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Renewal Predictions for Revolution, Nashville, Hannibal, The 100, Parenthood, Community, Almost Human and others + A Look at Spring Shows

31 Mar 2014

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Hey everyone.

With the end of the official broadcast season approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to do one more of these. I will start by looking very briefly at the spring shows that have premiered since our last post, then I will look at the renewals and cancellations that have happened since we've last spoken and finally I will update my predictions for the shows still on the bubble, making predictions for all but one show!

A Look at the Spring Entries
Because I am doing this all at once and not network by network, I will just leave here the most recent averages for each category so that you can interpret the relative values for each show:
- CBS Comedy: 2.80
- CBS Drama: 1.90
- ABC Drama: 1.70
- ABC Comedy: 1.70
- FOX Drama: 1.60
- NBC Drama: 1.70
- FOX Comedy: 1.20
- NBC Comedy: 1.10
- CW Drama: 0.60

Tier 2:
- About a Boy
Number of Episodes at the End of the Season: 13
Syndication: No
Production Company: NBC
Ratings Average: 2.10 (130% considering scripted as a whole, 190% considering comedy only)
While About a Boy hasn't shown any particular signs of mega hit potential, it has been doing an ok job in the easy slot it was given after the voice. While I am certain that the show would do worse if moved away from the voice, how worst is anyone's guess at this point. Does it matter? It will matter next year but for now I don't see comedy-starved NBC not riding the raw numbers to a renewal. The numbers could still drop into ugly retention territory in the next month, but I am saying that's unlikely. About a Boy is likely to be renewed

- Resurrection
Number of Episodes at the End of the Season: 8
Syndication: No
Production Company: ABC
Ratings Average: 2.70 (160%)
The Sunday in which Ressurection literally ressurected ABC Sundays and did those ridiculously high numbers will probably go down as the most surprising day of the season for me. I don't think many people saw that coming and while there is reason for concern due to the steep downwards trajectory it's been taking, the numbers are still too high (160%!!) for me to think they can fall to an unsustainable level in the 5 episodes it has left. This means that, like About a Boy, there could be some doubts concerning its sustainability next year, but that won't really matter much for now baring a ratings collapse. A likely renewal.

- The 100
Number of Episodes at the End of the Season: 13
Syndication: No
Ratings Average: 0.80 (125%)
It's been a very good season for the CW freshman shows in general but none of them had a premiere number as impressive as The 100, which tied or beat all the other freshman timeslot premieres with the important distinction that it did it in the Spring when viewing levels are considerably lower and that it actually outgrew its lead-in. Week 2 was also promising as the show barely dropped (the 0.7 is misleading as the show did a 0.74, meaning that it was a close to adjusting up as it gets). Then again, The Tomorrow People also started out pretty well and the CW schedule is considerably more filled up now then it was back in the fall. The CW already has 5 shows ready to take midweek slots, in addition to the 3 newbies it usually premieres. Renewing The 100 to throw it on Fridays (which aren't empty either anyway) would be odd. So where does that leave it? I think The 100 needs to continue to overachieve in coming weeks for the cw to go out o their way and pick it up but so far, it's hard to imagine it not doing so. The bubble would be prudent place for it and I do admit that I feel less confident about this one than I do about the others, but I am saying a likely renewal based on raw numbers strenght that might actually prompt the CW to roll with just two newbies or to hold it as spackle.

- Hannibal
Number of Episodes at the End of the Season: 26
Syndication: Not NBC (Intenational Co-Production)
Ratings Average: 1.20 (70%)
Hanniba's co-production situation makes predicting its fate really hard to do because said fate is contingent on factors which we are not privy to. What an we use to try to predict its renewal then? Well, we can use historical precedent! Last year, Hannibal was renewed at a 70% ratings level that corresponded to a 1.1 in absolute terms (I am ignoring, for these purposes, summer episodes). That's exactly where it its right now (70%), with the added benefit that in absolute terms it actually looks slightly better and that it is not a sophmore show (meaning that it is less prone to fall in coming seasons). I thin the whole notion that Hannibal is cheap has proliferated beyond what is reasonable, but it is undeniable that the show has a financial advantage over the others. So, my reasoning is that if that was enough to save it last year at the same ratings level it is nowadays, it should also be enough to save it now. That's why I am going with a likely renewal for Hannibal.

Tier 3:
- Growing Up Fisher
Number of Episodes at the End of the Season: 13
Syndication: No
Production Company: NBC
Ratings Average: 1.80 (115% considering scripted as a whole, 165% considering comedy only)
While Growing Up Fisher's raw numbers don't look too different from About a Boy and while both shows have shown a similar strenght once we account for the differences in lead-ins, the fact remains that GUF has the lowest raw numbers, meaning that if it comes down to picking one or the other, it's hard not to see NBC picking AAB. Will it come down to picking one or the other? Maybe... It's really hard to tell and that is why GUF has to remain on the bubble for now. Not only I can see its raw numbers dropping to a point in which it is clear it's really no different than Parks were it for the better situation, I can also see NBC wanting to premiere more than 1 comedy next fall, which, assuming AAB and PR are on the schedule, would leave no room for Fisher unless they expand comedy hours which I don't see them doing. A bubble show for now!

Tier 4:
- Crisis
Number of Episodes at the End of the Season: 13
Syndication: No
Production Company: Not NBC
Ratings Average: 1.30 (75%)
Crisis actually showed up some resemblance of promise in both of its Sunday airings so far, growing from its lead-in in both occasions. I happen to think the show had potential to do better in a different situation (a pairing with The Blacklist certainly seems appropriate) and the fact that it grows from its lead-in at 10pm Sundays goes in that direction too. However, 75% is still 75% and when you are a freshman and are only 2 episodes in, that means you are in big trouble. It could have done differently, but facts are what they are. Crisis is likely to be cancelled!

- Mixology
Number of Episodes at the End of the Season: 13
Syndication: No
Production Company: ABC
Ratings Average: 1.40 (80%)
A post Modern Family comedy premiering this late in the season and managing only an 80% ratings level is not a good thing. Mixology does have some things in its favor, such as the fact that it is an ABC production (which has skewed ABC decisions immensely in the past) and that it is quite young skewing. However, the ratings level is still too low for the reach renewal it would require and it may even fall further than that. Mixology is likely to be cancelled.

