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POLL : What did you think of Suburgatory - Stiiiiiiill Horny?

15 May 2014


  1. so sorry they canceled it(( I'm gonna miss Tessa and George

  2. gave it a good. it obviously was set as a season finale for set up for a follow on season... enjoyed the show from the beginning but this season was kinda all over the place so I'm ok with the show riding off in the sunset and wouldn't have minded a better finish for the George/Dallas saga, but at least there was a note of finality there..

  3. I thought George and Dallas will get back together by the end of the season for sure. I guess the writers decided to continue this storyline in he next season. Too bad they won't have the chance now.

    As for Tessa and Ryan, I hated them together from the beginning. I don't like Tessa at all when she is with him. But it was predictable. At least this couple got their ending, I just don't like it.
    Lisa, Malik and Victior were hillarious.

    Overall, I loved this season and will miss this show.

  4. Gotta say, they really chose a great track for ending.

    But I'm sad honestly, at least abc could renew it for one final season to have a proper ending...

  5. Shame they left things up in the air with George and Dallas. I cared more about that couple than Ryan/Tessa and seeing Ryan made me miss Enlisted!

    But the Lisa/Malik stuff was funny.


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