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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Episode Info and Video Round-up

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The first episode of this seven part adaptation of Susanna Clarke's novel is due to start in a couple of weeks on BBC One, so here is our Episode Info & Video thread to accompany the series. All new information for each episode will be added here as it becomes available, if you come across anything that has not yet been added then please use the button below and send it to us so we can update the post.

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  • Promotional Material - UPDATED - 6th May

    6th May - Cast & BTS Photos added

    BBC AMERICA’s new original drama series, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, is based on The New York Times bestselling novel by Susanna Clarke. The series is adapted by Peter Harness (Wallander, Is Anybody There?) and directed by Toby Haynes (The Musketeers, Doctor Who).

    The seven-part series stars Eddie Marsan (Best of Men, Ray Donovan, Filth) and Olivier award-winning Bertie Carvel (Restless, Hidden, Matilda) who take on the magical roles of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. Further casting includes Alice Englert (Ginger & Rosa, Beautiful Creatures), Marc Warren (Hustle, Mad Dogs, The Musketeers), Samuel West (Mr Selfridge, Fleming), and Charlotte Riley (Wuthering Heights, Easy Virtue).

    Set at the beginning of the 19th-century, England no longer believes in practical magic. The reclusive Mr Norrell (Marsan) of Hurtfew Abbey stuns the city of York when he causes the statues of York Cathedral to speak and move. With a little persuasion and help from his man of business Childermass (Enzo Cilenti), he goes to London to help the government in the war against Napoleon. It is there Norrell summons a fairy (Warren) to bring Lady Pole (Englert) back from the dead, opening a whole can of worms…

    The series is produced by Cuba Pictures for BBC One and co-produced with BBC AMERICA, in association with Feel Films, Far Moor, Screen Yorkshire and Bell Media’s SPACE. It is distributed by Endemol Worldwide Distribution.


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  • Episode 1 - UPDATED 9th May

    9th May - Sneak Peek 2 added

    6th May - Promotional Photos, Sneak Peek and Date/Times added for TX added

    Ep 1/7 - The Friends of English Magic
    BBC ONE - 17th May 9pm
    BBC America - 13th June 10pm

    1806. Magic once existed in England, but it has long faded - that is until the reclusive Mr Norrell is discovered in Yorkshire.

    He comes to London to offer the government his services as a magician - but rising politician Sir Walter Pole refuses to align himself with such a disrespectable art as magic. Disconsolate at his lack of success, Mr Norrell is set to return home, until news comes of the death of Sir Walter's sickly, and wealthy, fiancée. Mr Norrell makes a dangerous pact with a mysterious Gentleman to restore her to life, proving magic respectable and establishing himself as the greatest magician in the land.

    Meanwhile, the charming and dissolute Jonathan Strange, more interested in drinking wine and winning the hand of the beautiful Arabella than reading dusty magical books, discovers that he too has magical powers.


  • Episode 2 - UPDATED 17th May

    17th May - Two Sneak Peeks added
    Honeyfoot and Segundus, impressed by magical novice Jonathan Strange's natural talent, encourage Strange to become Mr Norrell's apprentice.

    On paying a visit to Sir Walter Pole, Norrell is shocked to discover that something is very wrong with the newly resurrected Lady Pole.

    13th May - Promotional Photos added

    6th May - Press Release added

    Ep 2/7 - How is Lady Pole?
    BBC One 24th May 9.00pm
    BBC America 20th June 10pm

    Mr Norrell's magical illusions baffle the French Navy and win him the loyalty of Sir Walter Pole, but the magic he performed to revive Lady Pole has released something unnatural into Sir Walter's home - a mysterious unseen Gentleman with thistledown hair.

    Jonathan Strange's magical ability grows, and he comes to London take up an apprenticeship with Mr Norrell. But Norrell is reluctant to share his knowledge and refuses to teach Strange the ancient magic of the legendary Raven King.

    Later the two magicians are called to rescue a stricken ship; meanwhile the Gentlemen has appeared to, and enchanted, Sir Walter's impressive butler. Each night Stephen Black is drawn to an attic door that leads him to the mansion of Lost-hope, where he discovers Lady Pole trapped in an endless waltz.