- Surviving Jack
Number of Episodes at the End of the Season:8
Syndication: No
Production Company: Not FOX
Ratings Average: 1.30 (95% considering FOX scripted as a whole, 110% considering FOX Comedy)
Take the ratings level above with a big grain of salt considering it has only one data point that happens to be the premiere episode of the series, which also tends to be the highest rated episode in freshman runs. While Surviving Jack premiere number is in line with the other FOX comedy numbers it has a number of disadvantages: its number is likely to fall post-premiere; its way more old-skewing than the other FOX comedies and it has the benefit of an American Idol lead-in, meaning that it should be doing better. Surviving Jack is a likely cancellation.

Tier 5:
- Believe
Number of Episodes at the End of the Season: 13
Syndication: No
Production Company: Not NBC
Ratings Average: 1.30 (75%)
Unlike Crisis, there was nothing positive to be said about Believe's timeslot premiere and even less to be said about its second regular week. The number don't look good and the old skew of the show doesn't help it a bit either. Considering there is no evidence that the show has stopped falling either, it's hard to be optimistic. Believe is certain to be cancelled.

- Star-Crossed
Number of Episodes at the End of the Season: 13
Syndication: No
Ratings Average: 0.30 (50%)
In a season where most CW newbies showed at east some initial promise, Star-Crossed is the odd man out considering its a slam drunk cancellation from the get go. The truth of the matter is that the show would probably have done a much better job had it had a fall launch and an established lead-in to prop it up on a less competitive night. Like Enlisted, it feels like the show never had much of a shot, but the truth is that it didn't show enough promise to be tried out in a different position either. It's a certain cancellation.

A Look at Some Decisions
Since we've done this in February, networks have already made some decisions about their shows. While I am proud to say that I haven't gotten any prediction wrong so far, I also have to admit that some renewals concerned shows that I also had on the bubble. I guess a lesson to next year is to try to update this more often to avoid this early surprises, but for now, I thought it was worth taking a look at those cases.

FOX renews The Mindy Project
The good news are that not only did I get the Brooklyn Nine-Nine renewal correct (since November), I also never dowgraded The Mindy Project to a cancellation prediction as many other people did. The bad news is that I did not venture enough to predict its renewal.  It seems pretty clear to me now (even more so than it was last year) that The Mindy Project's streght comes from its 18-34 numbers, where it does well, and not from its 18-49 numbers, where it is weak. I am already working on a way to start incorporating the different skew of shows into predictions for next season, so hopefully this kind of situations can be properly predicted moving forward!

FOX renews The Following
As for The Following, I think it was my lack of confidence in the relative ratings that led me to keep it on the bubble. Sure the show is dropping, but it's still at 95% of FOX drama average which is still perfectly fine for a renewal. I always argue that we should look as little as possible to absolute numbers, but sometimes, even I can't help myself! In addition, I think I was being overly cautious here because even though I felt that The Following was probably coming back, I wanted to wait to see more numbers.

The CW renews Reign
Again, the good news are that Reign was always a tossup for me. The bad news are that I failed to predict its renewal in due time. I think there are two points here: 1) The young skew, which much like in The Mindy Project's case, makes it a far stronger show than the 18-49 numbers indicate and 2) Its relative ratings are now much stronger (100%!!) than they were back when we looked at it, meaning that while all the CW shows came down a few notches, Reign kept its raw numbers, thus making it stronger. With 100%, the renewal prognosis really wasn't hard and I think this was simply a case of me not updating my prediction often enough. This being said, I am not sure if I would have predicted its renewal before seeing how The 100 would have done (considering I still don't know how everything will fit in the schedule), so there's that too.

CBS renews Mom and Two and a Half Men
I am starting to sound repetitive but the good news is that I never predicted cancellation for any of these two comedies. The bad news are that I did not predict their renewals in time either. Two and a Half Men is a very easy one to explain though as it was simply a matter of not updating the predictions often enough (much like Reign). Once the show moved up to 9 pm, it became clear that it was still strong enough for another season and, coincidentally, CBS renewed it shortly after. Mom is a harder case on a first look because its numbers aren't that attractive but it also happens to be aided by an young skew in the land of extremely old-skew that is CBS. In addition, Mom also has the toughest situation schedule wise of all CBS comedies, which cuts its some slack. I am not sure if you will believe me or not and I can't really prove it, but I had moved both shows to likely renewal in my book. Clearly another case of me needing to update more often, as well as needing to consider the skew of shows (in Mom's case) more strongly.

However, not everything was bad on my part. Putting aside the easy predictions (TBBT was always a likely renewal!), I did correctly forecast:
  • CBS renews The Good Wife
  • CBS renews Blue Bloods
  • NBC renews Chicago PD
  • FOX renews Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • The Crazy Ones does not get an early renewal
  • The Mentalist does not get an early renewal
  • The Tomorrow People does not get an early renewal

Forecasts for the Bubble Shows
While the next 5 shows are still very much what I would call bubble shows, at some point it comes down to making a prediction to one side or the other so that's what I will be doing now. As I will be explaining, these are shows whose subsequent ratings are unlikely to significantly alter their position within their network's context, so I don't think I will be loosing a significant degree of information by making the predictions now instead of one month from now. Nevertheless, while I will bump these shows together with all the other predictions in the tracking table, keep in mind that my degree of confidence for these is lower than for the others (hence the bubble shows part). Without furhter ado, let's do this.

Nashville is arguably one of the biggest bubble shows from the season as it really feels that it could go either way. However, considering that it has barely moved from its 80% ratings level all season long, I don't expect that to change significantly in the ~1.5 months we have left, so I've decided to make a call on its fate anyway. While Ressurection's shocking success undeniably hurt its chances, I still think that the show's young skew, together with the fact that we've had 6 six (!!!!) ABC dramas this year going sub 1.0 mean that ABC will keep it in some capacity. Maybe it doesn't have a fall placement as is held as spackle, but one way or the other, I think it comes back. I am therefore declaring Nashville more likely to be renewed than cancelled!

    Revolution has seen its usual 85% ratings level from the fall turning into a 75% ratings level in the Spring. While it still has 5 episodes remaining to recover, the 85% was already a bubble level to begin with (not to mention that the effects of DST should only get worse in April). In addition, Parenthood appears to be improving and with Chicago PD already renewed and NBC not showing any signs of reducing its comedy hours, its hard to see the need for Revolution in NBC fall schedule. There is always that Friday option I suppose, but I am not sure moving a 1.2 show to Friday at this point would be wise when they can just get cheap co-productions or Dateline to do basically the same job. It pains me to write these words because I adore the show, but Revolution is now likely to be cancelled.

