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TNT - Upfront 2014/2015 - First Look Promos

14 May 2014


Public Morals

The Librarians


The Last Ship


  1. Proof looks interesting.
    Public Morals looks good and even if it's not my kind of show I'll check it out for Ed Burns.
    The Librarians looks awful.
    And the transporter looks great but I don't think it's long-term material.

  2. Proof - This is a lot less sci-fi and much more of a bland medical drama than I thought it would be.
    The Librarians - This seemed to look good until I realized all the cool visual stuff was from the previous films and the new footage didn't come close. Also, this has Rebecca Romijn in it which is a big notch in the minus column for me. I'll check this out because I like the franchise and I like the rest of the cast but I'm not as optimistic as I was before viewing this trailer.
    The Last Ship - I had already decided to check this show out and the trailer didn't change my mind any.

  3. was that Stana Katic at the end of the Librarians???

  4. Jessica Pitman14 May 2014 at 18:05

    She was in the third movie

  5. The librarians look awesome.

  6. Okay, I'm interested in the librarians. Indiana jones style adventures are always fun. :)

  7. Oh I had no idea there were movies, I'll have to look that up. Thanks!

  8. Micheal Bay and Explosion! I am "boomed" out of my chair......

  9. I don't normally like taking movies and turning them into a series, but I'll give Transporter a try.

  10. I'm on board to give each and everyone of these a fair shot. TNT and I usually see eye to eye...

  11. SHIELDNCISArrowfan15 May 2014 at 06:57

    I rather they bring back king and Maxwell.......please

  12. Librarians looks funny - Last Ship: too military

  13. All of these look interesting to me. I'll check out a few episodes of each show, and hope they're good.

    I'm most interested in The Last Ship. Been waiting for this one for a while now.

  14. I'd prefer they just brought back Leverage but as they won't, I'll take The Librarians instead. The rest looks like the usual regurgitated rubbish. At least The Librarians will provide some easy watching, family adventure. I can't wait, especially for #ChristianKane

  15. Really looking forward to seeing Christian Kane back on my tv in The Librarians. Looks like it's going to be a good family show, with adventure and entertainment. Plus I loved the movies, same writer, director I believe and new additions of four new Librarians too.

  16. Jacquie Wallis21 May 2014 at 10:20

    The Librarians looks like a lot of fun and with #ChristianKane, there's no way I'm going to miss seeing this show.

  17. #The Librarians with Christian Kane is the one i am looking forward to!

  18. Tick Tick Boom! The Librarians is coming soon I can't wait to see this!wonderful cast ,writers, producers Christian Kane back on TV oh yeah!!!!!

  19. As a Kaniac, One who is an avid, die-hard, Christian Kane fan, I am dismayed that he is not given ANY credit in the show trailer. He has been a superb actor, singer/songwriter, entertainer, and all around great human being for at LEAST as long as Rebecca Romijn! (That's not her fault though)! However, I am so excited to see this new show, I can't stand it almost! I love this genre of movies so I don't see how it will be different for the series! Having Christian Kane back on TV regularly is FANTABULOUS!

  20. The Librarians interests me, because Christian Kane (Go Leverage!) is a long time absolute favorite and I enjoyed the Librarian movies. Christian Kane will put TNT back on my viewing radar. The trailer does not appear representative of the TV show as much as the movies and could be misleading if you haven't seen the movies.

  21. I totally agree with you, most of the sites I have seen and left comments on, leave Christian Kane off the list of stars. This is very upsetting since Leverage was on for 5 yrs and all the movies he has starred in, plus his music. I feel he should be listed like Rebecca Romijn. I always leave a comment mentioning Christian Kane at all these places. Just in case I havent mention it. So glad that Christian Kane is STARRING in the Librarians and will be back on tv every week.

  22. I am so excited to see #ChristianKane back on TV in #TheLibrarians. This is going to be a Great show. I can't wait for it to air!!!


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