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Star Trek: Discovery - Episode 3.02 - Far From Home - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
FarFromHome-1.th.jpg FarFromHome-2.th.jpg FarFromHome-3.th.jpg FarFromHome-4.th.jpg FarFromHome-5.th.jpg FarFromHome-6.th.jpg FarFromHome-7.th.jpg FarFromHome-8.th.jpg FarFromHome-9.th.jpg FarFromHome-10.th.jpg FarFromHome-11.th.jpg FarFromHome-12.th.jpg FarFromHome-13.th.jpg

Press Release
After the U.S.S. Discovery crash-lands on a strange planet, the crew finds themselves racing against time to repair their ship. Meanwhile, Saru and Tilly embark on a perilous first-contact mission in hopes of finding Burnham.