    Parenthood is like Nashville in the sense that I will probably won't get more information than what I have now, so I might as well make the call with the information that I do have. With its recent ratings on the upswing and with the failure of Crisis and Believe, things look brighter now for Parenthood than they did back in the fall. The ratings level is still pretty low though but, at this point, I have to believe that NBC will want a returning utility player to plug somewhere, even if it is for a short season at midseason only (even if NBC drama failures haven't been as colossal as ABC's). In addition, also like Nashville, Parenthood is a stronger show than it looks, considering it has favorable 18-34 numbers when compared with, let's say, Revolution. Call it the Nashville logic if you want, but I am saying Parenthood is likely to be renewed.

    Almost Human has been left out of FOX's early renewals wave. While it sees unfair considering that its ratings level is pretty much equal to The Following, it gets a bit less leeway considering its a freshman and thus more prone to fall. While there are a few reasons to think it could be back (FOX wanting spackle options, FOX still showing reruns of the show every Saturday), the overwhelming evidence is that FOX is done with the show. I could keep it on the bubble for a while longer but the truth is that there will be no more evidence for me to go one way or the other considering its season is over. Therefore, while it wouldn't shock me one bit to see a renewal, I am saying likely cancellation based on how FOX has been acting.

    Community is another Nashville: true bubble show that could go one way or the other without surprises. Still, much like Nashville (or Parenthood) I don't think future ratings will be helpful to make a call. Maybe I a biased by the fact that young skew has influenced so many of the latest renewals (including Parks and Recreation early renewal) but Community has a powerful advantage in 18-34s and has also syndication economies on its side. If NBC cancels GUF and places Parks in the fall with AAB and two new comedies, it's hard not to imagine them wanting old reliable Community on the bench to hit the 100 episodes mark for syndication at the same time. It could get cancelled, but I am saying six seasons and movie. A likely renewal

    This leaves our bubble section with exactly 1 show: Growing Up Fisher!

    Thanks for reading!

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    1. Desperately hoping you're right about Nashville (such a good show) and wrong about Revolution (this season's so much better).

    2. Wow! This is a great article!

      I just hope you are wrong (no disrespect) about Almost Human and Revolution !

    3. Thanks Andre, good reading.

      Interesting that a lot of your predictions match out mathematical formula for the cancellation table. Be interesting to see how both our models match to the final outcomes for these shows.

    4. NBC is not doing Revolution any favors by only showing new episodes every few weeks so they can have the season finale during finale week. As much as I hate breaks, I wish we would get to see the last five episodes in one go instead of every two weeks.
      Hope you are wrong about your prediction of likely cancellation. We fans are certainly trying to get our voices heard by NBC..guess we will know in one month.

    5. Eric Van Velson30 March 2014 at 20:04

      I hope you're right about Community, although i think at this point NBC kinda has to give them a sixth season, especially since they gave them a 5th.

      I really hope you're right about Hannibal as well. I've been seriously worried about it (although this week's ratings definitely made me feel better about it) but looking at your analysis gives me a little more hope that we'll see another season.

    6. Thanks for stopping by! As for the shows you've mentioned, as I've said, both are bubble shows but this is the way I am leaning in both cases. Out of the 5, these are actually the 2 I fell most confident about though (even if it's not saying much). I don't watch Nashville so no opinion there but I ADORE Revolution. It was an okay show for me last year but this year it's turned into something amazing, I would really like for it to stick around. Unfortunately, I think it's just slightly below marginal to make the reach renewal. I will be really sad if I am right!

    7. Really hope you are wrong with your prediction for The Tomorrow People! The show is awesome.

    8. Thanks a lot for stopping by and for those very kind words, I am glad you enjoyed it!

      I also happen to watch both Almost Human and Revolution, so I agree with you: I hope I am wrong too, especially in Revolution's case! However, it doesn't look like it. There is hope, but not much!

    9. Thank you Andy! I am glad you liked it!

      Yep, I think our predictions will be mostly aligned by season's end. The biggest difference we have is probably Last Man Standing I think. Then we have other differences because I am forcing myself to make a call on all the bubble shows to make for a more interesting read, but in general, I think we will be in line too ;)

    10. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!

      I too hope to be wrong since I adore Revolution. I thought it had a legitimate shot during the fall and winter episodes but spring really hasn't been kind to hit with DST. As for the breaks, I actually think they are doing an alright job with it. They are giving us 4 uninterrupted runs during the whole year, that's pretty good! One in the fall, one in january, one in late february/early march and one in mid april/may. That's quite alright and certainly beats the week-on, week-off, week-on, week-off pattern (for instance, Shield).

    11. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by!

      Those two cases are really hard to predict, both of them. I too am rooting for both shows, especially my beloved Community. I don't actually believe the whole "six seasons and a movie" thing has any bearing over Community's fate though, but I think the 18-34 strenght might save it one more time as long as Sony complies and gives the a low licensee fee. We shall see. Regarding Hannibal, as I've said, it's hard to know for sure without knowing the details, but I have to imagine that if those numbers were good enough last year they ought to be good enough this year! Let's hope for the best!

    12. Hey there! I am also a fan of The Tomorrow People so I too hoped to be wrong. Unfortunately though, I really don't think that will be the case. I already don't know what will the CW do with the renewals of both The 100 and Reign, so to add TTP on top of that would be really hard, there is simply no room on the schedule IMO. I could always be wrong (and I sure hope so in this case!), but I don't think that will happen unfortunately!

    13. Travis Crincoli30 March 2014 at 20:20

      swap The 100 with TTP on the schedule and bring amellsdays back. thats what gave TTP some good ratings.

    14. I hope you are wrong about both Revolution and Believe, which I think is much better than Resurrection although I do like it as well. Revolution needs a better time slot.

    15. That was a fantastic read and I'm inclined to agree on all of your predictions.

      Always love reading such articles :D

    16. why would they thought ? The 100 is doing pretty damn good for a mid-season show in that slot. TheCW isn't that suicidal.

    17. I am desperately waiting for Castle renewal and The Mentalist.
      *le sigh*

      Surving Jack is somehow boring, I really adore Chris Meloni but the concept ... *thump down*
      On the other hand I really enjoyed "Crisis" but it could do better, the ratings I mean. Gillian Anderson is a great actress and I like the concept.

    18. I knew Crisis would most likely be cancelled but I had to check it out for Gillian Anderson and it was pretty good so I'll stick with it.

      Hope you're right about Hannibal and Community! I love reading your articles btw.

    19. Great article! Thumbs up! Hope you are right abouf HoD(listed in the table) they really need a 4th season. :-)

    20. Stacie❤❤❤30 March 2014 at 20:52

      Really hoping for a renewal for Revolution, it's really on just too early. PLEASE NBC RENEW REVOLUTION !!!!!

    21. Hi @omabin. Great article, but I wanted to ask that how do you calculate your ratings averages as some of them look a little off to me.

