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Superstore - Target - Review: "Tar-jay"

Not gonna lie, I pretty much assumed that Superstore would always stay the little bubble that is the NBC Cinematic Universe (Good Girls has visited Cloud 9, I’m calling it a cinematic universe now, don’t @ me) and pretend that it was the only kind of big box store that mattered. Well, “Target” proved me wrong, as we ventured into, you guessed it, Target (my personal favorite type of big box store).

The cold open featured the world’s awkwardest going-away party. My intense second-hand embarrassment prevented me from fully enjoying the opening, though I think the callback to Sandra’s (Kaliko Kauahi) lies about Jeff (Michael Bunin) was nice; Kaliko Kauahi pulled off Sandra’s slight creepiness every well, though after this, I wonder what her relationship with her boyfriend is really like.

Speaking of relationships, Jonah (Ben Feldman) and Kelly (Kelly Stables) spend this episode trying to figure out the whole “moving in together” thing after Jonah suggested it in the previous episode. I didn’t expect Jonah to be so nitpicky and frustrating about moving in with Kelly, though it was true to his character. The scenes where Jonah and Kelly were setting up the living room display, including the ones where they were lying to Mateo (Nico Santos) about why they were setting up the display, were interesting.

With how difficult Jonah was about the apartment, I was surprised Jonah and Kelly were still together by the end of the episode. Jonah’s attitude in this episode could have been totally explained by him not actually wanting to move in with Kelly, and this episode could have easily been the breakup episode. The Superstore writers created themselves an easy out, and I wonder whether they’re not taking it because they want to squeeze out all the drama they can or if they have something else.

Meanwhile, Garrett (Colton Dunn) enters Glenn’s (Mark McKinney) office asking for a raise, and lies that Jeff (Michael Bunin) offered him a high-paying job at Target in order to negotiate. However, this later backfires, as Garrett’s lie causes Glenn to accidentally start a poach-war with Jeff. Jeff stands up in Cloud 9 and asks the employees to come work for him, while Glenn retaliates by heading to Target with Garrett to poach some of their employees.

The Target-poaching sequence was enjoyable; I liked seeing Garrett and Glenn increasingly fail to turn the Target employees and marvel at the beauty of Target. I also liked the twists the writers added at the end, what with Jeff not really having a job at Target,
while Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) has been working there for who knows how long. While Jeff’s unemployment seemed like a possibility, Cheyenne’s employment at Target was a complete surprise, but it made a lot of sense. I’m actually pretty excited to see the development that Jeff’s unemployment and Cheyenne’s double employment brings.

While Glenn and Garrett are at Target, Amy (America Ferrera) and Dina (Lauren Ash) are at lunch; Dina takes Amy on a double date. While Dina’s date is fine, Amy gets stuck with an old man. Fortunately for Amy, she spots Cloud 9’s beverage delivery guy Alex (Vladimir Caamano) in the restaurant and uses a business meeting with him as a distraction. However, she actually really hits it off, and he even swings by the store later.

I’m actually pretty excited to see the development of Amy/Alex’s relationship. They have nice chemistry, and they had the perfect kind of rom-com meet-cute. I can see why Amy would like Alex, and I think that this could be a good temporary match if the writers know what they’re doing.

Overall, “Target” was a surprise, and it opened up a lot of threads I hope it will explore in future episodes. I enjoyed it.

What did you think of "Target”? What’s your favorite Big Box store? Would you have been one of the poached workers? Share your answers in the comments below!