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Which shows are owned by the networks that air them and which are not

13 Mar 2014

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Networks tend to favour shows they produce. Factors like studio revenue, international sales, syndication etc. are a much stronger factor for network owned shows. below is a list of show owned and not owned by the network they air on:


Owns: Castle, Grey's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, The Neighbors, Agents of Shield, Mixology, Nashville ,Revenge, Scandal, Trophy Wife,Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Mistresses, Killer Women , Lucky 7, Betrayal and Resurrection.

Does not own:

Back in the Game - Owned by Fox
The Goldbergs - Owned by Sony
Last Man Standing - Owned by FOX
The Middle - Owned by WB
Mind Games - Owned by FOX
Modern Family - Owned by FOX
Suburgatory - Owned by WB
Super Fun Night - Owned by WB

Owns: Ironside, Sean Saves the World, Parks and Recreation, About a Boy, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Community, Dracula (international co-production), Grimm, Growing up Fisher, Law and Order: SVU, Parenthood and Crossbones.
Does not own:

Welcome to the Family - Owned by Sony
The Blacklist - Owned by Sony
Hannibal - French Production
Michael J FOX Show - Owned by Sony
Revolution - Owned by WB
Believe - Owned by WB
Crisis - Owned by FOX
The Night Shift - Owned by Sony
Undatable - Owned by WB

Owns everything.
Owns: Raising Hope, Bones, Glee, New Girl, Sleepy Hollow, Dads, Enlisted, 24 and Gang Related.

Does not own:

Brooklyn 9-9 - Owned by NBC
The Following - Owned by WB
The Mindy Project - Owned by NBC
Almost Human - Owned by WB
Rake - Owned by Sony
US & Them - Owned by Sony
Surviving Jack - Owned by WB

Owns: Blue Bloods, Elementary, The Good Wife, Hawaii-Five-O, CSI, The Millers, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Reckless, Unforgettable,We are Men and Under the Dome.

Does not own:

The Crazy Ones - Owned by FOX
Hostages - Owned by WB
The Mentalist - Owned by WB
The Big Bang Theory - Owned by WB
Criminal Minds - co-produced between ABC and CBS
2 Broke Girls - Owned by WB
How I Met Your Mother - Owned by FOX
Intelligence - co-produced between ABC and CBS
Friends with Better Lives - Owned by FOX
Person of Interest - Owned by WB
Two and a Half Men - Owned by WB
Mom - Owned by WB


  1. Very insightful article. Thanks for compiling.

  2. Very interesting, I had no idea about most of these.

    Thank you for collating and posting.

  3. Interesting list.

  4. Isn't Vampire Diaries/Originals owned by CBS ?

  5. For some reason I had no idea the WB still owned so many shows. For some reason I thought they were sort of defunct since the merge with UPN to form the CW, guess not.

  6. I still think The Goldbergs and Suburgatory will be renewed. There is absolutely no way ABC would renew Mixology despite ABC owns it. There is nothing funny about Mixology.

  7. CBS own CW

  8. CW is co-owned by WB and CBS and they produce all the show on the CW either seperately or together so technically they are owned by the CW

  9. I really don't get how this works and why this system even is in place...o.O anyone up for explaining?

  10. sixseasonsandamovie13 March 2014 at 21:03

    Great article.

    I knew most of them but it is interesting to see.

    ABC is the one that is most biased towards their shows, CBS preference comes when they compare underperforming shows (see Good Wife vs Mentalist) but all their comedies but The Millers are not owned. NBC does not seem too much biased, the only show they owned that aired post-Voice (mondays) was Smash, on tuesday only Chicago Fire and their two new comedies (AAB and Fisher).

  11. Imteresting list indeed. Thanks!

  12. I would love to know that as well!

  13. So it's WB we should email to renew the Mentalist?

  14. I need an explantion too.
    How a network produce a show for another network? Why not keeping it?
    Enlighten us.

  15. WB/Sony could launch together theyr own network ...

  16. I have to say that I love the direction this site is taking very much. It's not just spoilers and promos but also some insight into the economics of television. Great article.

  17. The only shows that seem to be missing are the Fox animated ones.

  18. It would be cool to have a break down on the CW of which studio owns what.

  19. Thanks. This is a handy guide so I won't have to keep looking things up individually all the time.

  20. This article was a good idea. The question of ownership arises every year when renewal/cancellation time rolls around. Nice job, Tariq.

  21. No, you have to email CBS.

    WB is just the Studio, CBS is the customer. When CBS orders a new season then WB will produce new episodes, but when CBS doesn't order a new season why should WB still produce The Mentalist?

    One episode of a TV-Show isn't cheap, considering that The Mentalist is an old show it's expensive than other shows.

    TV is a business like every other business, when there is no profit, a show gets cancelled...

