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Looking - 1.08 - Looking Glass (Season Finale) - Review : Kissing You Tonight

10 Mar 2014

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   Last night, “Looking” concluded its first season with “Looking Glass”. It was an excellent episode, for me it was actually the best episode of the show yet. It was exactly what I like in Looking, different stories about the guys and some scenes with the three of them together.
   Patrick, Agustin and Dom have grown so much since the pilot, “Looking Glass” really demonstrated it. I love the characters developments that happened in the eight episodes, it is so clever and well written. The whole cast feels so real, Looking is just an amazing show.

   “Looking Glass” picked up right after last week events. Patrick had to deal with Richie after their argument and also with Kevin after he had kissed him ; Agustin was left by Frank and Dom finally opened his restaurant and talked with Lynn.

   Patrick came to visit (or stalk) Richie at his work’s. It was a bad idea, Richie didn’t answer his texts and calls because he wanted to space and time to think about them. I can understand Patrick, he wanted to apologize because he knew he went too far last week in the car. He wanted to be reassured Richie had not already forgotten about him. But Richie needed some time alone to figure things out. So, Patrick left him and went to work.
   And at his work’s, things were a bit alike. Kevin wanted to apologize for kissing Patrick last week, but Patrick wanted to forget it ever happened and he closed all discussions on that subject. Not a very smart move this time either, Patrick. In my mind, it’s always better to speak things out and deal with them, even if it’s uncomfortable. Their situation will always be uncomfortable if they don’t talk. Patrick talked about his love problems with Agustin… As Agustin just broke off with his boyfriend, I don’t think he was the best friend to get love advices from. For him, Richie and Pat were over and when Kevin called, Agustin picked it up for Patrick so he couldn’t avoid him anymore. Sure, there always was an attraction between them but it didn’t mean they had to act on it... But they did !

   When Patrick arrived at work, Kevin was there drinking beers and actually there weren’t any problems with the server. It was just a lie so Kevin could be alone with Patrick and finally expressed his feelings. Kevin had been very attracted to Patrick since he met him, he couldn’t stop thinking about it etc… Patrick tried to push him back again, but maybe because of Richie’s behavior earlier, and mainly because he always had been attracted to him since he met him, Patrick let Kevin kiss him… And so much more. Patrick lost his virginity to Kevin. It was very hot and yet realistic. It was probably one of the hottest scene of the entire season. I was surprised Patrick let Kevin fucked him. He didn't overthink, he just did it.
   Anyways, afterwards, the boys got their clothes back on and Kevin seemed a bit cold. When Patrick asked what would be next for them, Kevin only answered he had no idea. He could have thought about it before. It was a bit sad when Patrick looked at Richie’s necklace. Richie and Patrick are really cute together. As Patrick said, Richie is nice and genuine. Kevin doesn’t seem that nice, he’s more manipulative.

   At the end, Patrick was coming home when he found Richie waiting for him in the street. Richie explained his reaction, he felt disrespected by Patrick and that made him angry. I can totally understand, everyone has right to have some pride and I’d have been angry too if my boyfriend spoke to me like Patrick did.
  Their real problem for Richie is his origins. He is Mexican, and it affects how they see their relationship. It’s true it’s not easy to build a relationship with someone from another culture, but it’s always possible to make it work because it can be so enriching.
   Patrick and Richie’s major problem is actually Patrick. He’s never been in a relationship so maybe that’s why he doesn’t know how to react. He pushed things too fast when he asked Richie to come at his sister wedding. He put too much pressure on their new relationship. They weren’t ready yet for that step. Because in the same time, Patrick isn’t ready to fall in love and to be in love. So, you can’t really ask for someone to commit and meet your parents if you can’t let yourself fall for him in the same time. Relationships can only work in two ways. Richie and Patrick are over for now, but I still have hope. Patrick is new at relationship, it's always tough in the beginning but he has really grown since the pilot, he can continue on this road. I really don't see him with Kevin as a couple.

   Agustin was in a bad place this week. He tried to apologize to Franck about his shitty behavior and all his lies. I was glad Agustin finally realized how wrong he had been but Franck was already over him. Franck was harsh with Agustin but he totally deserved it. It was an all new Frank I discovered last night. He was so cold and calm. He told Agustin he never would be an artist, I don’t think it's true or if he really meant me (he was very hurt and angry) but maybe it was what Agustin needed to hear. For now he was all depressed and drugged but later, maybe this sentence will give him strength to show he actually is an artist.
   Agustin spent his day drinking and taking some pills. Of course, it’s not healthy but I can understand why he did it. He needed to ease his pain and his mind after the break up. Alcohol and drugs are good getaways. It won’t solve any problems, but at least for the day, Agustin could clear his head. It’s normal to act weird or stupid when you got dumped, even when it’s all your fault. And, he wasn’t that drunk. It was a bit sad to see Agustin like that, he really has lost himself and I hope for him he will find who he is and what he wants to do soon ; because living in that state of mind is so depressing.
   But luckily, Agustin still had his friends, especially Patrick. Patrick is very kind to continue helping Agustin, despite of his terrible attitude. They went together at Dom’s restaurant opening. Agustin kept on drinking but Patricked acted like a mother with him, it was quite funny. Patrick is such a sweet guy. Agustin asked Patrick if he could move back in with him. Patrick wasn’t very excited about that idea, guess he likes living alone now. I think for Agustin, it would be better if he finds his own place to live or maybe a place where other artists live, so could focus more on his work.
   At the end of day, Agustin ended up sleeping in Patrick’s bed. This first season has been hard on him. In the pilot, he had a boyfriend and a work and now he has nothing but his friends. Of course, he is mainly responsible for it but still, it was touching. I hope season 2 will be about Agustin finally finding himself and becoming a better person.