    22. Castle is a certain renewal, so no need to be worried.

    23. That would not be a wise decision on CW's part.
      I am a TTP fan too, BTW.

    24. Great article! I really hope fox does renew almost human as i believe it has actually done better than the following in some weeks , and when the early renewals came in i was shocked it didn't get one and the following did given how badly its doing compared to its first season.

    25. I actually think it's better if the last chunk is mostly together. I'm still hopeful that maybe they'll give it a 13 episode third season on Fridays, but that's probably too much to ask at this point. Thanks for all the info. Really sad about Believe, am hopeful for Hannibal and Almost Human...

    26. Travis Crincoli30 March 2014 at 22:01

      i actually do like TTP on mondays because i dont watch anything at 9 on that day except for TTP now.

    27. Hopefully the CW renews Beauty and the Beast. As a huge fan of the show I am not giving up hope and I am fighting so hard along with the rest of the BATB fans to get it renewed for a third season, it is so well deserved. Season 1 was fantastic and amazing, season 2 is fantastic and amazing, a crazy roller coaster ride, each episode out did the previous one taking the show to a whole new level this season. It has such a talented cast and an amazing crew, the chemistry between Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk is nothing short of amazing and there is nothing like it on any other TV show presently on TV. They just need to put on any other night other than Monday, it was doing much better on Thursday nights after The Vampire Diaries.

    28. Really hoping your right about Parenthood. I would love another season. These last two seasons have been great.

    29. Out of those in to be cancelled section I would love for the Mentalist to get a last season, even a half season to tie the stories up nicely (unless they have that planned already for this season) and I'm a sucker for Robin Williams and would love to get some more of The Crazy Ones. For the rest I wouldn't be all that fussed as my must watch shows have all be renewed or are certain to be (assuming you are correct about Nashville).

      I was certainly more annoyed with cancellations last year, so I am sort of waiting for a shock cancellation this year.

      Do we know when we are likely to get ABC's decisions for the more obvious shows or do we still have to wait for May?

    30. Brandy Danforth30 March 2014 at 22:27

      Carrie cmay be stable but it is down in ratings from last season and it's ratings aren't good plus CW is having an up season so no need to renew the four lowest rated show-BatB,CD,SC,TTP.HoD may get a full season for syndication.Also, there's may not be room on the schedule for CD :ANT,Reign,VD,TO,SPN,Arrow,will fill most of the fall slots plus HoD will almost surely be renewed for syndication.and all but ANTM will be on for full season .CW will also pick up four to five new shows.I love Carrie and hope its renewed but I expect it to be cancelled.

    31. I agree that Revolution is much better. I didn't hate Charlie as much as others last year but I admit that she was not the best part of the show. This year however I love what they've done with her character and I think even the actress has improved a lot, which is great.

    32. Hey @DarthLocke4, long time no talking! Well, I think it would be strange to give Revolution the spackle order but maybe. I don't think a Revolution renewal is out of the realm of possibility (neither is Almost Human by the way), I just think it's more likely to be cancelled than renewed at this point. I also agree about it being better to have the last chunk together!

      I didn't sample Believe to be honest as the concept looked only very mildly appealing to me and I thought it would be cancelled from the get go. It was one of those cases of me deciding that I would get into it only if the show had a future and unfortunately, it won't be the case. I am sorry that you are loosing a show you like!

      Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you liked it!

    33. The Tomorrow People was already performing at 70% of the CW's average on Wednesdays. Considering it is a freshman, that's more like 60%. That's not good atings unfortunately. I am a fan of TTP (as I am of The 100) but it just underperformed too much to deserve a renewal, especially considering it had the best slot it could have for most of the season.

    34. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. Well, Believe I haven't watched so I cannot comment, but I also hope to be wrong about Revolution. Like I've said, I still think it's a bubble show, I am just leaning towards cancellation. Regarding the timeslot, I actually think it's a pretty decent one as there is no drama competition besides Arrow and as the competition that there is not particularly strong. Sad as it is, the truth is that Revolution lost too many viewers last year that were not willing to come back. It sucks, but I don't thin k the timeslot is to blame here.

    35. Crossing my fingers for Nashville and Almost Human. If they get renewed I can handle other shows being cancelled (Tomorrow People, Believe, The Mentalist (etc.) and even Revolution.)

    36. Nice article--we both love Revolution but I have always been more optimistic about its renewal. So let me present the case for optimism. First on the optimistic side, i'd give Revolution a strong minority chance of 40% for renewal still. Why? That Believe and Crisis tanked has helped it have a chance.

      And Revolution in the Spring has had it tough with a lot of competition including a show(Arrow) with has a strong duplicate audience and as you said Daylight savings for a 8 pm show--NBC is well aware of all the difficulties Revolutions time slot has now in the Spring.

      Also that this is a JJ Abrams Production helps since NBC might want to keep him happy to stay in the JJ business--especially after they will now certainly cancel his other show...Believe.

      So yes a friday slot is still possible with all these factors and even keeping in its own slot since it has improved that slot from the prevbious year and did enough where it didn't hurt SVU or PD.

      Another factor that shows its audience strength is a little better than first glance is Revolution has been strong all year in live+7--i'm aware that that isn't a huge factor BUT it does show Revolution has a growth factor of those who don't watch same day but record and watch it later. One reason--I again submit is that Arrow has such a duplicate audience.

      So if say put on Friday this +7 growth shows the potential for Revolution with less competition to do suprisingly well on Fridays. Much like Kripke's other show Supernatural did. And if Warner Brother's senses it could work, I wouldn't be shocked if they lowered their licence fees to get Revolution to closer to syndicated numbers.

      So I still say their is a DECENT chance for Revolution renewal--still bit of an underdog BUT still a decent 40% chance for renewal.

    37. Brandy Danforth30 March 2014 at 23:02

      You're right that that won't ever happen-CW only gave Nikita a short fourth season for syndication-rumors are Netflix wanted 73 episodes /wanted a proper ending and for closure for the fan and Pedowitz is a fan and its veteran enough a show to warrant /justify a short wrap season.CD ened the second season tying things up.BatB will have had enough time to write and film a proper ending this season too.If CWcdidnt give five season yr old 90210(one of thier fomer ,only hit shows) a short wrap up season,they won't give freshman or sophmore shows with the same ratings as 90210 season five one either.ANTM /HoD fill fri and are cheaper and get the same or better ratings as the failing shows wrap ups would get.

    38. I don't hate characters, but she was very annoying last year and you are correct both the character and the actor have gotten much better. I even feel sorry for her often this season.

