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Us & Them - FOX not Airing Produced Episodes

10 Jun 2014

Us & Them is officially gone and forgotten, at least as far as Fox is concerned.

A network insider confirms to TVLine that the six produced episodes of the Jason Ritter-Alexis Bledel romantic comedy will not air this summer after all.

In fact, they will never air (not on Fox, anyway).


  1. That sucks for whoever was looking forward to it (not me).

    Btw, the source mentioned is TVLine, not deadline.

  2. I'm so not happy about this!

  3. I like the two leads so I would have at least gave it a chance. Man, it feels like Fox personally hates me.

  4. Oh man, it looks so cute! I'd watch and probably like it... Exactly the type of show I'm looking right now.

  5. Banged by Chris Evans10 June 2014 at 16:18

    Totally FOX style ...

  6. i dont get it, the episodees are ready, why just dont air it ?

  7. I think you will like A to Z and Manhattan Love Story then, they look the same style!

  8. I was looking forward to it... But at least we got a promo ! Not like Fatrick.

  9. And I thought Enlisted was treated badly.

  10. I think I'll try A to Z, but Manhattan Love Story looks too stereotypical for me.


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