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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 7.18 - The Mommy Observation - Taping Report

6 Mar 2014

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OK, This is going from memory so please forgive me for forgetting anything!

Firstly, This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! It was an honour to attend!

I will add quotes, These are not word for word, They are as much as I can remember.

Leonard, Penny, Raj, Amy, Stuart - all set in 4A
Howard, Sheldon, Mary Cooper - Set in Texas

Scene 1 - Leonard and Sheldon's apartment

The gang are sat in the living room, Raj in Sheldon's spot. Its pointed out to Raj that he couldn't be sat there, Sheldon would know.
Leonard: "Sheldon would know" and makes a comment about how his butt knowing, and counting change.

The conversation shifts onto Howard and Sheldon's trip. Bernie mentioned how Sheldon was behaved so well, Howard had even bought him a bobbing head astronuat figure and ice cream.

Stuart enters the apartment and head straight for the food in the kitchen, He soon collapses not he floor. The gang run over time him all concerned, Raj declares him dead and starts to go into character for a murder mystery dinner party. The gang are not happy about this. Amy even declares she is leaving (she doesn't don't worry)

Raj dishes out character cards to everyone. They find out that Raj has set the characters as themselves

Scene 2 - Sheldon And Leonard in a rental
(To be honest, I was far to busy trying to calm myself down to remember lines from this scene, Jim Parson had walked on stage and I kind of had a mini panic attack!, Ill give you the jist of it)

Sheldon and Howard were discussing the tour while Sheldon was playing with his new bobbling head astronaut doll. Howard asked Sheldon if he had a gift for his mother.
Sheldon responded with something like, "Yes, Me and my mind"
Howard points out that maybe thats not the best gift to give.

Howard asks Sheldon if he wanted to tell Mary they were coming, Sheldon however didn't want to as he planned to surprise her.

Scene 3 - Leonards and Sheldon's apartment

The murder mystery game continues. The gang start hunting for clues around the apartment, Amy finds a playing piece of another game sheldon invented called "Snakes and Lawyers". Bernie finds a receipt on Stuart (who is still laying on the floor) for coffee which is dates 20 years in the future.

Amy questions Raj why he is doing this. Raj says he was 200lb's as a child, had no friends, and invented games like this in the hope he could play it with someone one day. Leonard points out that he has seen photos of Raj as a chile and he wasn't fat. Raj then admits with a smile he was sleek as a gazel.

1 comment:

  1. ha this sounds great. thank you for sharing


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