    39. as I said: for the fans, the moment a show you like ends something like that will be the first on your mind. It'd be one mind s'well. Luckily all my horses are shoved in the barn already

    40. Hey there! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the kind words! I am very glad to know that you enjoy the articles!

      As for what you refer, I am sure it would not be financially viable. The Wonderland thing is not a great example because the networks would launch those shows hoping for a future return, not with the expectation of bad numbers for a poor performing show the previous year. Besides, if a show already has poor ratings to begin with, waiting god knows how many months to get it back on the air, most likely on a different, lower viewed slot, would not help its ratings either. I do understand where your idea comes from though, and it sounds great in theory, but the reality is that I don't think networks can ever go for such model. One thing I do believe is that showrunners should try to plan a bit better when it is clear that a show most likely won't come back. Sometimes, logistics and time constraints do not allow that, but there are other situations in which it is clear a show will not be back. In those instances, the final episode of the season should wrap it up IMO.

    41. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by As Babar said, Castle is a certain renewal, so no worries there. However, it does look pretty bad for The Mentalist. I think it has an outside chance of renewal, but it is a very slim one and it would require CBS to move along only with 2 new dramas while holding Undercover Boss for midseason and I am not willing to bet on such combination. Its recent ratings haven't helped its case either.

      As for Surviving Jack, I wanted to watch it, but FOX has already burned me with Enlisted this year, I don't want to watch another of their comedies to be cancelled. Crisis is the same. I also wanted to watch it but I don't feel like being burned, I already have too many shows that will be cancelled this season!

    42. Hey there! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the kind words! I am very glad that you enjoy my articles!

      Regarding Crisis, I also wanted to check it out, but considering the number of cancelled shows I already have for this season, I decided to avoid it at the end of the day. I don't even have the time to put it on my weekly rotation now to be honest so it would have to be on summer and it feels kind of pointless to watch it then if it will be cancelled. I understand you deciding to watch it anyway though, I've done the same with some shows (such as Intelligence).

      I also hope to be right about Hannibal and Community. The Community prediction in particular has left me very nervous. I had it on the bubble until the last moment but in the end I decided to write the way I was leaning towards anyway. Let's hope I am right!

    43. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you enjoyed the article ;)

      As for Hart of Dixie, as Babar said and as the table says, it is, indeed, very likely to be renewed. To be honest, I had it as likely in the fall when its relative ratings were really low (Arrow, SPN, TVD and TO were all above 1, while TTP and Reign were both still in the 0.6/0.7 area), but right now with the relative ratings it has plus syndication I wouldn't object to certain renewal either. It will be back ;)

    44. Yeah. As I've said above, I should have probably changed it to certain renewal considering its relative ratings have improved greatly since fall. It will be back anyway, so no problems!

    45. Tonya Papanikolas30 March 2014 at 23:23

      Great article!

    46. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by! I definitely agree with you there, I reallyyy want Revolution renewed since I adore the show now. However, it's not looking likely unfortunately. As I've said on the article, I still think it's very much a bubble show and could end up renewed but I think a cancellation is more likely at this point, sadly!

    47. Hey Babar! Thank you for stopping by and for the compliment, I am glad you enjoyed the article!

      As for the averages, they are weighted averages (moving) that weight the most recent episodes more. Which case in particular were you looking at? It's also possible I made a typing or copy paste mistake though ;)

    48. Hey Rob! Thank you for stopping by and for the kind words! I am glad you liked the article!

      Regarding Almost Human vs. The Following, even though the ratings were on par, remember that The Following is a second season show, which always gives it an advantage (or, if you prefer, remember that Almost Human is a first season show, which always gives it a disadvantage). The Following also has monster DVR numbers, so maybe its C3 numbers are higher than they look for us. One mistake you should not make is infer a show's fate based on how much it has fallen from the previous season. All that matters are the show's (relative) ratings this particular season. It does not matter how it does compared to the previous year (see Two and a Half Men, The Following) or how it does compared to expectations (see Agents of Shield). All that matters are the actual numbers.

    49. Thank you for stopping by and thank you very much for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the article!

      I will correct the season orders for Resurrection and Surviving Jack, you are totally right, it was my bad!

      Regarding The Carrie Diaries, you are correct that it is not totally dead yet. That's exactly why I have it as likely cancelled instead of certain cancellation like most sites. However, if we are being honest, I think a summer spackle order would be more likely than an in-season order at this point, because I really don't see where it would fit. Sure, it could timeshare with Dixie, but they get the same ratings and, from next season onwards, each additional Dixie episode would be additional syndication revenue, so what would be the point of the timeshare? I don't think Beauty and the Beast or The Carrie Diaries are totally dead but I think they are more likely to be cancelled than renewed.

    50. I agree that you can't justify such a model as a network ratings wise but every network is run by some big studio, studios that make money with merchandise. DVD sales, VOD sales etc. are at times valuable enough to still produce a certain ammount of additional hours of content to still squeeze out some money out of a product. Ratings wise this is utterly pointless as it won't spawn better ratings, the ratings will drop for sure.
      Such 'dead zones' (oct - dec = regular show dec - march = replacement show march - may = regular show part 2) do offer themselves to just burn-off shows produced for additional wrap up content.

      It wouldn't need to be exclusively wrap-up content though, let's take Reign as an example. The way it looks now the show is starting its final season next year with they way Beauty and the Beast entered its second season on a similar standard ratings wise. If the show ends its second season on a 0.4, the network decides to quit it but the show performs well via DVD/BluRay/VoD and Warner is leaning towards ordering additional content they could re-tool the show: end the storyline, still leave open a backdoor for more in case it's a success but a clear end is required, change aspects of the show that didn't work according to critics.

      Retools at time manage to breathe life back into a shows lungs.

      I'm not saying this would ever happen but it could turn out to either be a great or a horrible idea. At leas now, in the age of netflix, shows with clear endings have a better chance at still making some money years after cancellation.

    51. Yeah, pretty much. Although I would add that ratings being down from the previous season is not, per se, a reason for cancellation prediction. I simply think there is no space for The Carrie Diaries for a renewal and I don't think the ratings have showed that much promise anyway either. Like I've said, I don't think it's totally dead (hence the likely instead of certain cancellation), but I would more easily expect a summer order than an in-season order, even though the later isn't impossible either.

    52. I do agree that the age of netflix as you call it makes close ends a more pressing matter than before. However, I disagree with your basic premise that DVD numbers et all really do have an impact in network's decisions. The fraction they represent of the total revenue (and cost) of a show is ridiculously tiny for networks to care. Remember also that, because of that, networks are much better off showing repeats, news show or reality filler in those dead zones than they are paying for additional episodes of failed shows. Put it this way: the marginal benefit of said additional episodes does not outweight the cost that said episodes would entail. The exception is when syndication packages are involved because then the cost can be reduced to a tiny amount, but that's pretty much what already happens nowadays and, by definition, it would not cover young shows like the ones you've mentioned.

