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Superstore - High Volume Store - Review: "Quad-A"

This week, Superstore pulled out all the stops: balloons, counterfeit money, old characters returning, and some fun, new developments.

The cold open begins like many Superstore cold opens do: in a staff meeting. Thus far, I've really enjoyed the majority of Superstore's staff meeting cold opens, but I can't help but wonder how long I'm going to enjoy them before the structure begins to bore me. Nevertheless, this episode's open was solid.

Glenn (Mack McKinney) told his employees that he and his wife are struggling to conceive a baby because her uterus is deformed, leading to a hilariously worrying drawing and him telling his staff members that he's looking for a surrogate.

Meanwhile, Jeff (Michael Bunin) tries to rouse the workers; he tells them that the store just shy of getting reclassified as a "Quad-A" store, a promotion that he tells the staff comes with the installation of a Pizza Hut within the store. All of the employees cheer.

After the theme, Jonah (Ben Feldman) questions why Jeff was trying so hard to hype the staff up so much. The majority of his coworkers brush him off, but Dina (Lauren Ash) and Amy (America Ferrera) accompany him to question Jeff about the non-Pizza Hut changes that will happen to the store once they become "Quad-A". When Jeff avoids giving a real answer, Dina, Amy, and Jonah head to Cloud 9's Crestwood branch, which operates under a "Quad-A" classification. Once there, they meet a busy store and smiley employees that I can only describe as "Stepford Superstore". Despite the Crestwood employees' apparent happiness, with some digging, our Cloud 9 employees find out that getting classified as "Quad-A" brings about a lot of change in business that makes the store, in their words,
Jonah: "It's like hell."
Dina: "Hell on steroids
Jonah, Dina, and Amy tell their employees about the horrors at Crestwood, and the employees all resolve to do whatever they can to prevent the store from reaching "Quad-A" status. This leads to a really great montage.

After all of the employees walk out of the store room in slo-mo to a hype song (it's worth mentioning that Marcus (Jon Barinholtz) kicks a container and sends several multicolored balls flying in this slo-mo walk, and it's hilarious).

Jonah is stuck with running interference by distracting Jeff with talks of politics and Netflix's Bloodline. Kelly (Kelly Stables) works the cash register, which she is terrible at. Brett (Jon Miyahara) labels every fruit with "E. coli", which is genius and hilarious. The editing Jonah's meaningless rambling spliced with Kelly's ineptitude and everyone else's general terrible work was great. It brought me a lot of laughs.

With is A-Plot, Superstore pulled a good ole bait-and-switch, making us think that the employees had failed in their quest to not be Quad-A. Instead, it was discovered that Kelly had accepted a lot of counterfeit money, meaning that their store revenue was low enough to continue being Triple-A.

The A-Plot was brought me a lot of great moments. I will forever cherish the sight of Amy hugging Kelly and calling her a "dumb little fool", because I'm weak for girls supporting girl. The gag of the balloon drop was great, and I loved it.

In the B-Plot, Glenn struggles to find a surrogate for him and his wife. After striking out, he vents about his struggles to Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom). She tries to support him, but he misinterprets her support as her volunteering. Throughout the day, Cheyenne struggles to get out of being a surrogate. When she uses her boyfriend Bo (Johnny Pemberton) as an excuse, Glenn invites him to the store and woos Bo with the promise of a twenty thousand dollar surrogacy fee. Boo is all in, and proceeds to buy a large hot-tub. Luckily, by the end of the episode, Glenn realizes Cheyenne's hesitance and fires here as a surrogate in the sweetest way possible.

The B-Plot wasn't as strong as the A-plot, but it did delver a lot. It also made me wonder why Cheyenne is so often support in other character's stories. It's been a long time since she'd had a plot where she was a focal point (or at least, one of the focal points). "High-Volume Store" did her good, and I hope Superstore can do her some more good in the not-so-distant future.

Final thoughts:

  • Did Bo manage to return the hot tub, or are he and Cheyenne out twenty thousand dollars? They have a daughter, damn it.
  • And speaking of little Harmonica, is she okay while Cheyenne is at work and Bo is, well... Bo? These are the thoughts that keep me up at night. 
  • Dina is now Glenn's surrogate? I have no words, really. 
What did you think of this week's episode of "Superstore"? Would you have gotten as hyped about a Pizza Hut? How do you think Jeff can go on, after all that's happened to him? How much money would you have needed to carry Glenn's kids? Share your answers in the comments below!