    The production studio (WB) pays for the set, the writers, the actors and for all the other costs of producing the show, the network (CBS) just pays a fee to air that show. When CBS cancels it, why should WB invest millions of dollar in a product (The Mentalist) that doesn't have a network to air? (No fees from the network for airing --> No income for the studio --> millions of dollar lost since the studio has to pay all costs but don't have a customer [network] to sell to)

    Mentalist also is in a bad negotiation place... When the studio and network are the same (like with CBS/CBS Studios & ABC/ABC Studios) the heads of the corporation make sure that the production is continuing, even when there's no profit for the network, they still order new episodes... Because when there is more episodes of a show, the studio makes more money (syndication) Of course the corporation makes a loss at the beginning because the network has to pay for a show that doesn't make profit, but the studio make even years after the show is ended money through syndication --> In the end the corporation makes profit

    Mentalist is a WB show at CBS, not the same corporation. WB can only lower the fees for CBS so that CBS isn't taking the risks, because WB needs the show continuing so they can sell it more expensive into syndication. If the Mentalist would have been at The CW then there would a bigger chance of The Mentalist getting renewed because WB and CW are the same cooperation, but since it's CBS it looks bad, CBS won't even see a penny of the syndication-money, so why should it make a loss by producing a show so the studio, who is a rival by the way, can make profit? (and I think there is no time-slot for The Mentalist left)

  22. Very informative! Great article!
    I thought Community was co-owned by Sony and NBC Universal

  23. Not just not funny. But it`s a show filled with horrible logic, characters and dialog.

  24. I THINKS it's like that:


    Arrow*, Supernatural*, The Tomorrow People*, The Carrie Diaries*, The 100, Hart of Dixie, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals


    Beauty and the Beast*, Americas Next Top Model*, Reign*, Star-Crossed

    But some of those shows are a co-distribution, so CBS and WB produce together the show... The ones with the * are owned by one studio, the ones without * I'm not so sure if they are owned by one studio or if they're a co-production.

  25. Nawaf Karmustaji.13 March 2014 at 23:52

    One Question. If i.e. NBC Owns The Mindy Project then why does it air on Fox and not on nbc and another question when it gets renewed, why dont they write NBC renews The Mindy Project.

    I Liked how CW was like owns everything. All CW shows are amazing :)

  26. As I remember it, Warner Bros. studio decided to begin a network to feature their own shows but it was losing bucketfuls of money so TPTB at WB merged their network with UPI to create "The CW". Warner Bros. studio continues to exist, I think it's where Conan is taped, and of course lots of other shows, as demonstrated above.

  27. Not to mention a ridiculous plot.

  28. Aryam Manzueta Avila13 March 2014 at 23:57

    It is, and Sony has the distribution rights. You can search it on Wikipedia

  29. What always confused me is (and I'm sorry if this is a stupid question): If networks kinda really care about renewing the shows that THEY produce, why do they even bother having shows that are produced by other networks? Isn't it easier to just produce their own shows, if they always favor them in the first place?

  30. Because Fox is the customer, NBC just produces the show. Why should NBC produce a product without a customer? (I already explained it here:

  31. I hope somebody from ABC read this article and realize that they own Castle, I think they still don't know. ;)
    btw, great article. :)

  32. BATB: CBS
    Star-Crossed: CBS/WB
    Reign: CBS/WB
    SPN: WB
    Arrow: WB
    TCD: WB
    TO: WB/CBS
    HoD: WB/CBS
    The 100: WB/CBS

  33. The system is a bit more complicated than that.

    1. The studios and the networks have different agendas. Take for example Modern Family, a show produced by Fox Studios but airs on ABC. All the ad revenue money goes to ABC, but the syndication money, merchandise and DVD sales all goes to Fox Studios. ABC doesn't mind that they don't own the show doesn't it still makes them a lot of money and boosts their entire comedy lineup.

    2. Writers will often pitch to multiple networks so they can leverage the best deal. The Modern Family writers pitched to show to ABC, NBC and Fox (they didn't bring it to CBS after the failure of Back To You), and only ABC accepted because they were building a family comedy bloc. Some shows get multiple offers and sparks a bidding war, example being ABC's The River.

    3. Pilot season is a complicated and arduous process. A network could make things easy for themselves and only pick up their own shows, but that would severely reduce to options for filling out the gaps in their time-slot.

  34. Ohhh Sony owns Blacklist... No wonder there's so much product placement.

  35. Thanks for this article and all the informative comments!

  36. Very interesting article, I only watch 2 that are owned by NBC, but most of the ones not. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  37. Okay, that explains that a lot! Thank you very much :)

  38. Nawaf Karmustaji.14 March 2014 at 12:52

    Oh ok. thank you for clearing things up.

  39. Wow. Despite CBS always proclaiming itself as the best. most creative, most watched-in-demand network of all networks (the one network to rule them all, bind & conquer?), it does not own or produce almost all the quality shows on it's roster...the Mentalist, BBT, Criminal Minds, HIMYM, Person of Interest to name a few. So maybe CBS is not destined to rule us all forever afterall!

  40. Haha..good one!

  41. Amen to that. By the time one of those ABC Executives (who always come out quoting "Castle is one of our most valuable...blah blah blah" but act as if Castle is an expendable burden) realizes this, Rick & Kate are gonna be in church for their grandchild's christening!

  42. Hahaha....straight off to emailing WB until their heads explode or they renew Mentalist!

  43. CW: Owns everything. Like a boss!

  44. Good choice of words! To say that I hated Mixology would be understatement. There are some of my friends who tried that show and hated it. One of my friends told me this, "Why did ABC acquire this trash and cancel Happy Endings"?

  45. WB doesn't decide about The Mentalist's fate, CBS does! Only CBS can renew or cancel it!

  46. Let's say it's because as you know, a handful of pilots are made for various networks and sometimes some are dropped, either because that broadcast channel doesn't want it, or their schedule is full. So they decide to sell it to other networks who picks it up and airs it as 'theirs' but the network that sold them the show for example will keep producing it cause they will make money like that too. That's why when a show that isn't produced by the network itself will have the higher chance of being cancelled (if the ratings are bad) than a self produced show. Someone feel free to correct me if i'm wrong!

  47. I thought Community was owned by Sony


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