      By the way, I also strongly disagree with the notion that Reign and Beauty and the Beast are somehow comparable. Beauty and the Beast finished the season at 85% of the CW's average, while Reign is currently at 100% of said average. In addition, The Vampire Diaries is clearly weaker this year than it was a year ago when it was serving as lead-in for Beauty and the Beast. Last, but not the least, Beauty and the Beast was always a very old skewing show by CW standards and Reign is a young skewing show for them. I think the only similarity they have is the slot.

    53. Hannibal; I fail to see how it averages to 1.20 with 1.1, 0.8, 0.8 and a 0.9.
      Resurrection would average to 3.10 with 3.8, 3.1 and 2.5, unless you are not counting the premiere, which would still average to 2.8.

    54. Hey there! Thank you for stopping by!
      - I am also saving up season 2 of Hannibal for later. I prefer to marathon it at one like I did with the first season, not to mention that I don't really have time for it now. But I am pretty confident that the show hasn't lost its way since the fist season not to deserve a renewal ;)
      - Regarding Community, I also love the show and I honestly hope it will be back. I don't love Jonathan Banks as much as some people and I do admit that I miss Donald Glover and Troy, but I think this season has been amazing, I agree with you. They've done so many concept episodes and they've just been so cool. Making a call on Community's fate was really hard and I don't feel especially confident about it, but like I've said, I do think the show is more likely to be renewed than cancelled. Syndication gods may help us all reducing that licensee fee enough once again!
      - As for Crisis, I wanted to watch it but since its ratings indicate a cancellation, I didn't really bother, which is a shame. I just have too many shows waiting to be axed to get invested in yet another one, unfortunately!

    55. Hey. BATB may me a good show, but IT IS doing poorly rating wise and it's ratings aren't renewal worthy. Also, it was moved to Monday based on how poorly it was doing with TVD as a lead-in. Same thing that happened with TTP this season.

    56. Regarding, Hannibal, that is because I apply a Friday factor with all Friday episodes. I've explained this in one of my earlier posts but here it goes:

      I consider a Friday factor of about 20%
      for all shows airing on Fridays. This number is a result of a look at
      past renewal and cancellation decisions for the last 4 seasons – while
      some argue that the number is too low (I have seen many using 30%) and
      some say it is too high (some people say it’s more 15%), I found that
      this is the number that best explains the past decisions from networks
      when it comes to Friday shows. In any case, even if you believe the
      number is slightly inflated or deflated, I think that is unlikely to
      make a meaningful difference, especially because Friday shows are mostly
      often subject to syndication economies, whose importance will be far
      higher than these small difference. I may revise this again in the
      future if I find enough compelling evidence to do so. For the time
      being, please keep in mind that all numbers (including the overall
      average and, therefore, the % ratings for each show) will be calculated
      using this factor!

      Regarding Resurrection, it's simply the effect of the weighted average as I was referring. The formula was created to give an extremely high weight to the last third of the episodes that have aired, which in Resurrection's case, means the last episode that has aired (since it has aired only one), and to practically ignore the first third of episodes (which in this case is the pilot). So, for instance, imagine a show with 24 episodes, the first 8 would not count, the second 8 would count very minor and the last 8 would be the relevant ones. Within each group there are also different weights and it's not even as simple as 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3, but just as an illustration, this is the basic idea.

    57. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by.

      Regarding Beauty and the Beast, the show is indeed a likely cancellation. Unlike some other sites, I don't think it's completely dead yet, as I can see the CW deciding to get syndication revenue out of it and milking it on summer seasons or something like it. However, the odds of that happening are slim, because the ratings are indeed very low - the show's most recent ratings average has it at 50% of the network's ratings. Regarding a move to a different night, sure Mondays are hard due to competition, but they are also the highest viewed weekday, so there is that. The show was moved from the post TVD slot because it was not being able to capitalise on the lead-in, it is what it is. The CW would be unwise to move it back there, from a business point of view.

    58. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by! Regarding Parenthood, it is a tough call to make, but I think NBC will want another season of it. The recent ratings spike also helps its case. Let's see what happens in coming weeks!

    59. Ah, totally forgot about the Friday factor. But even with the 20% added weightage, 1.20 still seems a little high to me.

    60. Hey there! Thank you a lot for stopping by, I hope you have enjoyed the article!

      I don't watch The Mentalist or Nashville, so no opinion there, but I am deeply sad about The Crazy Ones. I really love that one. To be honest, Robin Williams is great but he is not even my favorite part of the show. I adoreeee the entire cast, especially James Wolk, he is just one of te biggest breakouts of this tv season for me, I hope he is cast quickly in another awesome show. I will really miss The Crazy Ones!

      Regarding ABC's decisions, I don't really know for sure, but for the last couple of years, ABC has announced all of its decisions just in May, the week before the upfronts or so. Considering they haven't announced anything yet this year, it would seem that they are about to do the same. It's funny that if you look at my Tier 1 column it's all ABC shows that are slam drunk renewals.

      As for cancellations, last year was bad in terms of veterans (Body of Proof, Apartment 23, Happy Endings...RIP!!), but in terms of newbies it wasn't that bad because I stopped watching shows right away once it became clear they weren't going to stick around (666 Park Avenue, Last Resort). The only freshman I lost at the end was Go On. This year, however, I made the "mistake" of getting invested in a number of freshman shows (The Crazy Ones, Almost Human, Intelligence, The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed, Enlisted, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) which I will loose in addition to some beloved veterans that are also looking bad, like The Neighbors and Revolution. The Revolution one will be really bad, I don't think I've lost a show I like so much in recent years without a declared ending.

    61. It's because of the recent preliminaire 1.1. It will probably adjust down so maybe I shouldn't even consider it but that's what skewing the results so much. Like Ressurection, remember that Hannibal has only aired 4 episodes this season and because of that, the formula gives a very high importance to the last data point.

    62. Hey there. Now it really is the time to cross my fingers. Out of those, I am rooting for Almost Human and The Tomorrow People but, especially, Revolution. I really want Revolution to make it even though it's looking pretty bad. Let's just hope for the best for all of our shows!

    63. Oh yeah. I didn't consider the preliminary rating for this week.

    64. I feel ya. I have Th Crazy Ones and TTP one the verge of cancellation and it just makes me not try out too many show next season.

