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POLL : What did you think of Grey's Anatomy - Idle Hands?

22 Mar 2013

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  1. Yes! I was hoping the baby would be a boy and I'm so glad it is! Kinda hoping they name him after Derek's dad and Mark, tbh.

    LOL at Webber and Alex pranking Jo's boyfriend. But wow, what at an ass when the boyfriend made the comment about how he gets to nail her. So rude and unnecessary.

    Yay for Calzona sex! I'm glad they finally got through that milestone.

    That was a great episode and I loved it!

  2. Umm wow awesome episode!!!! It had everything the patient stories were awesome, they tugged at ur emotions and perfectly executed and played. Alex takin advice from a 12 y/o typical funny how Joe's new man gave Alex the ultimate dig at the end of the episode. Cristina finally realizing she can do pretty much whatever and take over the cardio work hilarious. Bailey was so cute loved that she got her project. ER and this machine + April Carnival rants super funny. Mer unreasonably crazy about the pregnancy beyond crazy but it makes sense bc Mer is crazy. And its a BOY i knew it! Callie and Arizona this episode OMG how could u not fall in love with them all over again?! They gave me life tonight!

  3. Abhiroop Saluja22 March 2013 at 02:22

    Wow this was my first episode after watching the full series
    I can tell you grey's fans it was awesome
    Glad I'm watching this show too :$

  4. so mad couldn't hear anything friends baby kept crying but i know it was good

  5. Wow, its was so beautiful ep, specially with Calzona's scenes

  6. I especially loved the Callie and Arizona parts. Loved the X-ray scene the most. So lovely.

  7. It was so great, it consisted of everything I love about Grey's! Finally some decent patient storylines (the very moving one with the teacher Meredith was treating) after all this law & business stuff with buying the hospital, hardcore Cristina, Calzona, epic scenes between Meredith and Cristina (and the one with Alex!), hilarious Alex and Webber storyline and April's carnival talk with Mer, cheerful Bailey plus the stuff with new toy in the ER. The episode reminded me of some good old Grey's :)


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