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Latest from E!Online - Various Shows - 30th September 2014

30 Sept 2014

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Spoiler Chat: How to Get Away With Murder, The Walking Dead, Bones, Grey's, Vampire Diaries & More!

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  1. Oh God, this Bones episode is going to hurt. I'm guessing Booth and Brennan have to tell Christine about Sweets' death.

    The baby better be Avery's on Nashville.

    And holy shit at Claire Novak coming back on SPN. I don't think Kristin realizes who she is and unexpectedly dropped a bomb on us. This should be angsty!

  2. Claire is definitely Jimmy's daughter, (castiel's vessel) right??????????? They wouldn't just randomly write a character's name to be just the same as someone who was around seasons ago!

  3. Oh, she is 100% Jimmy's daughter.

  4. Kristin is UTTERLY worthless. If you don't watch the show, at least get a member of your enormous staff who do watch vet the spoilers for you! What a gigantic gaff! Of course it's Jimmy's daughter! But it could easily be the same character description as Chrissy...

  5. yeah reading that whole paragraph it was basically like her shouting 'I DONT WATCH THIS SHOW!'

  6. Jimmy Novak's daughter? Cas is going to have to play Daddy? Seriously another annoying teenage kid storyline? Think I'll skip that one.

  7. Holy crap!!! Claire!!! I read the name and internally screamed! I feel so bad for her, but I'm excited to learn more about the vessel dealings and what exactly happened to he dead or still locked inside his body with Cas "running the show"

  8. lalalalalalalollapalooza30 September 2014 at 18:38

    You know she's been introduced before, right? (Not being mean, just curious) :) In the Season 4 episode 'The Rapture'. Interesting that she's being brought back... I guess the same actress from before isn't available.

  9. there's no tvd news and god bones is just trying to torture before they kill us aren't they

  10. scratch that tvd comment of mine poor matt he's unknowingly joining a cult and claire novak is jimmy's daughter holy crap, unless they recast or it's a different character with the same name this is a huge deal

  11. The writers probably wish we all would have forgotten about her by now, because SURPRISE! It's Jimmy's daughter! Now we can create a semi funny Daddy!Cas episode and a spinoff featuring a group of teenagers...... Um, yeah. I hope it'll be something angsty.

  12. That episode is one of my favorites, I don't want her new storyline to
    ruin it for me. Also, they seem to get "punk-rock-pretty" wrong
    in every show.

  13. I hope they don't have to recast Claire, I really liked the girl who played her in The Rapture.


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