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Winx Club - Title Revealed + Early Details *Updated with Leaked Audition Video*

21st August - Leaked Audition Video

Thanks to a source close to production, SpoilerTV has been provided some details regarding the upcoming live action adaption of Winx Club. As always, information is subject to change as the show is still in development.

Full Name:
- Fate: The Winx Club Saga

The World:
- The name Alfea is retained, as is the fact that it is a boarding school.
- The name Gardenia is retained. Gardenia is located in America.
- Alfea features 2 colleges.

College for Fairies
Red Fountain College
- Red Fountain teaches Specialists
- Despite being on the same campus, they operate separately and are not to communicate.
- Regular humans cannot know anything about Alfea.
- Faragonda, Griselda and the other teachers are gone.
- The Headmistress is a new character, Ms. Dowling. It's hinted that she might be an alcoholic.
- Ms. Dowling's assistant is named Callum. She doesn't treat him well.
- Everyone has a smartphone.
- No sign of Witches or the existence of Cloud Tower.
- The Harry Potter books exist in this world and Bloom is described as a 'Rabid Fan'.

- Bloom is 16, American, she swears and her roommate is named Jade.
- Bloom awakens her powers after getting into a fight with her mother. She goes to sleep in a rage, then wakes up with her house on fire. Her mother receives third degree burns.
- Lies to her parents about Alfea. She tells them it's a school in Switzerland.
- Has a hard time controlling her powers, when she taps into them she loses control. At one point, she nearly kills Jade.

- From Earth and has fairy parents.
- Her powers emerged in secondary school. After failing a math test she flooded her school.
- She's sporty and athletic.

- Retains her name.
- She doesn't know anything about magic but carries scars on her body due to the fire Bloom started.
- Worries constantly about Bloom.

- Sky is much more cocky, he's also a 2nd year.
- He meets Bloom when she accidentally walks into the Specialists Hall and he helps her.
- His roommate and best friend is Riven. They have known each other for a long time.
- Engaged to Princess Silva
- Gets a towel drop scene.
- He doesn't have a bodyguard with him.

- Formerly dating Sky and wants him back. They aren't quiet about implying the relationship was sexual in nature.
- Her roommate is Flora.
- An incident occurred between her and another student (Ricki) which Flora found out about.
- Tries to be strong but her emotions tend to get the better of her, causing her to lash out.
- Stella also doesn't seem to think highly of herself.
- "You're better then you think you are, Stella" - Sky

- The school gossip.
- Discovered what happened between Stella and Ricki. She spread it all over campus and made everyone turn on Stella.
- The incident goes unexplained but Stella was jealous of Ricki. Stella is described as a monster after what she did.

- Described as fit, loves skinny jeans but looks like an absolute dick. He's a 2nd year.
- He has a thing for 1st years.
- Has an ongoing fling with a fairy named Beatrix.
- Constantly in detention, doesn't like Ms. Dowling after she took his vape.
- Describes Bloom as the 'Tight Ginge', Sky isn't amused when he hears this.

- A student at Alfea.
- Believes that Alfea is hiding a dark secret, at one point she discovers a secret door in Ms. Dowling's office.
- Described by Riven as "A hot, fucked-up history nerd".

- A tech savvy friend of Riven's. Normally made to be the lookout when Riven and Beatrix are up to no good.

Other Notes:
- No sign of Techna, Musa or Kiko.
- No sign of Brandon or Timmy.
- Beatrix seems to be based on Icy, Darcy and Stormy.
- Riven seem's to have parts of Brandon merged in.
- Jade has water based powers and seems to be based on Aisha/Layla.
- Bloom, Stella, Jade and Flora don't transform.


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