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Satisfaction Renewed by USA Network but cancels Rush

2 Oct 2014

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SA Network today announced a 10-episode second season order for the sexy one-hour hit original drama series SATISFACTION, a postmodern love story centered around a married couple, Neil Truman (Matt Passmore, “The Glades”) and his wife, Grace (Stephanie Szostak, “The Devil Wears Prada”) and the unconventional choices they make to keep their relationship intact.

“SATISFACTION sparked a cultural conversation about modern love and marriage in today’s world,” said USA Network President Chris McCumber. “We’re excited to see where Sean Jablonski takes this thought-provoking series in season two.”

“Sean Jablonski and Russ Krasnoff, Matt Passmore, Stephanie Szostak and the rest of our world-class creative team on SATISFACTION have led us on a fascinating storytelling journey that our studio is excited to continue bringing to life,” said Jeff Wachtel, President and Chief Content Officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. “USA is a fantastic partner in creating programming that we believe will stand the test of time.”

SATISFACTION drew a loyal and consistent audience since its July 17 debut, averaging 2.21MM total viewers P2+ L7 season-to-date, with the penultimate episode reaching a series high 2.43MM total viewers P2+, 1.09MM P18-49 and 1.13MM P25-54 (L7 data for the finale is not yet available). On average, the series registered particularly high double-digit growth in L7 lifts of +74% P18-49, +75% P25-54, +60% P18-34 and +58% in P2+ season-to-date.

In SATISFACTION, investment advisor Neil Truman (Passmore) and his wife Grace (Szostak) are sifting through their stagnant relationship when Neil discovers that Grace has been seeing a male escort. After an unusual chain of events, he gains a new perspective on his life and what motivates women, while Grace contemplates whether her needs are being met and if her marriage is worth saving. The series concluded its 10-episode freshman season on September 18, with a shocking cliffhanger leaving Neil and Grace dealing with a major fallout from their secrets.

SATISFACTION also stars Michelle DeShon (“Hollywood Heights”), Katherine LaNasa (“The Campaign”), Blair Redford (“Switched at Birth”) and Deanna Russo (“Knight Rider”).

From Universal Cable Productions (UCP) and executive producer/creator Sean Jablonski (SUITS, “Nip Tuck”), SATISFACTION is shot on location in Atlanta, GA. Russ Krasnoff (“Community”) of Krasnoff/Foster also serves as executive producer.

SATISFACTION season one is currently available via digital download, On Demand and on to authenticated cable subscribers. Season one will also be available on DVD in early 2015.



  1. Good for Satisfaction! Rushwas ok I guess but it's no big loss.

  2. What about covert affairs

  3. H==I liked Rush. It wasn't special or fantastic, but it was good for what it was.

  4. Good for Satisfaction! I watched the show and found it enjoyable and surprisingly a little bit honest. I didn't think it'd be renewed. I'm happy.

  5. Damn! I wish they had done the opposite. Not that Rush was anything great but i liked it more than Satisfaction which i gave up after the first episode.

  6. WHAT? NO! I like you USA, but don't think this is a particularly smart move.

    First of all: Rush had better ratings. Satisfaction is a serialized show and it's unlikely its ratings will improve next season. Rush is both serialized and procedural, so it would have been easier to relaunch next year, in my opinion.

    And I liked Dr. Rush.

  7. That's a little weird since Rush was higher rated among the two.
    And still no word on Playing House. I guess it;s cancelled.

  8. That is kind of nuts -- it should have been the reverse.

  9. No word on Graceland? The suspense continues.

  10. I need to know about Graceland, USA. Hurry up and tell us already.

  11. Bah, the exact opposite of what I watched. I miss the blue skies.

  12. I need Playing House news even if its bad news

  13. I guess it's a good thing I didn't start Rush like I planned to!

  14. I watched both and enjoyed them so I am happy for satisfaction but little gutted for rush. Hope Tom Finds a new project soon cause he did great as rush:)

  15. I´m glad to see that Satisfaction got renewed. I thought it was a good first season (except for the finale, which I found really boring), and will tune in for season 2.

  16. Good news, it had its flaws but overall it was a good show.

  17. USA must be desperate for schedule fillers. Two years ago, there's no way USA would have even considered renewing either of these clunkers.

  18. It figures a show about adultery stays on. Apparently adultery pays.


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