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The Inhumans - Casting Rumors *Updated*

Update 24th Feb
Thanks to Inumanos Brasil for the heads up.

A LOST Veteran Actor is Reportedly Being Cast. Take this with a grain of salt please.

This all comes from Jeff Sneider's comments on Meet the Movie Press. "It is a veteran, I'm not going to say whether it is a man or a woman, it is a veteran of the television show LOST," Sneider said. "A LOST veteran, I think, is getting a big role in Inhumans. There's like 80 people in LOST. Good luck figuring that out."

As for which actor from LOST will join the series and which role they'll be playing, Sneider was extremely tight-lipped about the details, but based on LOST's core cast and the information which has surfaced from Inhumans casting calls, there are a few options.

Update: 3rd Feb

Owen Harn may have also joined the cast.

Omegaunderground has also noticed some social media activity that suggests Eliana Jones may have also joined the cast.

Hemlock Grove actress Eliana Jones just started following The Inhumans and Marvel twitter pages. She would fit the role of Crystal very well.

Seems like Elysia Rotaru (Taiana from Arrow season 4) has been cast in the ABC Inhumans show. What does everyone else think?