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POLL : What did you think of In the Flesh - Season 2 Finale?

8 Jun 2014

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  1. I knew Amy was going to die, I felt it in my heart and I am so devastated. Her moments with Phil were just amazing, I really cared for them in such a short amount of time. Her heart begins to beat and then Maxine cruelly takes it away and god I think its so tragic especially as Amy had cancer take away her first life and now this.

    I still don't like Simon that much. I was kind of hoping he would leave whilst Kieren stays. I'm glad Jem is finally asking for help.

    I hope we get a S3 and I hope to god Amy comes back, please. What were those dodgy people going to do with her body anyway? Also we need to know who the Undead Prophet is? And why why did they come back and how did Amy turn human again?

  2. There's so many questions. The main one being why on Earth did it have to be Amy that died? :( it's coming back for another season right?

  3. Amy :( No S3 confirmed yet, its looking for a new home as BBC 3 is being shut down. It will either move to BBC2 or to BBC IPlayer only I guess or perhaps BBC 4 though they tend to show imported crime dramas.

  4. Brilliant finale to end a fab season, like I said in the preview, I wouldn't have changed a single thing in this episode, even the heartbreaking bits. Poor Amy and Philip, neither of them deserved that after they had just found each other, Dom sure does know how to tear on those heart strings!

    So many unanswered questions, why did being the First make Amy change in that way and what will the guys from Norfolk do with her body once they have dug it up? Will she rise again now that she became more or less human again before she died? What will the Undead Prophet and his gang do to Simon, I can't see his life being a peaceful one? Hurry up with a S3 announcement please BBC!!


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