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ROTW - Who Should Replace David Letterman?

4 Apr 2014

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Here is this week's "Rank of the Week".

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  1. Amy Poehler would be great though I can't see it happening same with Tina Fey. Realistically I think Craig Ferguson then they could get a newer person to take over his time slot.

  2. Does Letterman do his show in New York?

  3. lol yes. Its in New York.

  4. Neil Patrick Harris is moving to NY. Might be a good fit.

  5. Exactly. If Fey took over I'd be delighted, same with Poehler (but Amy is even less likely 'cause she's in Parks and Rec now). But the truth is it won't happen, so Craig would be the next best thing.

  6. How in the world is Pee Wee's name even up there?

  7. Yes, but it could always move to California.Not like it hasn't been done before.

  8. If you're fan of Craig's show then you can see that he's bored with the talk show format and he doesn't care that much about the interviews anymore. Plus I don't know if they would want him, because he's not your typical late night host.


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