    65. Hey there! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the compliment, I am glad you enjoyed the article!

      Regarding Revolution, you are totally right that we both love the show but that you are the most optimistic one. Like I've said, I think the show is a bubble show, so it really could go either way but I am leaning towards cancellation since the ratings level is just too low now and since I don't see the need for it in the fall schedule (while it doesn't seem the type of show to be held for midseason). Regarding your points, a few comments:
      - While Crisis and Believe not working has helped it, it merely means it is back to the point it has been all season (discounting Crisis and Believe) and that is on the bubble. It's like: had Crisis and/or Believe worked, it would be bad news for Revolution; had they not worked, it would simply be no news for Revolution.
      - I will try to make a study come summer when I have time about that effect of duplicate audience between Revolution and Arrow. Arrow is a very young skewing show like all CW shows while Revolution is an old skewing show even for NBC standards. I've seen a lot of people saying that there is crossover between both but I have yet to see any proof of that. The skews are not the same and neither one of them appears to spike when the other is on hiatus. Regardless, as much as I love Revolution, we cannot say that Arrow is more competition than, let's say, Scandal is to Parenthood.
      - Speaking of skews, Revolution's old skew doesn't help its case either, as it makes its already small audience even less attractive (read: profitable).
      - The fact that it is in a lower viewed timeslot now certainly helps it a bit, but then again, its most direct competitor, Parenthood, has to air all season long out of lead-ins that are barely above 1 (when they are) and against the highest rated drama in broadcast television. It's hard not to say that Parenthood has its worst!
      - As for the Live+7 numbers, again, Parenthood has the same, if not better numbers. And those numbers are very little meaningful to begin with.
      - Finally, I don't think the Friday option is out of the realm of possibility, but I am not sure how much profitable Revolution will be than, let's say, Hannibal or Dracula. I think the ratings will be pretty similar and the co-productions are probably cheaper anyway, so it's hard to make a case for the move. Not impossible, but hard to.

      All this being said, I do agree with your last sentence. There is certainly a chance for Revolution. For all the talk that the rating are low, the ratings still aren't that low and god knows that NBC can do much worse. I think the chance is there, it's just a slim one! Unfortunately!

    66. that's why I said it might finish off on a 0.4 rating, Beauty and the Beast will more likely end its second season on a 0.3 or (considering it's being burned off in summer without a proper lead in) even a 0.2. Reign does better but not largely better.

      back to topic: you might be right with the budget for these episodes not being brought back in via DVD sales but a man can dream, right ? :P
      BUT netflix and theCW did grow close over the past two years so round endings might become a obligation for CW shows (something I'd welcome, imagine TVD actually wrapping up one of its storylines)

    67. Yeah maybe I shouldn't have. It would be a 1.1 hadn't we consider this rating though, so not that big of a change. (It had a 0.9 the previous week).

    68. Great article, thanks a lot !

      I'm a bit sad about Believe and Almost Human, I am really into both of those shows, and thinking AH will leave without explaining every questions left in the air after the finale makes me a bit sadder :(

      And I didn't know Mind Games was already cancelled, I liked the first 4 episodes, it was interesting I think

    69. It's doing fine on thursdays in combination with TVD, so I'd actually leave things as they are, since TVD slipped last week as well I wouldn't even dare to move any of both shows away from thursday.

      I'm fairly certain that Supernatural, The Originals and Arrow will be used as lead-ins this season rather than TVD (wich served as a lead in for two shows that didn't really exceed the expectations).
      I'm seriously looking forward the 2014/15 schedule, no other network makes things as exciting as these guys :P

      Hopefully, you a (hobby) filmmaker it always pains me to see a show getting butchered in the end and left open ended. Legend of the Seeker being one painful example. Or Moonlight. Or Terra Nova many others.

      I'm just hoping that some new standard about ending shows will be set, like forcing shows that deliver badly until mid-season to write a proper ending, wether being picked up for another seaoson trough a miracle or not. Just end your thing.

    70. It wasn't doing that bad on Thursday nights with TVD as the lead-in, it was averaging about a little over 1 million viewers a week from what I saw during season 1. I'm not going to give up hope because it's not over til it's over. If they do cancel it, I will be very sad but a least I will be able to watch season 1 and season 2 on DVD as often as I like and believe me when I tell you I will play the hell out of those DVDS. It will always be my favorite show of all time. That kind of chemistry between Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk can't be matched by any other pairing on TV.

    71. While I agree with you on the majority, there are disagreements here. I'm one of the few that believes Fisher is a likely renewal. While it should be doing better, it's still doing decent. And I know it's the whole Voice lead-in thing, but it is much more stable than New Normal and About A Boy, so it does have a chance. And it might be my own personal scheduling bias, as I'm one of the few who still thinks there will be 2-hour Thursday comedy (especially due to the million comedy pilots NBC ordered), and Fisher could work as NBC's The Middle.

      As for Parenthood, I see cancelation; while it seems safer than the other dramas not renewed, please know that there's already 4 dramas renewed, almost certainly 5 with L&O; and there's already many drama pilots that look more appealing, the comedy pilots said earlier, Space Race, the three miniseries NBC has planned, and plenty of filler/spackle like Celebrity Apprentice, Hollywood Game Night, and Biggest Loser to put in the machine, any more dramas renewed at the Peacock is unlikely.

      And Nashville is in the same boat. ABC has Once, Revenge, Resurrection, SHIELD, Grey's, Scandal, and Castle in the dramas, and ABC has one of the best drama developments I've seen in a long time, so Nashville's chances are slim.

      But everything else I agree with, and even the ones I don't, you still gave good defense. Nice job Omabin. :)

    72. I agree with you about Revolution, I've been defending its ratings so far, but that 1.2 only shows that it may fall even further. I'm crossing my fingers for a surprising comeback (a 1.5, and if it could manage to do a 1.6 I would be over the moon... I would even be happy with a 1.4!). I think if it rises on its coming weeks, Revolution may make it into Friday nights so NBC can push it to syndication (you can always promote a genre night with Revolution/Grimm/Hannibal). So, there's hope, but things are looking bleak.

      NBC and Sony are already in talks for a final season of Community, so it's just a matter of time. Six seasons and a movie indeed

    73. Yeah were we agree is Revolution is an underdog but disagree on how much--I think it still has a decent chance(for the already stated reasons) and you think it's a slim one. But we do both have some degree of hope.

      All our points back and forth have debatable points--we'll have to agree to disagree. Anyway we'll find out most likely in May what happens to Revolution--i'm actually slightly optimistic! JJ Abrams does have times when the networks do give him a break and if Warner Brothers lowers their fees, Revolution just might squeak by.

      Lets both cross our fingers.

