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Arrow - Season 5 - Wendy Mericle Interview with TVGuide

Thanks to Iamgreenarrow for the heads up.

Tobias Church (Chad Coleman) is such a fun villain. How does his arrival in Star City shake things up? He seems to have quite a big agenda.

Mericle: He has a huge agenda, which we'll be seeing part of the culmination of in [Episode] 5. And I think what he speaks to is the state of the city. When we come back to Star City in the beginning of Season 5, it's suffered multiple terrorist attacks, but unlike in the beginning of Season 4 when people were leaving in droves, people have come back. They're living there now, but there's a power vacuum. Damien Darhk is gone and a bunch of criminals have risen to fill those ranks. Vigilantes have also popped up to take him down, but unfortunately, they're not as skilled as Oliver is, and they're creating more problems then they're solving and the city is in a state of crisis. Church is coming in to capitalize on that.

Katie Cassidy did sign a deal to be a series regular across all Arrow-verse shows. What ways might we see her appear in Arrow outside of just flashbacks?

Mericle: I can tell you that we're really excited about having her back. You will see in the episodes where she appears - Episode 510 definitely, our midseason premiere. Keep your eyes out for that. We're so excited about getting to work with her again and her willingness to come back. It's one of the fun parts of the show. People can leave and get killed and you can still find new and crazy ways for them to come back. I can definitely tell you that there's a way we're going to bring her back and she's going to be alive and well. And Flashpoint might have a little bit to do with that.

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