   Dom finally opened his restaurant ! That actually went fast. The decoration wasn’t that great, but it was still nice. Doris was the hostess and I loved that part. She was so pretty in her black dress, with her beautiful smile. Doris always feels natural and friendly.
  At first, the restaurant was a bit empty, when Patrick and Agustin arrived. It was nice seeing the men together, talking and being together. Even though it was a quick scene. I hope Dom's restaurant will stay open so they could alays meet up there next season. Agustin told the guys he broke off with Franck and they all congratulated Dom for his opening and his chicken.
   But Dom had someone else on his mind : Lynn. He hadn’t heard from him since he screamed at him the day before. When Lynn finally appeared, he was accompanied with some hot young man. It affected Dom, who tried to pass his nerves in the kitchen afterwards but Doris was there, as always, to put him back on his tracks. She even talked with Lynn, to make sure he understood how great Dom actually is, despite his attitude sometimes. He is a good guy and, as Doris said, “he’s worth it”. I really love Doris, I hope she’ll get a proper storyline next week because she deserves it so much.
   At the end, Dom finally decided to talk to Lynn. He apologized for his bad attitude. It was so cute to watch Dom apologized, he felt so awkward, he reminded me of Patrick. It was a huge step for him. Dom finally told Lynn he wanted things to be more permanent and he kissed him. I was so glad for them, especially for Dom. He also has grown so much since the pilot, now he is taking his chance at love again. Lynn is not another Ethan, and I can feel they have a real chance to find happiness. I can’t wait to see how things will go between them next year.

   “Looking Glass” was an excellent episode, it saddened me it’s the season finale. I really got attached to the characters and I want to keep following them so a year is gonna be long to wait for. I will miss them.
   Andrew Haigh and Michael Lannan really succeeded in creating such loveable characters, who felt so real in Looking, it's quite rare on television. Since the pilot, we have watched those characters changed, evolved and grown and now we really care about them. It’s very rare in television to feel such dedication to its characters and realism in a show. Looking is really a great show, I can't wait for season 2.

Gay notes :
* Russell Tovey has quite a perfect ass. Very very hot.
* Which kiss was your favorite ? Pat & Kevin's or Dom & Lynn's ?
* What do you think about Agustin ?
* So, now the season is over, who is your favorite character ?

   What did you think of “Looking Glass” ? What about Looking first season in general ? And what are your hopes for season 2 ? Hit the comments

About the Author - Romain Ossust
I'm 27 from France, living near Paris. I love a lot of TV shows, (this is a non exhaustive list) : Orphan Black, True Blood, Dexter, Weeds, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, 24, Ab Fab, Carnivale, Lost, The Americans, American Horror Story, Once Upon A Time, Desperate Housewives, Glee, Ugly Betty, Scandal, Looking, Sleepy Hollow, The Walking Dead, Raising Hope, Orange is the New Black, Grey’s Anatomy, HIMYM, Girls, ...
For SpoilerTV, I'm reviewing The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Looking, Continuum, Sleepy Hollow, The Americans, True Blood & Orphan Black
Otherwise, I’m also very fond of cats, I own 6 of them. I work as an administrative assistant, in one of the greatest place to work in France. I also enjoy sunbathing, reading and having fun ; and I hate doing sports :) 


  1. I cannot believe it's already over, I had no idea it was the season finale.
    I'm really torn between Patrick with Richie and Patrick with Kevin. I keep going back to the first time Richie saw Patrick and how he flirted with him, it was so sweet. But Kevin's declaration in the office was really hot too. However I see what you mean by manipulative, he did seem like he put a lot of effort into getting Patrick and once he'd had him, he was done.
    It's going to be a very long wait for new episodes.

  2. * Russell Tovey has quite a perfect ass. Very very hot.
    - AMAZING!

    * Which kiss was your favorite ? Pat & Kevin's or Dom & Lynn's ?
    - Dom & Lynn because it needed to happen and I'm glad Dom got over his fear and just went for it.

    * So, now the season is over, who is your favorite character ?
    - Still Patrick, just because he reminds me so much of myself.

  3. Patrick has so many flaws but he's really touching, I really respond to that too.
    Russell Tovey is so, so hot, he was one of the main reasons I stuck with Being Human for so long (the other was Aidan Turner).

  4. It was a very short first season, I hope season 2 will have at least 10 episodes.
    Me too, I'll always remember the first meeting between Richie and Patrick, Richie was so cute and perfect.

  5. Since you like Desperate Housewives it'd be a good idea that you make the Devious Maids' next season reviews, don't you think?


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