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Dark Matter - Episode 6 - Preview: “Past Lives”

Dark Matter is known for its cryptic clues to the mysterious pasts of the characters. This episode gives us not only the normal cryptic clues, but for at least four of the characters we get to see intimate and lengthy parts of their pasts. In terms of information provided this is the single most important episode to date. You know all those theories we’ve been throwing around? Well toss them all out and start thinking of new theories because from the tidbits this episode provides a majority of them are way off track. The episode is jam packed with reveals and new details about the crew. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to watch this episode, especially if you’ve been waiting for some answers. I must warn you though, every answer this episode gives comes with another question. Without any more delay, here are your weekly character previews for Episode 6.

One has an interesting encounter with Two that has potential future repercussions. He is mostly a secondary character in this episode, but the scenes he is in are informative.

Two has many struggles this week as she tries to figure out how to keep the crew going with so few supplies and how to fix things with Five. Two and Five have multiple scenes together, but don’t expect their relationship to be fixed so easily. They care for each other, but friendship only goes so far when you have no memory of who you can and can't trust. These two still have a long ways to go to repair what happened on the space station. Speaking of pairings, Two does address the Three thing from last week, and I think I can say this without spoiling anything, she confirms that she and Three did sleep together. Two has a very interesting answer as to why she picked him, but I’ll leave that reveal up to the episode. As things go wrong for Five we get to see Two at her most human as concern for Five takes over. Two is a strong leader and is skilled at keeping her emotions in check, but the idea of losing Five terrifies her, and it shows on her face throughout the episode.

Three really doesn’t have much to do in the real world this week. He does however have an interesting and dastardly part to play in one of Five’s dreams.

Four does not talk much, but when he does his advice is sound and logical, as usual. His memories are a big part of Five’s journey and therefore we learn a lot about his past. When given some details of Five’s dreams he reacts in a way that surprises and worries Five.

Five is the catalyst for everything that happens in this episode. We get a glimpse into her past and learn how she came to be aboard the Raza. Five wants to help everyone and her decision to partake on this dangerous mission is strongly motivated by that desire. She may also be subconsciously motivated by something that happened in her past. We've seen some signs that she has a complicated past and this episode delivers some very interesting information about who she was and what she had to do to survive before she joined up with the Raza. When things go horribly wrong and her life is in danger some of the others step up to try to save her in a very unique way.

Six has a critically important role to play in this episode as Five’s life hangs in the balance. There is a scene regarding his memories that made me wonder if I was watching an episode of Continuum. Fellow Continuum fans will know the scene I'm referencing when they see it. A horrific event in his past made him the man we know today. He may seem like a big teddy bear most of the time, but he has just as many dark secrets as the others.

The Android takes Zoie back to her Lost Girl days as she spends all her time this week in the infirmary with Five and the others. Nothing really big happens for her, but she does show off her medical knowledge. She cares for her crew and does everything she can to help protect Five on her journey.

While the majority of the crew appears in Five’s dream adventure two of them do not. I suspect that one of them was just off screen doing something else, but the omission of the other one is curious. We will meet the mother of one of the crew and the upbringing of that crewmember is quite the opposite of what I was expecting. We get a bit of a cliffhanger to one of Five’s personal memories and it is not given a definitive resolution. I have my theories on what happened after the scene cuts away and I will join you all in speculating about it after this episode airs. The episode ends with a signature Dark Matter surprise ending. It is a good way to close the episode, but it is a bit overshadowed by the other major bits of information dropped throughout the episode.

This episode did an amazing job of allowing Jodelle, Melissa, and Roger to shine. I think the three of them delivered stunning performances and I can’t wait to find out where things go from here. Jodelle is especially extraordinary as she carries the weight of the episode and does it so effortlessly. She turns in one extraordinary performance after another. They gave her amazing material to work with and she grasped onto it and made it all her own.

Clear your schedules and tune into SyFy at 10/9C on Friday for this not to be missed episode. After you watch this amazing episode be sure to return to SpoilerTV for a detailed review from Lindsey.

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“Because I don’t want you to have a stroke! That’s why!”
“If we don’t find a way to pull her out…she won’t make it.”
“...you have an undisciplined mind, you need to learn to observe without emotion.”
“If you don’t remember you’re just going to end up making the same mistakes all over again. I don’t want to watch that happen.”
“If she wants to volunteer let her volunteer.”

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