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Final Adjusted TV Ratings for Sunday 18th May 2014

20 May 2014

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  1. Cool, The Mentalist :D

  2. with that kind of ratings games of thrones will never end. never ever :D i hope creators and actors are in for this

  3. Damn,why Penny Dreadful has such low ratings?

  4. What are you talkin' about?!

  5. Loved the Mentalist finale. The viewers and the demographic rating have increased. Way to go!! Would love more shorter seasons - i.e. 13 episodes a year for a few more seasons. Just like Sherlock and Game of Thrones - might be a welcome shift in the work load per season for the writers and actors and give them a chance to do other things and keep the series fresh and exciting. Also you could really add the relationship factor treatment in a fresh and appealing way. Baker and Tunney could pull that off as Jane and Lisbon. A good villain or two would add spice.

  6. Penny Dreadful is not in the top 100, hence it's ratings have to be <=0.3.

  7. So happy for the mentalist, always look forward to the show & was a great finale. So glad to be seeing it again next season:)

  8. what a way to end the season, The Mentalist! wow I'm still over the moon... I bet a lot of fallen viewers will come back for season 7 after this finale

  9. go the mentalist!!


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