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Warehouse 13 - Saying goodbye to a series of endless wonders

20 May 2014

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Crazy history classes with a mix of sci-fi and goofy characters are over. Warehouse 13 has come to an end. A bittersweet one; only 6 episodes to say goodbye to these group of beloved characters, and a seasonal arc a little over the top. 

Episode after episode we welcomed to our screens the warehouse agents and whatever adventure the artifact of the week might bring them. With every artifact the audience received real history facts mixed with, obvious, made up stories. And this was one of the strong points of this series, and what made it so interesting, specially during their first seasons. It was the perfect show for history enthusiasts. 

 The archetypes of each character were also one of the most interesting things of this show; the nerd, the geek, the grumpy but lovable boss, the psych, the goofy partner, the evil mastermind. The public learned where these characters were coming from, and fell in love with them. Besides the artifacts, and how well these series managed the sci-fi genre, the dynamics between the group was what made the audience tune in every season. 
 It was a show of endless wonders and selfless acts. Partly this is, for me, why the last season was bittersweet, not only because it brought new characters in (like Claudia’s sister) but because it lost some of the dynamics, HG’s mentor figure to Claudia, or her friendship with Myka.  It seemed that a simple comment stating that HG was now living with a woman, was an intent of fan-service to the gay percentage of the audience, and a superfluous one. Her short appearance on the finale didn't help the case either. 
 The (new) flashbacks for each character, and what did they remember from the warehouse seemed like the writers didn't know what they have written for them, because half of those made up ones could have had the same subtext that plots that happened seasons ago. 
 In the end Claudia and Pete seemed to be the character’s that got their arc properly closed, specially when we see Claudia as caretaker. With that ending I wonder, could that mean that somehow SyFy left the doors opens for a mini-series, movie or something with a new generation of warehouse agents? Who knows.

 Overall we say goodbye to a show filled with gratifying episodes and (at the time) character’s arc that seemed to have been thought thoroughly and known by their writers. Other episodes were ridiculous, but even then it was always a fun show to watch, a light sci-fi/ dramedy that knew where its virtues and faults lay. We still have the dvd’s to rewatch our favorites episodes and get lost in a world of endless wonder. 


  1. I am really going to miss this fun and unique show.
    It was a very entertaining ride! <3

  2. Very disappointed that they managed to avoid the romance-thing for so long, then almost at the finish-line they went there. To me Pete and Myka always had more of a sibling-vibe than romance-vibe

  3. Glad I had my tissues! Was sad saying goodbye to W13 & Family!

    * Memories the Warehouse showed them
    * Arties "conversation" & the Warehouse's response
    * Pete's refusal to "let it go"
    * Artie referring to himself as Claudia's Parent
    * The awkward kiss
    * Realizing that W13 didn't move away..... at least not for a very long time
    * Claudia being the Caretaker......repeating Mrs. Fredricks words to the new agents

    Yes, it was silly, crazy, and non-realistic, BUT that IS the reason why Warehouse 13 was so wonderful. You could sit down and have a fun and enjoyable ride, without taking it (or themselves) too seriously! A show you could loose yourself in and laugh uncontrollably....

    Warehouse 13, Your Wacky Wonderful World Will Be Missed!
    Farewell my friends.....

  4. I feel the same way, but after thinking about it, a lot, the thing that upsets me the most is that myka's memory to leave to the warehouse was that dopey lovey face... she saved the world numerous times, but that was what the writers chose to make her 'feel/think' it feels wrong to me... Myka deserved more. they all did.

  5. I cryed at the end of this. so sad and heartbreaking that a show like this can go away that fast. It just sucks!

  6. I feel the same way. It just felt so out of left field and forced to me. I've never gotten a romantic vibe with them so it came from out of nowhere and I felt like I was being told by the characters that they loved each other but as a viewer I didn't see it.

  7. What was truly interesting is that ALL of Pete's experiences were captured by the Warehouse. He was truly the one among the group who seemed most at home there, or at least the one who stated it as so. In a way, Pete was sorta right. He didnt feel at home being a marine, he said he sucked at being a Husband so this was all he had.

  8. Victoria Llanos21 May 2014 at 05:33

    I know a lot of people found this finale desappointing, but to me it was perfect. I literally cried my eyes out from Pete's defining momento and all through the flashforward and credits, of course. So in the end it didn't move... I supposed they all stayed there for a very long time, and I'm very happy with that notion. I felt very bad for Claudia, though. How in the end she went to the time capsule broke my heart...
    Oh, Warehouse 13, I already miss you!!!

  9. If anything was forced it was the Mentalist Finale...

  10. I'm with you!

  11. Hey I have just started re-watching the whole series and was wondering exactly the same! :) Sad that they let the ferret disappear after season 1. There was no mention about it yet and I am currently at the beginning of season 2...too bad, it was too cute, btw its name was Pete, remember? ;)

  12. Victoria Llanos21 May 2014 at 16:55

    Pete! you're right! I had completely forgotten that was his name! I loved that ferret, probably because I've always wanted one ;)
    Now you've made me want to rewatch the series, LOL

  13. Victoria Llanos21 May 2014 at 17:04

    To me it always felt as if the writers couldn't make up their minds. One episode they were completely into it, the next they weren't. In the end, I think, they wanted to throw a bone to everyone, hence Pyka happening, the HG Wells comment about her living with a woman, and so on. Regardin Pete and Myka, I would've been happy either way, but I like that they ended together, although I would've been happier with a little flashforward to see how that turned out.

  14. Victoria Llanos21 May 2014 at 17:09

    I have to agree with The Mentalis, it felt a little forced, but it was completely fan-service, and so very sweet, lol.

  15. Victoria Llanos21 May 2014 at 17:14

    I didn't see it that way. To me her memory was more about realizing that they had a true partnership and that she had someone who would always have her back, always be there for her. Sure, the writers used it to make her realize she was inlove with Pete, but they could've used that same memory and go in a different direction. It still was my least favourite contribution to the time capsule.

  16. I really loved that Finale! Despite the whole Pete/Myka thing which I wouldn't have like even if Helena wasn't around (they always felt like brother/sister, and even the telenovela episode this season hinted at that at one point! So it feels weird that they went that path after insisting for so long that they were more like brother and sister). But despite that, I truly loved it! There were a few silly moments like the tap-dancing and the ninjas (P.S.: Please tell me I'm not the only one who got the Naruto reference? A nine-tails fox statue that turns people into ninja?!? Come on! :P ). But most of it was very emotional and sweet! Artie's monologue that results in the Warehouse giving him an apple really made me shed a few tear, 'cause of how beautiful it was of a scene! Also loved that we got to witness Claudia as caretaker, even for one scene: It was a fun epilogue! And we got to see Helena, even if it was only for two flashback scenes and a mention on her relationship status!

    So yeah, except that one thing that bugged me the whole season, that finale was really fitting, beautiful and well done! :) Congratz Warehouse 13, we're gonna miss you! Maybe a movie, one in which Myka breaks up with Pete for Helena for exemple? ^_^ No, but seriously, movies would be cool!

  17. I do remember it being mentionned in the second season; when Kelly do a home visit for the ferret. We don't see it, but it is being mentionned.

  18. Could be, I haven't finished second season yet so it is possible. But anyway, I would like to see it once more, it could have been a nice adittion to the Warehouse team. Just imagine some crazy artifact and the whole Warehouse being saved by Pete the ferret, Now wouldn't that be funny! :D I know, pretty crazy but Warehouse is the only show where something like this really could have happened. Wow, this conversation makes me really sad that it is over, I am so gonna miss all of them...gosh Syfy, why do you have to be so cruel?


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