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How I Met Your Mother - One of the Loose Ends to be Released on DVD

I know a nagging question from the show might be released as a DVD extra and I did shoot it,” says Josh Radnor who plays Ted. (Filming of the series wrapped in early March.) “But I feel I might not have approval to say what it is, so I’m just going to plead the Fifth.”

As Barney would say, “Please!” No? Okay, we’ll fill in the loose ends. EW has learned the scene Radnor referenced will be included on HIMYM‘s season 9 DVD.

Here’s the backstory: HIMYM creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays are huge pop culture fanatics who have extensively studied TV series finales. (Cheers is a particular favorite.) Last summer on the HIMYM set, Thomas shared that the duo was thinking of holding back one vital piece of info: “There may be a few mysteries you think you’ve seen the last of, but there might be a little something later,” he says. “Without giving too much away, we toyed around with creating a little video to be released sometime after the series finale to sort of pay off one last little thing.”

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