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POLL : What did you think of Being Human - There Goes the Neighborhood Part III?

8 Apr 2014

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  1. Cant Believe its over..just seems like yesterday i was watching the very first episode..... gonna be missed!

  2. A nice, touching ending to a good show. I also really liked the happy ending because often the show was quite dark and angst ridden(which was fine given the themes of the show, don't get me wrong) but it was nice to see Josh and Nora be a happy angst free couple at the very end. I liked Aiden's "death" too since he got to finally have some peace free of vampire desires and blood lust. He just got to be a normal ghost guy in the after life.

  3. i really enjoyed the being human uk series finale and plus did you see the

  4. I've seen even more satisfying TV show endings, but yes, it was one of the most satisfying. As I said, it was fitting for the show. Bittersweet as it's always been, but it always had hope.

  5. So, what does it mean to be human? It means staring your demons in the face and embracing them, because denying that they exist or trying to push them down allows them to grow unattended in dangerous directions. Keep them close, learn them and know them, so they don't get the better of you. Hold them and accept them. They are you, but you are more.

    It means seeing in others the parts of you that are missing and then reaching out and reclaiming those parts. It's touching and letting yourself be touched. You build connections first just to tether yourself to something, and then your anchors become the ground beneath your feet.

    It means you love. You find things in yourself that are worthwhile and you give them away freely. You see the things you fear most about yourself reflected in the ones you love and you accept them. You forgive them, and let yourself be forgiven.

    You hold sacred the bonds that you build because life is universal, and it's meant to be shared. You become a part of a greater story that carries on and through, generation after generation, moment upon moment and when you recognize your piece of eternity to learn to sacrifice. Because if you touched someone else, if you loved, you never truly die. You are saved.

    That is what this show taught me, and it will live on.

    ... Especially since I can keep rewatching it on dvd. :)

  6. I am Happy, After some while I am actually happy with a series finale. Comparison to the UK one, hell of a lot more happy.

    The episode itself was like a last chapter of a book and done well. Everything was heading in the right direction, but there was still that one rope holding you back that needed to be cut, and Thanks to Sally and Aidan they all can now move on.

    Aidan getting the door was expected from me once I found out he was dying. I actually thought he would die either way when I saw Sally go forever and Aidan go human, thinking he would stop the house dying and be joined with Sally. IT happened similar and I am really content with how Aidan got his deserved door and how now he can be at peace with Sally.(Yay We got to see Sally again).
    And thanks to their former supernatural nature, I believe they will continue to Dreamweaver whenever the good moments need remembering.

    The best part in the end was that feel good in your heart moment when you knew there will be a time skip moment. And Wolla we have Baby Sally and Aidan. AH thank you Nora and Josh for that perfect naming. - I just knew when they woke up in the fields with their cloths on, that they would be there with their kids. And idk why but I had the feeling it was going to be both a girl and a boy, for that last bit of love to the fans.

    Man I am gonna miss this show. It was a great ride. And it doesn't even feel like a cancellation, it just feels good.

  7. Justin Baptista8 April 2014 at 08:56

    Yes. It's just that the finale lacked something which the Being Human US finale seem to have.

  8. I'm just surprised it wasn't a darker ending. This show can be brutal sometimes!

  9. That was a great finale very emotional sad Aidan dies hitting the same death spot Sally hit buring down the house and then moving on with sally. The whole episode was said. Aidan and there not being enough cheeseburgers in the world lol. The best ending for these show was Josh and Nora with there 2 kids Aidan and Sally that was awesome.

  10. Awesome episode, awesome finale, there should really be something on that pool above awesome to describe this.

    It was sad and dark and happy all in the same time. A bittersweet kind of ending, which suited the show perfectly. Aidan getting a human death and burning the house to stop anyone else from being killed there was a great thing I think. Sort of an ultimate amend he made for all the deaths he provoked (yes, even though he was dying anyway I still see like that in a way, maybe I just over-analyze things sometimes). Him being with Sally after death was also great, bittersweet but great considering the show's style. Josh and Nora also perfect ending with the two kids named Sally and Aidan.

  11. I choose to assume it was really Sally as it was implied.

    I would have really liked to see them in a human life too. It's what I wanted coming into the final episode.

  12. yeah, at the end of the day Aidan and Sally ended up being the martyrs of the story, they only get a consolation prize (to say something), being together in the afterlife hehehe, but it was cute, I liked it pretty much, it was a happy ending, they both were dead, and even when their deaths were unfair, that was a fact that couldn't be changed.

  13. Save your tears for Warehouse 13 when they sign off the air on 5/19/14 if they gonna air 6 straight weeks.

  14. I don't watch that, so that means nothing to me. But sorry for your loss.

  15. how bout Haven you got tears for that when it goes off the air in 2015

  16. No. My ONLY Syfy show was and has always been Being Human. And now it's over. I'm not watching anything else on that station, ever again.

  17. Wow. Your missing out lol

  18. Rabia Salvatore12 April 2014 at 17:19

    Watched the last two episodes last night. Sad to let this show go, at first I thought it was too bloody and brutal for me but there was so much heart in it all as well. I don't think Aidan living a human life would have worked out, he really was the worst out of them all and living with the guilt would have been too much. Moving on to another plane where he and Sally can be together was an amazing ending. He finally found someone who loved him despite his serial killer tenancies and then can be there for him when he no longer has that weighing him down. Josh and Nora are so great together and I really warmed up to Nora after not liking her. It is definitely creepy that they named their kids Sally and Aidan though at the same time it was a way to honour those characters.


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