  • Episode 3 - UPDATED 29th May

    29th May - Promo & Sneak Peek added

    Tasked with helping win the war against France, Strange arrives in Portugal only to find that Lord Wellington has no interest in making use of him.

    With Arabella at her most vulnerable, The Gentleman makes her a tempting offer.

    23rd May - Promotional Photos added

    Ep 3/7 - The Education of a Magician
    BBC One 31st May 9.00pm
    BBC America 27th June 10pm

    Jonathan Strange arrives in Spain, only to find that Lord Wellington has no interest in making use of him - until he summons ancient and troubling magic to fight the Napoleonic armies. Mr Norrell, meanwhile, is back in England battling to keep his secrets hidden.

    Arabella Strange discovers that the recently resurrected Lady Pole has become dangerously unhinged, but her letters to her husband about this are being intercepted by Mr Norrell. The mysterious Gentleman with thistledown hair enrols Sir Walter’s servant Stephen to help him bewitch Arabella, and tells him of a prophecy that says Stephen will be a King.


  • Episode 4 - UPDATED 29th May

    29th May - Press Release added

    Ep 4/7 - All the Mirrors of the World
    BBC One 7th June 9.00pm
    BBC America TBC

    Returning from war, Jonathan Strange joins Mr Norrell in a bid to help King George III. But Strange is frustrated at Norrell’s refusal to discuss the legends of the Raven King.

    Strange narrowly manages to save King George from being stolen away and killed by the Gentleman, who swears revenge against the magician.

    When Strange finds that Norrell’s aide Drawlight has been selling magical secrets, he also discovers magical roads behind all mirrors - proving the existence of the Raven King. But his determination to explore these new lands distresses his wife Arabella.

    Strange sees that Norrell will always obstruct his investigation of ancient magic, and decides to break with him and retire to the countryside with Arabella to write a book of his own. With Stephen’s help, The Gentleman creates a ghoulish magical replacement for Arabella.


    23rd May - Title & Promotional Photos added

    Title - All the Mirrors of the World

  • Episode 5 - UPDATED 10th June

    10th June - Sneak Peeks added

    29th May - Press Release & Promotional Photos added

    Ep 5/7 - Arabella
    BBC One 14th June 9.00pm
    BBC America TBC

    Jonathan Strange’s remarkable magic has helped England win the Battle of Waterloo, and he returns to England to write a book, much to Norrell’s displeasure. But his life is destroyed when Arabella seemingly dies and no magic can restore her to life.

    Strange finishes his book in tribute to her, but learns that Norrell is intent on destroying it. Furious, Strange confronts Norrell, but is arrested. He uses his magic to escape from jail, determined to access the madness that will allow him to see the fairy world.


  • Episode 6 - UPDATED 16th June

    16th June - Sneak Peeks added

    10th June - Press Release and Promotional Photos added

    Ep 6/7 - The Black Tower
    BBC One 21st June 9.00pm
    BBC America TBC

    Jonathan Strange discovers the essence of madness - which allows him to perceive far away magical lands - and summons the Gentleman (pictured).

    He follows the Gentleman into the magical lands and his world is shaken by what he learns. Meanwhile Norrell destroys Strange’s book, but his act undermines magic’s respectability and the government breaks with him.

    Sir Walter’s servant Stephen travels with Vinculus, a crazy street magician who mutters of a prophecy and promises to free him from the Gentleman.


  • Episode 7 (Finale) - UPDATED 16th June

    16th June - Press Release added

    Ep 7/7 - Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
    BBC One 28th June 9.00pm
    BBC America TBC

    In the finale of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, England is in chaos as magic returns.

    As Mr Norrell takes shelter in his library Strange confronts him, determined to defeat the Gentleman and free Arabella before the Faerie curse kills him.

    Meanwhile, Childermass attempts to undo the magic that keeps Lady Pole under the Gentleman’s power, and Stephen is drawn ever deeper into the Gentleman’s web, becoming embroiled in a maelstrom of spells and curses. What hope is there for the Magicians now?


    10th June - Promotional Photos added

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