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The Night Shift - Turbulence - Review: "Hot Stuff"

I have to admit, I almost titled this review "Ice Ice Baby", but I decided that the joke was just a tad too unprofessional. However, it would have been thematically appropriate, because for the first time since its season started, The Night Shift delivered us something genuinely fun.

This week on The Night Shift, TC (Eoin Macken) wasn't the only one away from the hospital. Drew (Brendan Fehr) and his partner Rick (Luke Macfarlane) were on a plane escorting Drew's mother (Becky Ann Baker) from Pittsburgh to San Antonio. Scott (Scott Wolf) was on probably the world's worst Tinder date. The rest of the hospital were at a charity fundraiser for Cystic fibrosis research. It made for a nice chance of pace, but it also gave way to more questions. First, why can't they have this nice change of pace a little more? Second, why the heck did Drew and Rick fly all the way to Pittsburgh, just to fly back with Drew's mom? Is Drew's mom afraid of flying alone? If so, why did she seem so confident on the plane? And why didn't they address this hypothetical fear of flying?

If you're afraid of flying, this episode may not be for you. In fact, it might give you a fear of airplane ice in addition to your preexisting phobias. Due to a mix-up, the airplane that Drew, Rick, and Drew's mom were flying on received ice meant for packaging fish instead of ice meant for human consumption. This led to a bout of food poisoning throughout the plane for most of the passengers. The family rushed around, trying to treat their fellow passengers. At one point, a woman's food poisoning caused her to have a seizure, which endangered the oxygen flow to her 37-week old fetus, making it imperative that Drew (with the help of his family) perform an emergency C-section, delivering a healthy baby boy which the woman later names Drew Richard. It was arguably the plotline that made you suspend your disbelief the most (are we really going to believe that storm turbulence began just as Drew began delivering the baby?), but dang if it isn't exciting. Becky Ann Baker and Brendan Fehr had really nice chemistry as mother and son, and Luke Macfarlane was a shining star as Rick. When I look back on this episode in the future, I will always remember the slightly hilarious moment where Rick helped Drew cauterize C-section bleeding by using a vape device he initially told a passenger to take away.

A couple of airplane rides over in Syria, TC and Amira (Rana Roy) performed surgery on a soldier and removed a warhead from his abdomen. The episode gave us a lot of development for TC and Amira both as individuals and with each other. First, TC saw Amira treating herself for her condition, and asked her what it was. Amira fired back that just because they have had sex, it doesn't mean that they are truly intimate.While I enjoyed their back-and-forth, the news that they'd been having sex for who knows how long was extremely shocking. Where did this come from? Why was there no hint of this in previous episode? What the heck is going on?

Apparently, that was TC's question too, as he saw Amira's hands shaking and unable to clamp an artery. TC dismissed Amira from the surgery, arguing that he couldn't trust her to complete the surgery after she wouldn't tell him about herself. After the surgery was finished and the soldier was saved, Amira finally revealed that she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. After the reveal, TC asked Amira to come back to San Antonio with him, so that he could get her help. I cheered at the thought. TC was going home! Amira wouldn't simply just disappear after the Syria arc! Yay!

Then, Amira blew a hole in the ship. At first, she said that she would stay in Syria to help out. TC told her that it was reckless and stupid, and then he realized that he sounds like Topher and she sounded like himself, and that she/TC sounded completely annoying. It was a really nice and funny moment of clarity for TC, and I'm glad that the Syria arc allowed him that. However, I'm not really glad how when Amira did change her mind about getting treatment, she decided that she'd get it in London, where she would be reunited with her husband.

I had expected better from The Night Shift than a friends with benefits with an extra side of cheating situation for TC and Amira. I'm disappointed in them, and I'm disappointed in myself for letting myself believe. But at least I got the consolation prize of seeing them say that they'll never forget each other.

As unexpectedly as the TC/Amira storyline ended, nothing was a bigger sexual shocker than Scott's really terrible Tinder date. On his day off, Dr. Scott Clemmens went on a date, he had sex with the date, and then his date fainted because of an arrhythmia. Then, she was rushed to the hospital, where Scott had to explain to his workers what he was doing. And then, Scott's date said some very kinky-sounding things I'm not completely sure I understood. Then, in the end, as Scott walked out of the ER to make the most of his day off, his coworkers played "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer to make fun of his sexual escapades and his Tinder profile. That really happened, and it was hilarious. Scott Wolf's awkward interactions and facial expressions made my night, while seeing the "Hot Stuff" scene close out the episode, with all of Scott's coworkers cheering for him, was simultaneously embarrassing and heartwarming. When will I have friends that like to make fun of me this much?

Answer: never, because they're all at a fundraiser for Cystic fibrosis research. Before rushing back to the hospital during the last ten minutes of the episode in order to help out with the landed airplane passengers and make fun of Scott, the rest of San Antonio Memorial Hospital's night shift was trying to win a bet with the day shift over who would win the day. The fundraiser took the form of an obstacle course competition where doctors and nurses from various local hospitals provided entertainment for ticket-buyers. Kenny (JR Lemon) and his physical prowess were the breadwinners for the night shift. However, he dropped out after getting into an argument with Paul over Shannon's roommate habits. After that, Cain (Mark Consuelos) stepped in, providing a really good substitute, even if Shannon (Tanaya Beatty) did convince him to fake an injury to convince Kenny to come back onto the team. Kenny's return resulted in a really cute "final round" sequence in everyone in the night shift participated in an obstacle course relay race. It was really nice seeing everyone each do their little bit. I was extremely impressed by the salmon ladder courtesy of Kenny and the rope crawl performed by Jocelyn (Alma Sisneros).

In addition to providing us a version of American Ninja Warrior for people who obviously aren't ninja warriors, the fundraiser plotline provided us an opportunity to solidify the Paul/Kenny bromance by having them to talk things out. I really like their dynamic. It's one of the few things that has survived since the first season, and I'm grateful that it survived this episode. The plot also let us see the rest of The Night Shift's ladies tell Jordan to ask out Cain. Though I know it will end badly, since Mark Consuelos is not a series regular and The Night Shift has a history of putting non-regular love interests on a bus, I can't help but smile. They're cute together, and I'm happy whenever Jordan's happy.

Overall, it was a weird, yet fun episode. I just hope the next episode isn't an abyss of darkness and depression to balance this out.

What did you think about this episode of The Night Shift? How did you feel the TC/Amira developments? Are you excited to see love bloom for Jordan and Cain? Share your answers in the comments below!