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Helix - Cross Pollination - Review: "They're All Going to Kill Themselves"

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Helix - Cross Pollination - Recap/Review

Last week we saw Michael torment Peter whilst he was in the pit, Amy scheme another plan to gain control over the cult, and Alan attack Sarah after being dosed with something by Landry.

"No one else can father children except from him" Julia

This episode we welcomed back Madam Durant, who again was seen with Julia on a bench. She was telling Julia more about this immortal, and it did indeed turn out to be Michael, who I suspected. She tells us that Michael has perfected Infertility, meaning he will become the only man able to father any children.

This explains why Julia went to the island, she was looking for Michael. Julia's current timeline off the island is in the same timeline as the CDC's, which now makes sense to me. I'm still convinced though that something happened to her during those 30 years to prevent her from getting there. The most logical thing would be that Ilaria found out what she was planning, and captured and locked her up. Then the question would be, who helped her escape, or more importantly how did she escape. She might not have even been locked up, she might have got side-tracked with another troubling matter that we aren't aware of yet.

We got a little backstory on Michael this week, it was nothing detailed, but it was something. Michael, we learn, has been on the island for 400 years. He started out with a wife, who was a peasant, who gifted him a child. They were calling the son a bastard, which would normally mean Michael was previously or already married before having intercourse with another woman. That's not the case though. Some men shouted "Cuckold" at Michael, which means a parent, this case Michael investing parental effort in an offspring that is not generically his own. Meaning the boy is not his biological son. Something I've come to wonder is what happens to the boys? If one of Michael's daughters gives birth to a boy, what becomes of it? Michael has only mentioned that he has had daughters, but surely he would get a son once in a while. Is it like the Game of Thrones character Craster who kills his sons, so that he only has daughters so they can bare him more children? In Michael's eyes boys aren't useful to him, as they can't gift him children.

Last episode we saw Amy's push for power, and her plan to take over the Abbey. This week that backfired on her when Michael managed to imprison her after she began questioning and disagreeing with him. I still remain certain a showdown is coming between them two where one of them will end up dead, but this week wasn't that week.

"Gather everyone in the dining hall, I've got an announcement" Michael

We saw in the flashbacks Michael evolve from someone who was about to be married, and who seemed happy, to someone who wanted to bring pain upon those who caused him grief/pain. This is how Michael became who he is today, someone who is heartless, and emotionless, whose only goal is getting people to obey, and serve his every need. If he doesn't get that or feels betrayed he simply restarts. This is what occurred this episode, he was losing control over his followers, and they weren't respecting him anymore so concocts a serum that would trim down his flock, in other terms, kill them. This explains why the Abbey is abandoned 30 years into the future.

It still doesn't confirm what happened to the CDC or to Anne or Amy, but most likely the CDC team leave the island at one point. After what Michael did this episode, regardless of what Julia's mission is she can't really consider wanting help from a man who is a mass murderer. It will be interesting when we see Julia in the future timeline again or the present if she finds Michael or if he turns out to be dead among his former followers. I am hoping Michael's reign comes to an end soon as he can't get away with what he's done, surely?

Elsewhere, Sarah's baby or fetus was removed. Alan, since he was drugged, was there when it happened, but what we don't know is whose orders they were. It could have been Michaels or Amy's. Even though it was Landry who dosed Alan you don't really know which one of them gave him the orders since we've seen him continue to work for both. It would make sense if either of them removed it. Michael, perhaps as he seemed thrilled by the idea of an immortal child, but also Amy as she wants to find a way to become like him.

Both Amy and Michael are just as bad as each other, they both are extremely intelligent and can think further ahead than the rest of the characters, but they both scheme to get what they want. There end goals aren't really made known, but I'm sure we can expect one or two more tricks up both of their sleeves.

My favourite part of the episode was surprisingly the interaction between Anne and Peter. It was an unusual pairing, but we did get to know Anne a little better. She truly believes in this "fellowship" and wants the cult to follow a righteous path. She has good intentions, and I would like to see her stand up to Michael and Amy. After I thought for so long that she was the manipulative one, she turns out to be the one good apple among them all. What's even more curious is the slight chemistry between Anne and Peter. I wonder if anything progresses between them.

I'm also glad Peter is finally out of the pit, but that probably means he will be contacting Ilaria shortly, which may not be the worse idea. They can hopefully come and aid Peter in potentially taking down Michael, but of course that would mean they'd unleash the strikes on the world. So it's a bit of a tricky situation. If they kill Michael the hope of preventing genocide is gone, but if they keep him alive he will continue to kill innocents. Something’s got to be done about Michael, that’s for sure. Whilst Michael means to do well, by solving Ilaria's way around genocide killing innocent people for no reason isn't the way to go about doing it.

Something I didn't like this episode was Sarah having a go at Alan for telling her the truth. Sarah was quick to blame Alan for what happened to her baby. What I disliked is how Sarah knows something similar happened with the children to Kyle, so why was she putting a show on, when she knows Alan had no control over what he was doing. It does look bad from her point of view, but from a logical and non-personal view she knows it wasn't his doing. Sarah's character has always been the weakest among the core group. I never liked her much in Season 1 due to her personality, and I haven't liked her much this season. She puts her own feelings ahead of scientific reasoning, which she shouldn't do during a potential outbreak.

Other Notes:
- The book Kyle found dated back to the 1600's, which means Michael must have kept journals over the years.
- Why did Michael spare Landry and his men, knowing full well there will be backlash from them?
- Landry will be the one to free Amy from her confinement; she will take over as leader of the remaining cult.

It was another great episode, one of the better ones this season. Michael was the central point in the episode, we finally learnt a bit about his past, my only wishes now is to learn how he became an immortal. The continued wedge between Amy and Michael reached a turning point in their relationship, and I'm willing to bet she ends up killing him, giving her all the power. I liked the dialogue between Anne and Peter, we learnt a bit about her and why she believes in Michael so much. She is blinded by what he is because she loves him. Overall, it was a great episode that revealed a lot about some of the characters.

As always, thank you for reading! Let me know what you thought of "Cross Pollination" in the comments.
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