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Person of Interest - PaleyLive 2015 - Full Panel Video + Photos + Spoilers

Thanks to Jason Knowlton for sending us the following info from the panel

1. NO RENEWAL YET, not in their hands but confident
2. Westworld + Foundation projects are in works for Jonah Nolan on HBO
3. Jim appears to not be making a film this hiatus, and to be honest he probably needs a break.
4. Most of the storyline questions seemed to be deferred to Greg, which shows that Jonah is truly busy but still has a major hand in overall direction of the show.
5. To support the show (US/CAN viewers), watch the show on DVR within 7 days and watch the commercials. If you watch it live, watch it again on DVR and just let it play to get count up.
6. Sarah Shahi will be back when she is ready to come back, no time before. So unknown.
7. One of the AIs is not making it out alive in the finale

To view more of Jason's photos click here

Full set of photos from CBS below

You can view the full panel video below