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Game of Thrones - Open Spoiler Discussion for Leaked Episodes

As you may have seen, the first 6 Episodes appear to have leaked on line.

In order to reduce the chances of people getting spoiled in regular threads, we've created this Open Discussion thread that will allow those of you who have watched the leaked episodes to discuss it openly.

Remember you may only discuss the leaked episodes here. Anyone found posting spoilers in the regular threads will have their comments deleted and if repeated be banned.

So feel free to discuss away below.

Please remember that requests for pirated material or linking to pirated content is not allowed.

Please do not discuss, share, hint at or ask for a way to illegally obtain the episode. The site cannot have any comments that are allowing fans to share/distribute copyrighted material.

We do understand that this is a crappy situation, and that the delay before the official HBO airing is a pain. But we cannot allow the site to be compromised in any way by these circumstances. We have had to delete comments about this despite asking politely a number of times. We don't want to start banning anyone, but we will have no choice if this warning continues to go unheeded.

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