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Warehouse 13 - 5.06 - Endless - Preview

19 May 2014

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Warehouse 13 airs Monday at 9/8C on SyFy.

For better or worse, shows often become synonymous with their finales. Some elevate a series beyond what it was. Hello, The Fugitive. Some leave people angry and disappointed, like The Sopranos or evidently How I Met Your Mother. Some will forever be debated. Looking at you LOST and Seinfeld. So what is Warehouse 13's finale legacy? To be honest, I'm not sure. It's a weird little clip show montage that is high on character catharsis but low on action or even fun. My guess is that how you judge the finale will depend in part on why you watch the show. If the characters are the most important part and you just want to spend a little more time with them, then this should be an exceptional finale for you. If you are more interested in the action, plot, artifacts, or mysteries, then chances are you will prefer the previous episode as a finale.

The saga begins with Mrs. Frederic saying the warehouse is ending and demanding that they all contribute their defining moments at Warehouse 13 to the time capsule. They do this by placing their hand on Arthur's Round Table so the warehouse can sift through their memories and choose the pinnacle for them. Obviously Pete rejects this assignment, feeling like they are giving up the warehouse without a fight. The warehouse means too much for him to just walk away and he sees the other's acceptance of their fate as a personal affront. He storms off but one by one, they do as they are told. For each character, we get a clip show of their greatest hits and then a defining moment that was not previously aired. Some are funny like Claudia's, although the ramifications of hers makes little sense as far as her characterization goes, especially with having Steve as a best friend. Artie's is shocking, a huge twist to the character that I never expected. Steve's is full of wonder and Myka's, revelation. They each get to say goodbye to the warehouse in their own way, a cathartic release of emotion we as the audience take with them. While I would have preferred to make last week's episode a two-parter and devote more time and depth to stopping Valda, many fans will find this a satisfying way to say goodbye to the characters they have come to love.

Grade: B-

Best Scene - Artie breaks down while talking to the warehouse

Best Awww Scene / Best Character Interaction - Artie tells Claudia it's okay to be a little selfish and be your own self

Best Quote - "Okay I've got an idea. How about instead of sitting around the mystical table of kumbaya, we do something crazy like, I don't know, stop it from moving, right?" / "I just want you to be happy."

Best Reason to Watch - It's the finale. If you need a reason, it's not worth watching.

Best Cameo - H G Wells

Most Surprising Cameo - *****

Best Action - Ninja cat burglar kung fu fighting

Most Way Out There - Steve's moment

Biggest Shock - Artie's moment. It is definitely a "What the what?!?" time.

Funniest Scene - Claudia's defining moment

The "I Wish I Were You" Award - Steve, who gets to see a lot of great warehouse moments we don't get to see. Not fair! He even got to see Mr. Frederic.

Bittersweet Moment - all of them shouting, "Best job ever."

The "You've Thought Too Much on This" Award - Steve knows exactly which one of the Munsters each of them are

Biggest Hypocrite - Artie

The "What the Heck?" Award - the flash forward at the end pretty much negates much of what happens in the episode

Screencaps by Nerdly, SyFy, The Trades, and The Examiner.

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and creates polls for Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, White Collar, Grimm, Teen Wolf, and others. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts the Warehouse 13 "Endless Wonder", Sleepy Hollow "Headless," and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."


  1. This one is pure character revelation and catharsis. There's very little action but a whole lot of tears.

  2. As it was always going to be, Before last weeks episode i thought it would be another 2 parter. About half way through the episode I then moved to the conclusion that the final episode would be a modified clip show. There really is no other show out there now like Warehouse 13 in terms of its scope and nature imo. I think they could of done a lot more with a longer final season, so my major issue is the amount of closing stories they needed to put into this episode.

    Im going to miss this show.

  3. I think it would have benefitted by being a 2-part finale. For me the biggest problem wasn't closing out strands from season 4, but trying to pack so much into season 5. Did we really need a carnival or telenovella episode? It felt like the writers couldn't bear to not do their favorite story ideas so everything had to be thrown in 6 episodes. Better to have trimmed it down to one main idea and allow that idea to truly be expanded on instead.

  4. Warehouse 13 always defied what we thought it should air though. Hell I never thought id see a character with a Snapped Neck on a show like this and that happened. I can still remember that scene which sorta blew me away for a show like this to do that. The show could be so incredibly light, and then go to some really DARK places.

    Case in point.


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