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White Collar - Best Season 4 Episode - Round 2 - Poll

22 Mar 2013

UPDATE - We will be taking a short weekend break in the polls due to family commitments. Please join us back on Monday once I figure out what to do with our tie. This is a first for me.

Welcome to round two of our quest to crown the best season 4 episode of White Collar. Yesterday saw no surprises, just like the first set of polls in round 1. The closest match was between Family Business and The Original, where the later won by 56%. Joining The Original in round 2 are Wanted, Compromising Positions, and Gloves Off. This leaves us with the elite 8 to see which episodes will advance to round 3. While I do not expect any close battles here it should be interesting to see what happens as we continue. It's about to get tough. Happy Voting!

Here's a brief synopsis of all the season 4 episodes:

White Collar Season 4 Episode Guide

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  1. Sorry this was a bit late. I had the opportunity to join Lilith's Arrow podcast tonight, which was a lot of fun. Today's voting is the easiest so far for me.

    1. In the Wind - While this is not my favorite cliffhanger, it is still one of the best and a well-crafted all-around episode. Vested Interest is only a mediocre episode to me since the case of the week was pretty lame.

    2. Most Wanted - I may have thoroughly enjoyed the Romeo and Juliet criminals and the awesomeness of Mrs. Suit, but Peter, Neal, and Mozzie finding a way to take down the bad guy and get Neal back to New York together wins every time for me.

    3. Wanted - I loved the feel of the island and the new characters it introduced. I loved how Peter was willing to risk it all, even knowing that Reese could not protect his job, in order to warn Neal of the danger coming. Compromising Positions was really about one scene for me but little else. The season premiere is definitely one of my favorites in comparison.

    4. Gloves Off - I wasn't enamored with The Original but Peter and Neal in the boxing ring confronting their issues was a clear winner. It was a great change from hiding their feelings and for once it was Neal in the clear right.

  2. Vested Interest
    Shoot the Moon
    The Original

  3. oooohh this round was EXTREMLY difficult for had all my faves episodes on it!!!
    Anyway...i went with this after debating a long time:
    1. This was the easiest: In the wind, since as I have already written, I didn't like Vested Interest that much
    2. Hard to choose!!! In the end I picked Most Wanted...only because I liked how the boys solved the case and got Neal back to NY!
    3. Again...soooo hard to chose!!! But my final choice was Compromising Positions: really the photo shoot was one of the best scenes of the whole S4!
    4. My indecision was big also on this one..but in the end I went for Gloves Off :)

  4. For me the rounds are going to be difficult from here on out. Too many great choices.


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