    74. Count me in while crossing your fingers. I see Fridays at 8PM as the only option for the show, which means Dateline goes to Sundays at 9PM in midseason, using the spot Believe is using.
      Still, I think the chances for Revolution to come back are 35%, not good, but not terrible. If it manages to score 1.4-1.5s in its upcoming episodes then make it a 50%

    75. I do hope TTP gets other season too. I just had this feeling hart of Dixie getting cancel there rating have not been good. And I think they did not predict that so many show were hoping to do good.

    76. Yes I hope so. The change in night is making it tough on Parenthood this season. I just want one more season of happy stories and for it to end on a high note. I love this show, its one of the best on tv right now.

    77. Brandy Danforth31 March 2014 at 02:21

      I do wonder what mother than ANTM,HoD, they'll stick on fri after ANTM ends seeing as Whose Line runs from Mid March til Sept so it probably wouldn't be back til Jan or March.

    78. I'm glad you went with your gut on "Community". I'm nervous about that one, too, but yeah, here's hoping that show can come back. All my other favorite shows have been renewed, so if "Community" joins them, then next fall will officially be a very happy time for me TV-wise.

    79. I still miss Troy, too-I'll watch reruns on TV with him and feel a pang of sadness that he's not there anymore. His send-off was so emotional.
      But I agree with you on Banks. He's fit in remarkably well, and there's been some hilarious moments with him and the group this season.

    80. When will people learn that viewers don't matter much?
      The 18-49 and 18-34 ratings matter most. BATB fell to a 0.5 (A18-49) with a consistent 1+ lead-in from TVD.

    81. I hope you're wrong about Revolution. This show is so much better this season.

    82. Hope you're right about Hannibal (the best show on broadcast TV) and Community and really hoping you're wrong about Revolution (Criminally underrated!) and Almost Human.

    83. Cátia Barradas31 March 2014 at 14:50

      Great article :) Really great :)
      Just hope you wrong in some shows. I´m use to lose my favorite shows, by i always have hope :)
      Congrats for your excelent work

    84. YEEEEES! I've been waiting for this ever since your last article, and it's as great as always :) You know how I feel about Revolution, and it's been an endless pain and torment waiting for a decision to come. But it's gonna come soon, and I'll be crossing my fingers until that very moment! How great would this next year (or probably two next years) look with more Revolution? All I know is I can't imagine how it would look without it. And I thank God every day that I never have to worry about The Walking Dead :D
      Anyway, once again awesome article! Are you gonna be doing any more soon?

    85. I've given up hope for Tomorrow People. The only way I see if being renewed is if the CW finally realizes none of the shows they're willing to put on Monday is ever going to do well (they always keep their best shows on Tuesday-Thursday and those are the only ones that would do better than 0.3 and 0.4 on a Monday - they won't sacrifice their ratings for that).

    86. Brandy Danforth31 March 2014 at 15:34

      HoD is safe due to syndication

    87. I think the point is if they will tie the knot and end the show or renew it. But I really hope that it will be renewed.

      The Mentalist isnt doing that bad for killing Red John after all those years. I am in love with the show but I hate Fischer and the new team and I am sure I am not the only one out there. *le sigh*

    88. I can't state strongly enough how much I hope you are wrong about Parenthood and that it is cancelled. This season has been incredibly depressing and I have found myself waited longer after each episode to replay it on Tivo. If the show is renewed, it validates that the Jason Katims was right in moving to a more bleak, stark reality tone and to emphasize that life and relationships are predominately filled with failure. In past seasons, yes, there were challenges and setbacks for all the characters, but this year it has been different. Katims has chosen to take the idea of hope and grind it into dust. His goal has seemed to be with every episode to try to get the audience to feel worse than it did after watching the previous one. It's as if he is saying to us each time, "So you don't things could get any worse? Think again." I still haven't watched last week's episode and based on what I have read about it, I'm not sure if I ever will. Making a show more realistic doesn't necessarily make it entertaining, at least not for me. The dark side of reality slaps me in the face every day in the real world. I don't need Parenthood to remind me how depressing it can be. So whether there is another season or not, I won't be watching/enduring Parenthood any longer.

    89. Up against American Idol and Survivor isn't a good place to be at all. The show is too violent with sexual overtones to be on at 8 pm, last year it was on at 10 pm Mondays against two popular dramas (Hawaii 5-0 and Castle) and still did well. It should have followed L&O: SUV not preceded it.

    90. Thanks for another great article! I always expected Crisis wouldn't do well and after last night's ratings, it has no chance of getting another season. Btw, if you want to check out, you should because the writers said the story will be wrapped up within the first season. So don't let the ratings stop you from watching the show!

      I hope you're right about The 100. It's an awesome show and certainly deserves a second season!

      And I'm sad TTP will likely be canceled. I don't want to accept it, but I am afraid I should.

      Btw, are you going to do some more fantasy schedules? You've done one for ABC but not yet for the other networks. Would be awesome if we could speculate on that!

    91. i really want and need a 3 season of REVOLUTION!

    92. Me too. I was sort of half-watching The Following. I am actually happy TTP made the switch to Monday's for scheduling although it's not helping the show.

    93. I'm waiting for Community to be renewed, and for them to get their last hurrah of Jeff/Britta over and done with so they can finally move onto Jeff/Annie for season six.

    94. Good article as usual! If i keep saying great it just might go to your head,ha! ;)

      Aargh! Oh my bubble shows :( What i wouldn't do for another season of Revolution and Almost Human.. I'm hoping the tv gods looks kindly upon during The Upfronts and grant us our hopes and wishes!? And that's all i got to say about that. :)

    95. I really, really hope you are wrong about Revolution. That show has steadily gotten better, week after week. Maybe NBC isn't the right network for a show like that, but if NBC put a fraction into the promotion of the show like they do some of the other crap they air, maybe Revolution would have a fighting chance!

    96. Doesn't anyone here remember Chicago Fire got way worst #'s than Revolution before the schedule switches? And the advertising for Revolution has been 0 to .01 compared to any other show on the network. What is Revolution doing in the 8 east--7 central spot? The fact NBC "last" network can't handle programming is evident here. Revolution has original characters...not just another re-imagined Cop-Lawyer-Reality Game show-remakes all. Parenthood, Community have played out stories..SVU is so old...Hannibal--another movie to tv that is predictable. If Revolution is not renewed it is ONLY due to NBC wanting an ownership deal, greed rules; I guess. All snark aside...NBC has "blacklisted" Revolution and put the viewers and fans of Kripke and Abrams into havoc ! :(

    97. Katherine White3 April 2014 at 19:28

      USA Today is doing their "Save our shows" survey. here is the link if anyone wants to help:


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