GoT is my favorite while Revenge and The 100 tie for second.
    On the comedy front The Middle comes at first while Brooklyn 99 and Parks and Rec are solid seconds.

    What about you omabin? Any others favorites aside TWD? (I'm aware you are also fond of Revenge and The 100)

  5. Very good taste then ;)

    My favorite is indeed The Walking Dead for the most part. Other big favorites include (no order): The 100, Arrow, Revenge, Scandal, Murder, GOT, Reign, The Following, Shield, OUAT. This is literally a top 10 and not an actual answer to your question as you can probably realize and I should even add my honorable mentions (Suits, Orphan Black, GA), but it's really hard for me to answer definitely. Reducing this to top 5 would likely leave it Arrow, Revenge, Scandal, Murder and Shield. But I don't really know :p

    As for comedies, it's even harder but that's because it changes very very often. Brooklyn Nine-Nine and About a Boy are certainly two of my favorites and Mom, which I found toward the end of the summer, has also earned a slot up there for me. Modern Family is always a big one as well, as is TBBT. And I love me some New Girl and Mindy. Last year though, my favorite comedy was probably Suburgatory, which sadly sadly sadly was axed.


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